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  1. You aren't bothering! I'll try to explain what I understand. The dramas arranged by airing date: 2015 - The Lost Tomb (Li Yifeng's Wu Xie) Based on the novel series, adapts Book One of the main series. 2016 - Time Raiders (Luhan's Wu Xie) Loosely based on the novel's setting, doesn't really fit into the entire drama timeline. 2018 - The Tomb of the Sea/Sand Ocean (Qin Hao's Wu Xie) Based on the novel series, adapts the Sand Ocean books (which takes place about eight years after the main series ends). 2019 - Tomb Notes Restart (Zhu Yilong's Wu Xie) Based on the novel series, adapts the Restart web novel (not published yet, takes place 10 years after the main series ends, farthest into the timeline). 2019 - The Lost Tomb II (Hou Minghao's Wu Xie) Based on the novel series, adapts Book Two and Book Three. Besides from all this, there's also The Mystic Nine (2016), which is the prequel for the main series. It doesn't have Wu Xie though, so I didn't list it with the others. All the Wu Xies are the same character, just in different time periods of the novel series.
  2. This update is just in time haha my exam starts tomorrow The second picture is actually my current wallpaper xD
  3. @TheRedDragon Just how do you find all these pictures?? Are you sure you're not part of the crew xDDD
  4. Well he must've done a good job in Sand Sea, I guess? xD (Wang Pangzi is actually Fatty's full name in Chinese, 'Pangzi'(胖子) being 'Fatty'. The character '胖'pang means 'fat' )
  5. https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/astrology/fengshui/graveyard.htm https://m.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2091868/chinese-history-buff-uses-feng-shui-knowledge-raid-ancient-tombs Tomb-raiding is an actual thing in China, which is still going on in recent years. It's frowned upon by the government. (The 'Luoyang shovel' mentioned in the article is one of the first equipments to appear in the series!) Also it'd be nice to see an English translation for TNR's manga!
  6. Ah, it's so lively here today! Finally some update after Long Ge started filming lol @biskotmeri Things might get even more messier There's a lot of mud involved from what I've read in the manga. Tombs are usually set in mountains because the Feng Shui there is supposed to be really good!
  7. Q: Are you reading the Grave Robbers' Chronicles? Which book are you on? A: It's quite hard to go through the entire timeline, so while I'm reading it by myself, I'll also chat with Sanshu (Nanpai Uncle). It'll help me have a faster overall impression of character relationships and understanding of the timeline. (I only translated the part that has something to do with TNR, but in another part ZYL mentioned that if he wasn't an actor he might try being a diving instructor ^^)
  8. I think that's what makes Wu Xie such a difficult character to play! I didn't even realise that we might know the least about Wu Xie precisely because it's him narrating; thanks for bringing that up! Also since it's a first person pov, it's easy for the readers to put themselves in Wu Xie's shoes, hence everyone's impression of him is a little different. Well at least in Sand Sea we get to see Wu Xie from Li Cu's perspective? (I'm a teenager and I'm tired I'm dancing ballet in the desert)
  9. Ah this is all very confusing! I'm at Book 4, and all the novels are written from Wu Xie's perspective (first person pov). In Book 1 (the material for The Lost Tomb), while Zhang Qiling is important, technically we get to see more Wu Xie than anyone else since he's narrating...? Also out of all Grave Robbers' Chronicles-related dramas and movies, Sand Sea actually got the best overall reviews... Maybe because it stuck closer to the original material? o-o Qin Hao's Wu Xie got a lot of support too. (I'm saving Sand Sea and The Mystic Nine until after the exams haha)
  10. The winner's entire team gets to be in his new drama, while the winner gets to be either the second male lead or the second female lead (depends on who wins). He didn't say what drama it is but it could be Restart I guess... I'll do the youtube video later if that's ok
  11. I'm afraid I'll need a screenshot ^^" The link isn't working for me (And no owo I don't find this a disturbance at all, on the other hand I'm happy I get to translate stuff ·w·)
  12. [first pic] It only tells us the crews working at the place though! ZYL is listed as one of the actors you might see there "Updated everyday at 10. If what you see isn't the crew activity of that day, please refresh the page. (Actors are based on official statements from the crews.)"
  13. Surely he's just reading up on the really important bits... I started reading the series last month after finding out he plays Wu Xie and I'm only at Book 4 xDD May I ask if you're reading Restart in English or Chinese? In an interview yesterday (something to do with Lenovo I think) he mentioned that he isn't in the first scene so it'll be a few days before he joins the crew! He said that there's a lot of good actors and he's really looking forward to working with them ^0^ I can't wait for behind-the-scene pictures!!
  14. A fan asked ZYL whether he has finish reading the books the author gave him and he replied that there's too much to read He's making clear of the entire timeline and the characters though.
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