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  1. Did they clean out Sunny's room? I think the doctor who appeared with Sunny will be used to cover CWB by saying he was a former patient and came to see what happened. I hope Sunny learns of the inheritance soon so she can use the power it brings. First thing she should do is remove YR from the mall. Then reduce her influence. I will watch the episodes again with the subs when they come out. I am slowly learning Korean by watching drama's
  2. Why does everyone want to get rid of Ah Ri? I like her and while she was brought up as a little adult she has the chance to change. She was a happy go lucky girl when she was dancing with GED. I want the nanny to go. What's up with the relationship between the nanny and LH? was she just a one night stand for him? I know she was the former Empress servant, and I believe that her relationship with LH lead to the death of Empress SH. Why was she not the next empress?
  3. I just watched Jang Bori again, it's one of my favorite dramas. Since the writer is the one who wrote that one, I suspect that we will see some set backs for YR. In JB(jang bori) the main dueteragonist, played by Lee Yoo Ri, Starts to see set backs about 1/3 of the way through the drama. I see YR as the same character as the one played Yoo Ri. I absolutely hated the character that Yoo Ri played. I see the similarities between YR and Yoo Ri characters. Does anyone else see the similar traits between the 2 of them?
  4. I absolutely love Ari, the actress who is playing her is sure to win an award. I have always liked the skills of JNR, and think that the duo of Ari and the Empress will be dynamic. I have a feeling that Yoon will do his best to protect Sunny family. He seems to have become a defacto member. Disappointed that we didn't get a preview. Sunny getting all the financial benefits from GED is so great. LH will be forced to accept Sunny. Who will be Sunnys first target? I say she gets rid of YR, or diminish her power. So are we to assume that CWB is now the head guard? If so, then he will be pivotal in helping Sunny.
  5. I haven't seen the subs yet but I am really curious about what the update on the press conference was about. Seems like it was not good news for the trio of devils. Perhaps that is why LH is trying to do the image makeover. It's hard to believe that Sunny could get to LH without WB knowing about it. I think that LlH will have to take Sunny back because of the public backlash against the imperial family. Sunny will have more power than the trio can believe. If Byun is giving Sunny all the support she needs with his organization, they can make her the people's empress. Even the nanny and prime minister will have to fall in line if the people side openly with Sunny.
  6. My bet is on the Empress Dowager as the killer. I personally do not want CWB to be the one who Sunny falls in love with. I have my hopes on Yoon. Who will step up for Sunny? Maybe the head guard? Maybe the Nanny will get the prime minister to help out Sunny. I personally like the idea of Ari being raised by Sunny. I really want the emperor to start feeling the consequences of his actions.
  7. Maybe the title is misleading us. What if it is talking about the late empress and this drama is about revealing all of the crimes of the imperial family with Sunny being given the ultimate power of being the person in charge. I would like to see Yoon and Sunny get together. Sunny needs someone to love her as much as she loves.
  8. Does anyone else think that YR is the oone in the body bag at the beginning of the drama
  9. I like this drama a lot. I would like to see Sunny with more power and a more stronger personality. The emperor seems a little psychotic. Does he not know he has a child? I believe Grandma will be murdered protecting Sunny. I would like Sunny to adopt Princess Ari.
  10. I think the “just die” and the slap were SH/JE signatures on the point of no redemption. I hope that EA and JH tell HN before she tells the mom and daughter criminals. I want to see SJ slap her cousin and aunt for putting her mom through all they have. Let her do it in front of Grandma
  11. I am going to just call JE a mentally disturbed individual. She needs to be committed to a mental hospital before she hurts HN or anyone else. JH would be wise to reveal who HN is very soon. It’s the best way to protect HN. Anyone think that the tv show is to reveal to the whole world who HN is. It could also be a trap to catch SH/JE. I think tomorrow’s cliffhanger will be when HN is told that JH is her biological mom.
  12. l am sorry, but I don't get the Richard Simmons references. Can someone explain it to me.
  13. I also like grandma, I can't wait till she learns who HN is. She will be so happy, but when she learns about SH/JE she will lose it. I feel bad for SH's husband and son.
  14. Just goes to show you that one should really get to know someone before marriage. We live today in a throw a way world. Goes back to the paper cup. Use it once and then toss it. Now days, if the marriage doesn't work the way we want it to, get a divorce. Get pregnant and don't want it, abort a human being. Not trying to cause a commotion on the ethics of marriage and abortion. We all have our own opinions and we can not dictate ours on others. I am just saying that we lack staying power now and no one wants to work on the hard problems anymore. I think that JE is in the middle of a moral crisis, she wants to confess to JH but her mother is so against it. If she is pregnant, she will start to feel like a mom and realize what her actions have done to JH.
  15. If JE is pregnant, i hope nothing goes wrong. Not the baby's fault whom the parents are. Also, this will make JH a grandma and I am sure no person wants to hurt their own relatives.
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