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  1. No I get that but for me I just find it funny that big nana would say something like that. Its almost like one stone hits 2 birds. There’s a hidden implication there
  2. Funny how Big Nana said “u and Youngjoon” instead of “Miso and YJ”. I wonder who played YJ lol
  3. Hahahah god bless PMY. LOVE US A STRONG INDEPENDENT GIRL! no wonder PSJ fell for her. Btw if Big Nana was the match maker, god bless her!! i need me a big nana to find me a good match lol
  4. by the words of our VP "it doesn't matter where u go, u wont leave ur hotel room anyways" enjoy ur honeymoon luv!
  5. PSJ sure got skills. He got PMY to go from dongsaeng to oppa real quick LOLOL Edit: HAPPY 1000!!! I LOVE THIS SHIP!
  6. I think korean fans will be just like international fans, quiet about it (despite having a party inside lol) cause they will protect PPC at all cost.
  7. PPC is love. Thank u @twoparkcouplefor bringing joy to this forum. vp & Miso really had a simple yet beautiful love. I hope our PPC can end up like that.
  8. Thank you @twoparkcouple Just know that everyone of us here are so grateful for you to share the translations of the scenes. Cause some of us might've gotten the dvd but we dont understand korean. You made it more meaningful!!!
  9. 4) I swear I think PD is the biggest PPC shipper instead lol. in every scene u always see him smiling ear to ear looking at PPC together. PD be showing off to his wife, his chilren like "u see this?? I made these 2. So proud of myself!" 5) Yup that's PMY in love. She has it as bad just as PSJ lol Thank u @twoparkcouple !!! You deserve many cookies (:
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