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  1. Been so long since i last came on here. I'm glad I came back just so I could read this. I love the idea of Zhiwei being pregnant but how does she not miscarry after a fall? oh well. I still love these characters. It's been so long but they still have a special place in my heart. I just started watching story of yanxi palace. Really like it so far...plot and pacing. But characters still aren't as magnetic as the ones in ROTP. And manchu aesthetic takes some getting used to...(the men's hairstyles ugh...).
  2. Welcome to the forum I don't think they were lovers or even slept together. NY doesn't show a sliver of attraction towards her and there is no lingering awkwardness between them. Zhu Yin wouldn't be so casual teasing him about Zhiwei. He came to Lanxiang on the pretext of being a tailor and exaggerated his eccentricity. Think that helped him get away with not sleeping with anyone. Regarding her reaction on those two scenes, the first one I think it's because she was suddenly reminded of the Wugu incident. The tragedy of that incident and how it ruined their lives is what brought NY and Zhu Yin together. Second reaction, well...she was forced to live in a brothel for 8yrs. Probably tired of men. And after going through everything she had, settling down like a normal person might have seemed so far fetched. There's no way she can truly re-enter honourable society, she'll always be shunned for being a Lanxiang woman. Their convo after that is how zhiwei inspired her to be curious about the world and look beyond what was typically expected from them.
  3. Is it the Empress of China? Its not an easy feat to portray someone so badass. And dramas probably love to milk the sensational bits. I was introduced to her in a documentary but it was too documentary-ish to finish. So I read up on her afterward. It would be nice to see a modern TV adaptation that wasn't melodramatic or too historical. Something that captures her essence and shows the sheer force of nature she was (crazy included). More than acting that would need exceptional writers. You're right Zhiwei reconciling with Tiansheng does seem odd somehow. It doesn't do her identity justice. In this regard too I like the novel's storyline of her establishing dacheng for a while. But show seems really opposed to dacheng only vaguely showing their side. All the supporters just look nuts to us. There's still such a romantic ring to NY and FZY working together in a position of power, combining their talents bringing justice and prosperity to this land. I'm reminded of your episodic detective show idea. Maybe they can rename the empire...hmm a girl can dream
  4. Thanks for your input! Its harder for an outsider to understand the hard and soft limits. I thought about Wu Zetian and did hear that Tang dynasty was less restrictive. But don't know how far that extends. I wouldn't think anything was off if zhiwei got to be co-regent in Tiensheng but they can't ignore the expectations of the target audience. It didn't do well there as it is. And thank heavens the tone of the show isn't fantasy. Anyone know if the show is on any streaming service there (mainland China) ? All 70 episodes? Whats their opinion after watching everything? Is the show already forgotten?
  5. Thank you for sharing that! Real life is indeed stranger than fiction. I desperately want to believe this could've happened for Zhiwei and NingYi. I don't care for many drama couples people fawn over, if it doesn't work out i think oh well it is what it is that's the story and move on. But this OTP...sigh still bummed that their potential wasn't realized. They barely got together and then bam over for good. However, the imperial system is different in different regions and eras. All monarchies don't operate the same way. Earlier others had remarked on the forum how Tiansheng's system itself is different from Jinshi. Zhiwei wouldn't be as free being empress of Tiansheng like she was Queen of Jinshi. As a lay person and a foreigner, idk how unrealistic it will be if Zhiwei was co-regent in a kingdom based on the Tang Dynasty. Others had mentioned the importance of support from the officials. @skibbies think you said before there was a rule that empresses/consorts cannot interfere with politics whatsoever? Course this is fiction so anything should be possible but again we don't know how odd it will seem to viewers who understand the culture of that era. Personally I'm all for it. This is what I hoped for them. I don't see why NingYi can't manipulate and make it happen if he wanted to. I can see drama Zhiwei being opposed to it in the beginning because she isn't thirsty for that level of power (and headache that comes with it) but later wanting it so she will have power to protect those she cares about. @tendrilsofwind and @skibbies what do you guys think?
  6. I am sure that this is not gonna be a popular opinion, but I do like Yao Yangci as Empress. Not as Ning Yi's lover of course. But I can see her as someone who would work with him like Zhuyin. They are both regal and brilliant. And I hope no one stones me to death. This is shallow but it irks me that she has the same hairstyle as Qiu Mingying. She better get a new hairdo as empress I support the idea of her being empress only because I want NY to experience fatherhood and have the opportunity to be a better father than his own in this lifetime. From the short scenes we see of her I can't see much physical chemistry between her and NY. Thats good, NY should'nt have it too good either. He better not fall for her, not even as a minor second love. Just care for her as a friend and mother of his kids. I allow him to experience other joys but not romantic love. Thats reserved for Zhiwei in his next life. I've officially lost it....
