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  1. Satisfactory points about the finale: 1. Most of the questions concerning the game were answered. Like why seju cant be seen by Jinwoo. 2. Marco was in no way associated with Jinwoo whereas all the other bugs JW has to delete it himself. Marco was a bug that originated from Emma. Hence only by letting himself (master - JW) be killed at the hands of Emma, Jinwoo can delete Marco's bug (the program that seju incorporated for the role of Emma). 3. Happy that Seju being made the CEO. He truly deserves the acknowledgement and the fans. 4. It was a fitting ending for both the 1st and 2nd wives. 5. The one year that Jinwoo being inside the game (its just like what seju did) for sure its not out of fear. If at all we know anything about JW, it is he has never given up to his fate. After all he has fought it and won it. He longs to see Heeju. He is not locking himself up inside. JW being the master has become the captive of the game (which is a bug again, since JW should have died when Emma stabbed him but he didnt which means Emma couldnt reset everything after all), he is confined only to that space like an NPC (sure he has a role the game has created for him and he has no control over it), waiting for someone else to complete his mission to get out of the game (which wont take long, with the no of people playing it). He will meet Heeju after that, they will have happy ending. These are all implied. The disappointment: (I will quote the writer herself for what I want to say to JinWoo and Heeju) cr on pic. 1. I get it all inside my head that HJ-JW will have happy ending but I wish to see that on-screen. 2. From the first episode, JW had only one goal: Meeting Seju. Whats the use of winning the mission if the reward is not his lol ? He didnt even get to meet Seju. (Being a gamer, these things are important lol) I will still compliment the writer for coming up with such complex and pioneer concept. But writers tend to have this temptation: Go happy ending everyone go home happily or Go mad-crazy and be the talk of the town Needless to say, the latter part of the mission is accomplished.
  2. Good and gripping show till the last scene. But the ending ? Jin woo is inside the game not living a real life. He has been running around ever since, rectifying someone else's bug. This ending is like he has gotten from worst situation to something lesser. Not satisfactory enough for all the suffering he went through. His character has got a good trajectory though. From being an out and out businessman to the self-sacrificing superhero. But who asked for this superhero and sacrifice and all ? I was waiting for an epilogue to show up but nothing happened. I was also expecting a whole heeju family reunion with JW. Disappointed. Moral of the story: Dont play games even though they are addicting. Might end up playing only games all your life. Seriously its not games but dramas that desperately need a reset button.
  3. This drama's tagline is: Kill everyone with cuteness!! The 2 eps were very good. Feels like a movie. The camera work is beautiful and Suits the story.
  4. Lee Je Hoon is such a talented actor. I felt the pangs in the last scene.Even just the screenshot captures his emotion well.
  5. Fact: The KIS is better, smarter and more co-ordinated than the NIS. I love them all.
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