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  1. Yes for me i think that's the best SW friend did for her telling TY everything..for the past few year she only comforted SW for everything shes been through and she know how hard she live her life then now that everything has been out for TY, its also right that he know what the reason SW have because if nobody tell him it will last maybe forever his hatred to SW which is not right at all.. The preview look interesting, now both SW and YW wanted to find Jimin whereabout but SW ask YW to keep it a secret until they find Jimin..and Ms.yang is very wise telling junghee what CTJ is like and also she bring junghee to Miran restaurant...GOOD JOB ALSO MS.YANG FOR GIVING NOW JUNGHEE A DOUBT TO HER HUSBAND...
  2. Now that TY know everything, its now his turn to help SW, i think TY now will focus with this two person( SW and Jimin) while planning to take yangji,, i know there are still alot thing to do and to resurface but knowing that TY is with SW and jimin side for me its still a relief...
  3. Im not going to ask for anything now that TY already know the truth and for tomorrow episode all i can say is GOOD JOB IN SW FRIEND FOR TELLING YW EVERYTHING, at least even if they are many antagonist in the story we know that our main leads will still fight together..
  4. My guess is she will admit it to TY after all but will ask TY to keep it a secret for now moat specially the Choi are keeping their eyes to SW plus DS is also a threat to Jimin safety once DS know the TY already know about Jimin...because SW now dont have any alibi to tell to TY that jimin is not his son, its only a matter of DNA testing which prove it and TY is capable of doing that if he really needed to..
  5. If ever TY figure it out and ask SW, its either two will happen. 1. SW will denied the fact to TY in order to save jimin, (SW think that if TY know and the choi know also Jimin will be in danger) 2. SW will admit the truth to TY and ask him to keep quiet or maybe do something in order to protect jimin.. SW will tell the truth that jimin is now Choi's hostage that TY knowing the truth will harm the boy..I know TY will never do anything careless that will make SW and Jimin in danger because like he said to DS, he dont want to loss another people that he love and that include jimin and SW...
  6. So jieun again is the reason TY will learn about jimin being his..at the preview he wanted to talk to SW about that but SW tell him she dont have anything to say to TY, i guess SW now is avoiding TY because of DS, DS come to SW house and talk to SW about her meeting TY..have you notice DS cut her hair short same like jieun??
  7. Will he still fight if he already learn that jimin is his son and that the Choi has keep him hostage?? In todays episode i just kinda hear CTJ telling ms.yang to make sure she hide or something similar jimin which the secretary nooded
  8. This scene is better, he will close to figure out about jimin his son... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xKpn5E9ZlKw
  9. Omo now OTY is suspecting Jimin and KI relationship, all the flashback of SW and him conversation he remember and put them into pieces,, OTY now determine to know what was the things that SW cannot tell him... I know from the look in his face that he already figure out that jimin might be his son but he need prof yet..
  10. Sorry for that ..from my points of view about tomorrow preview i think TY will not disclose the fact yet to anybody (only mr.jung know), when TY saw his mother in the cafe he realize that his mother really love KI and maybe he disnot want to disappoint him yet (waiting for the right time until he can take the yangji back) and try to take yangji group to CTJ (now he have the reason to )
  11. I will just give you the explainationof what i understand about the preview...TY already know who his mother was with the help of mr.jung and mr.jung asked TY what he gonna do which TY reply that he will take back everything that belongs to him..now the part when junghee and TY talking,, in the preview you can see that SH is telling JH about TY living a fake identity in other to stay close with his lover SW which also made confirm by JuH to SW when they talk in ep55 that JH think TY revenge to yangji was because of SW, back to the main topic, junghee meet TY in the cafe maybe junghee tell something to TY and TY ask junghee how to is gling to solve the misunderstanding and JH ask TY not to disapprove with the merger, she said that as a mother she will do anything top protect her son (KI) which made TY sad, (maybe also she will ask TY to talk to SW and not to divorce KI, as you see in the preview the TY and SW talking) Back to the latest episode..the one who sent the photos to DS was Jieun, she keeps on following SW because she wanted to disappear quickly in their house.. Accounting frauds was already dine by grandfather long time ago when he still the chairman of yangji thats why CTJ doing Accnt frauds was not new to him and of course he need to hide the truth because he think its for yangji group...
  12. Omo its mr.jung he talking about taking back what was for him not SW..the preview make confusion but after watching with sub i now know that hes talking to mr.jung because mr.jung asking what he gonna do now...and his mother junghee asking him not to againts the merger...
  13. @UnniSarah thank you... It look like in the preview for tomorrow TY will tell SW that he knows already who his parents are and TY telling SW that he wants to take back everything from KI..i wonder what SW reaction to this..
  14. Because SW plan now was to live with jimin away from both TY and KI....although SW know that TY can help her in locating and protecting their son, still SW dont want TY to get involve most specially now that TY have a family of his own..i understand most of us is frustrated of what SW is doing not telling TY everything but we still dont know what she thinking that why...maybe she have a better plan and i think SW wanted to tell TY the truth when she ready to loose Jimim or when jimim can understand the situation already...
  15. And seatbyul was killed because of hia father deeds...he will become crazy like DS, he will think of how many lives hia father need to take in order to satisfy hia greed...
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