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  1. I just found out st funny and suppecious Dongyeon is Sohyun fan , and now he is very close with Seungho and active with him on Inst. What are you trying to do Kwak Dongyeon
  2. First they used School 2015 OST for the trailer, now they let him sing Radio Romance OST for the scene. Either SBS want to build a friendship with KBS or the production team is shyshy shipper
  3. The Preview is interresting. Seungho is really handsome i am melting Jo Bo Ah is preety either, i like the part where she swear at Seungho :))) Kwak Dong yeon pass really well with the psychopaths Character, he played the similar character in RaRo
  4. do know where i can download engsub or watch online? K-drama subteam from our country dont have any plan to sub that drama (I think so, because they dont have any topic for that drama). @Elif Ataş I just finished rewatching Let fight Ghost and i really hope when our couple reunit Sohyun Character will be like Hyun Ji :)) It will be very funny to see her bully Seungho :)))
  5. OH! it is from SBS!! So they are even more suspicious!! Why did SBS use OST from a Drama from KBS?! I need an explaination! i am so happy that @MsSubak is bach with her analysis. . Although it is slightly out of place but i want to share my thought about the BTS video that MsSubak had done an analysis here
  6. New Teaser from Buksu is back used the OST from school 2015 !!!!!<Reset- Tiger JK> (My favorite ) What wrong with this K-Drama Industrie!!!! Are they all shyshy Shipper?! KBS! Don’t tell me just because they are both school drama and both come from KBS. Dear all Korean Broadcast Station, dont just use little tricks. Just throw a big bait by a Drama reunion from Yoo Seungho and Kim Sohyun, your Drama will be Hallyu Star!
  7. So many hint at the same time >,< Cant wait to watch their new Drama and die hard to see them toghether in a PJ @loveiskimIs she the CEO's wife? And Soohyun like the Update picture from Chaeyong with Seungho Should we celebrate now
  8. I like those Post or Comment which i feel for, i dindt noitice that those came a lot from you, but yeah .. who know, maybe we have the same wave About the Wife of Sohyun's CEO. I cant tell what is going on here, because not only her but many other people made some hints like they want to tease us or so And when she really did like you said and like we all think then it almost like an unofficial confirm we only have to wait and see
  9. Hi everyone First, I am Thu Le i dont know why but i can not log in to my old acoount My old account linked with my facebook account and eventhough i can still login normal to my facebook i can not login to soompi anymore Haizz. So i created this new account. Second, like i said before, i live now in a place, where i cant alway have the internet that why i have disapearenced for a week. I still can update the news from our shyshy but not so fast and can not really write a comment. I have thought about this too. Sohyun acted im almost type (Melo, Family Serie, Action, Romcom) so it was not really something for me when se played in RaRo. But Seungho is a little weird. Because like we all haven known , he played most of the time in serious/sad Drama or at least serious Character. But right after Ruler he decided to change his gerne to Comedy and try out to play badass Character like Mingyu in IANAR (I watched the Serie, and although i really like Seungho and his acting is still as excilent as usual but ... i am sorry, i couldnt make through episod 3. Too much for me). The Question is why? Why he want to change his Image/gerne now? Most of the actor change their gerne/imager after an sucessfull Project. For e. an actor ended his comedy Project really succesfull and make his name to the industry so he continue works 1 or 2 Project with this gerne but Seungho was really success with Ruler (Yeah.. i dont say this was the best drama, it still lakced some point, but this drama had high Rating in Korea, was loved by internationel and shyhsy couple recived many love from viewer) he was even nominated for Deasang and Ruler is NOT a comedy. Why suddenly change to a `uncomfortable` gerne after an sad/serious sucesfull project. Maybe because of this Yeah... hope we can see them together in project in near future Like i said, i lived a week without Internet so i got bored and i made a video to tribute our lovely Crown Princes and Gaeun Hope you guys enjoy it
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