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  1. @kara1810 thank you for sharing. Absolutely. Her laugh at the end says so much of it. SH also such an honest boy haha.
  2. After I saw your comment I went to shinee acct couldn’t find him anymore. But he resurfaced again changed his photo. Guess this is going to be announced soon. Isn’t he going to have a come back soon too? Then it kinda explains.
  3. Yes by both shinee and SMT accounts are following it, it’s for sure the real account of him. Sooner or later he will open to public. I only want to think this this is a way to connect with shawols as rest members are in army. From business or promotion perspective I respect him opening such account (maybe being forced by SM) but hopefully he isn’t sharing much private thoughts. We all know how honest he is and how easy he can spill things out
  4. I saw people talking abt taemin’s secret IG acct as both shinee and smtown Accts followed it. Oh no. I wish he didn’t but. Currently still private setting. Im_Itm is his account.
  5. I didn’t know Instagram have such group chat feature? I hope we can still contribute here don’t let this forum or page go quiet though
  6. I would guess a collaboration. Her latest single was from January. Taemin also said he would have another come back this year. I don’t think taemin would be less careful for anyone to catch his private life. Let’s Wait and see
  7. this taeun account used taemin fan photo for taeun purpose. I hope this photo can be removed. Any edited photo is prohibited in any fandom especially for idolizing a couple. Any photo from themselves (tae and eun) also taeun fans are fine. Please do not edited shawols’ or taemin bias’ photo.
  8. @chantaljaey thank you for sharing the two clips. She is sooooooo cute and I just keep on playing. I’m so happy she’s on my oppa’s show and I’m going to watch every single ep from now. Supporting this lovely girl!
  9. I started to follow shinee after the tragedy but ever since he and his girl have given lots of hints. But in terms of adidas I remember one night after his solo concert last year he posted a photo at night near the venue in Japan and he was wearing this same adidas pants (I believe?) but yes yes it has been the girl has given lots of hints especially those Reebok and collaboration style socks
  10. Naeun doesn’t pretend or fake or act. When she eats everything seems delicious. She is so real and precious
  11. I personally don’t think eung eung is a common way to expresse an agreement from a guy. But normally use one eung is enough like 응! To agree with something. One asumption i have is that since 응응 is now an official kpop song why not use it to express when show like this tried to air idol’s chat room most time they make a fake window but the words were from actual conversation. But this convo between SF9 and taem was the actual kakao chatroom page so it’s a screen shot to me. And taem’s words sounds so cute and so close to Chanhee. What a nice boy
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