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  1. This looks so pretty I needed a new lighter show now, since Angels Last Mission is ending and Search WWW is about to end soon.
  2. I was a bit interested, but seeing now Lee Joon-hyuk I will defo give it a try.
  3. It ended this week now, right? I watched episode 15 and the priest turning so bonkers was quite sad to watch. Hopefully I can watch the last ep translated tomorrow. All in all I enjoyed this rather rough drama and I really like the male lead, who I hope to see in more projects.
  4. I'm glad my friend finally got me to watch this! It is a brilliant drama so far and I just love how female centric this is without the usual clichees, how the love story is so mature and nice to watch. This one certainly deserve the top spot in ratings, it's shame it doesn't I also checked for the author and the director, seems both are rather new and you feel that.
  5. If it is a new one, then yes it may come out later then. Thank you for replying
  6. Hello! Does anyone know which song this is in the newest preview (above my post)? A friend looks like crazy after it.
  7. Yes, he is an unusual main lead, not your typical hero with his behaviour: loud, aggressive and always up to beat someone. The priest is such a naive character who is getting exploited by a cult leader, but he doesn't really gets it This is actually hilarious, poor priest.
  8. I started this randomly (I didn't know there is a S1) and am at ep5. It's quite good so far and the villain creeps me out for real, how he charms the villagers with his fake humbleness and readiness to help, while we also his real face several times. Looking forward to the next episodes! eta: finished the 10th episode and lordy I get why the dude always shouts lmao.
  9. I see, this show is very popular and I can see why. Usually those kind of dramas are not my thing at all but both leads make it very charming. Especially the female lead being a bit more rough but not in an obnoxious way, you understand her pain and bitterness. He is funny and I like his voice As to the other characters, I kinda just want to watch the leads here only and I am never someone who just cares for the main couple, that's a first. If there is an other magic character, I bet it's the aunt, she has to be some lil devil.
  10. I don't need subs to understand Lee throws No under the bus, but none of us truly believed he was 100% pure, so I am not shocked. It makes me curious who will win in the end and how.
  11. A Do Gif Thread A very beautiful woman and I kinda miss Do and her funny smirks We should have seen more of his fightíng skills, maybe we will see him whooping Kangs butt in the finale? I certainly will miss his kind character, Seo and Lee And yes, Han too. I forgive her for throwing No under the bus, that business is just dirty.
  12. Ep28 No calls out the labor union dude out for pressuring his employees into being trolls to disturb the anon chatroom. Im invited former members of 'Team Yook' and 'Team Do' to a dinner and they chat about the things that are going on right now in the bank. I see, Dos former assistant is as dumb as before lmao. Im wants to have regular dinners as meetings to be active. Lee brings some documents about Haesan Construction given by the creditors of Haesan. Yeah, same, No. I always look at him like that too. Han meanwhile visits Yook, who lives in a poor neighbourhood now. She talks about how she used to admire him and how he gave her a chance and after all this talk he only replies that he used her like Kang probably is using her and she should not ever visit him again. Han is quite devastated by this - I assume he is lying, after all Kang really has a triumph cards with the sons. Team No is putting the puzzle slowly together, finding out more names, including one of the spoilt rich boy of The Best. Han approves of a personnel transfer of a Kim Jang In. Kang visits No in his office and says why he just won't stop, he won't come far anyway and the future of the Bank won't include him. No is being attacked by Park and thugs to abduct him, but Bae helps him to get rid off them. Jung seriously sent thugs to hurt no? No of course asks for the D1 plan and it seems Bae feeds him wrong infos, as Yook is again accused to be the main evil. And indeed, he calls Kang and tells him he gave him incorrect infos and also that Jungs people attacked No. Now No doubts what he is doing and if it was wrong to accuse Kang and do the audit and if he may have been manipulated by Lee like Kang and Han said. Kang is really mad at Jung, because he thinks he wants to have Kang accused of these attacks. Jung gets blackmailed, if he won't keep still, Kang will release everything about him. The reporter follows Kangs car and thinks there is a secret meeting of bank Presidents. No tells Lee what Bae told him and both agree that those infos Bae gave is bullcrap and those were to deflect Kang from being the mastermind. The reporter reads how the banks Daehan, Munhwa and Myungsung are suspected of fixing interest rates. Han thinks about what Yook told her and grows suspicious about Songs activities and she also didn't know about the interest rates. Lee didn't know either and tells No to go now and take the opportunity. They all meet an empty office and they wonder what is actually going on and the bomb is revealed: a merge of Daehan and Myungsung to become a megabank Kang says in a press conference that those interest rate news were false and it was about the merging. The vices and No are not amused...I also didn't see this coming. End of ep28 Teaser for the finale episodes 29-32
  13. Ep27 Im can't really believe No asks him to get him staff for an audit on the President's office He reminds him that this put everyones careers in danger, but No says he is aware of it and he should despite of this allow a team. Im budges in... No arrives at Kangs office and Kang just looks at them, drinking his tea and keeps calm when No announced the investigation 'Go ahead' Song is not amused and says they will all bear the consequences of this - okay, robocop. Lee laughs his butt off how 'he is being taught a lesson by the one whom he hired as a hunting do.' 'It would be rude just to watch' lmao. Everyone supports No and Han asks herself if they all have some backing and thinks of Moon and calls for the Busan Center. She tells Kang that the auditor must have crucial evidence about the D1, but Kang says that won't happen. Btw I see he sports yet another glass model. Flashback of how Seo and Moon fought each other and Jan throwing them onto the floor, lmao. Han says that Nos actions are endangering the careers of the young bankers and that the root of the evil is not Kang, but Yook. Yeah, he totes is with his booze, Han. She also says Jung is the one who endangers the bank especially and if No attacks Kang, Jung will send someone he wants as President. He should also not trust Lee who like Yook eyes for the President position. Uhm, he and we all know that. If he wants to save the bank, he should save Kang. Lee asks Im about meetings of the directors and Im tells him it didn't happen for a while. Han brings Bae to Kang and with his infos they are confident to go out as winners. We see some flashback of Kang saving the bank during the 1998 crisis, narrated by Han. And that is the thing, you see he is a fighter and thinker, but is this D1 plan really worth the many livehoods it destroyed? At what point do you stop caring? Song thinks about a way to get Nos down and wants the labor union to get mad at him. Park blackmails Jung and Jung gives him a job to do beore he gets send abroad. Some branch employees, were send to No to throw eggs at him in his office, pressuring to stop the aduit so they won't lose their jobs due customers running away. No tells them that this is his job, he also comes from a smaller branch, and it seems his speech worked and they leave, saying he has to do a good job. Not only they support him now, now also someone admitted they were part on an online troll army to slander No and team. No goes also now after the labor union boss. End of Ep27
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