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  1. No worries, spoilers don't upset me. Regarding confessions, before they leave for Minhai, she calls him by his first name, which is quite intimate I assume and hold his hand. I assumed she told him indirectly. I really wouldn't like NY to become the Heir, it would mean that I shall consider building his harem. Even if that would be so perfect if he became the Emperor with FZW being the descendant of the previous empires. New and Old together.... But that would be too easy and too cheesy. It's Friday and Netflix added new episodes *happy me !* I hope we'll know more about the Yale's tribe and the overall plan of the "bloody Pagoda" (is that the way it's called in English, in French it is "La Pagode sanglante".
  2. hi everyone, I'm new on this forum and Netflix brought me to the Rise of the Phoenixes. I watch with the French subtitles. I'm a TV Show sucker, even more for romance, and I like Asian dramas : I used to watch dozen of J-dramas per year, and maybe 2 or 3 K-dramas. This is my first C-drama. The costumes and the photography is breathtaking, the acting is really good, the music a ear-delight. I've watched so far 43 episodes in something like 2 weeks and I'm highly addicted. I need a happy ending or I'll be devasted for days I like how NY and FZW evolve, as people but also in their relationship, which may seem inexistent for Westerners like me (except that my experience of Asian Dramas helped me see some signs). Regarding the topic about the princes, I don't even recall the face of Ning Yan I wished there would have been more princesses also. Correct me if I'm wrong, by order (I love family trees): Ning Chuan Ning Sheng Ning Qiao 4 Ning Yan Ning Yi Ning Qi 8 9 Ning Ji (Haven't seen this character yet). Will we see the missing princes ?
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