  7. Thats too bad. Then it doesn't work in the drama because Gu Yan's wife and kid went missing after NingYi forced him to surrender. I can't remember what exactly happened with them now did Ning Chuan kill them or force them into hiding then they died? ah will keep a lookout for this on my next watch.
  8. I want to know the answer to this too lol. On Episode 14, Zhiwei remarks that they both have the same mole near the eye (this is when they just joined Qingming and had their first meal together). I hoped for some interesting connection or backstory but nothing. So just a coincidence then? I really like Gu Nanyi but more for Zhiwei than for himself. He is a worthy addition to Zhiwei's entourage. That may sound mean but its just what I honestly feel. But can def relate to wanting to know more and understand all the characters in tRop. Its hard to say. My take is that she didn't resent ZhiWei. She cared about her as the princess of the empire she devoted her life to and as a daughter she raised. But mostly because of the former. Her unwavering loyalty to dacheng and ethos of the time means she probably believed she was carrying out a divine order or very honorable mission. So sacrificing her kid is sort of like a good deed whose rewards even her kid might benefit from in the next life. Not that it wasn't a painful choice for her but I don't think she resented Zhiwei for it. Must have channeled it all to the Nings.
  9. I wondered this too. I'm guessing he became more lenient as he got older and that prophecy (one that stated all his children will die) was dawning on him. EDIT: Just read @skibbies answer. I suppose its not lenient in that regard. RE: Yes, birth certificate was faked along with the birth mark to act as cover. Everyone said prince because thats the natural expectation especially for a potential regent. Helian Zheng and Feng Zhiwei although married didn't consummate. Missing backstory...well we know the show was cut short especially in the end. In that light it may be too much ask for everyone's backstory. But I found this on google that might help https://cfensi.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/an-introduction-to-the-characters-in-the-rise-of-phoenixes/ EDIT: Hold up...this link says Gu Yan is Gu Nanyi's biological father but under Nanyi it says his father abandoned him on the streets because he was autistic. Huh? lol ignore the info on that link. Think its from multiple sources. I'm still gonna leave it there because the other info is helpful.
  10. No it is interesting. This is the source of inspiration after all. I don't care for it enough to read the whole novel but its nice to hear tidbits about it relating to the drama. Thats the thing they didn't transition him in. So it takes away from the story that unfolded before. You can justify it by saying he was in hiding or whatever but its bad storytelling to present him like this. Just how did he as a director stand for the ruining of the work he helped create I'm starting to think there's a hidden conspiracy about the ending. Can we sue them?? ugh...
  11. I get that she showed a lot of tough love and her personality is stiff after going through many hardships in life; losing her son, husband, empire, kicked out of her family, enduring the humiliation of then coming back etc. Her being general before (not sure if its true in the drama but likely because she knows martial arts) also adds to this demeanor. She's not a black and white character by any means. It's just that from a likeability point of view, it would've helped to see a softer side. I know we don't have to like every character but personally I wanted to see one more mother-daughter affectionate scene. Even a smile from her. If only to justify how much zhiwei lost because of her. I do like the jail scene a lot. That alone made me care about her more. Ah thats an interesting thought. Is it really because of Zong Chen alone tho? I thought Zong saved him from some other tragic background story and gave him a life by looking after and training him. Really don't know much about Gu Nanyi's background in the drama to judge. I assumed his social ineptness was because of that trauma ( whatever caused him to lose his family) and maybe slight neuro-atypical traits. Hadn't thought about it being caused by Zong's upbringing. I guess it is possible. Zong's not a hero by any means. Even though initially he's presented as Zhiwei's teacher and good friend of Qiu Mingying who helps a lot we later find that its all for the cause. Hard to know if he had a heart or not. Can only judge with people unrelated to the cause because he'll do anything to help or hurt someone for Dacheng. I still find it super shady that he kept the knowledge of the 4th prince from Zhiwei. I thought he cared about her more being her teacher and spending time with her but at the end I'm not so sure. We'll only know the truth of that if he had to choose between the 4th prince and her. Except for that line he told Gu Nanyi "protect zhiwei" when he died made me think he realized prince might hurt her. As for how he treated Gu Nanyi, from Nanyi's perspective it seemed like he did alright but maybe thats cuz he's naive. Through a modern lens Zong had the responsibility of a parent after adopting nanyi and he definitely didn't treat him like a son but for that time, he was just a teacher/leader who essentially recruited Nanyi to be a soldier. Gave him a purpose and saved him from some other gruesome fate. Think his family was also involved with the bloody pagoda? idk someone else needs to clarify. But you're right in that for someone who raised a person, he didn't give a damn about Gu Nanyi. Forget Zhiwei, he should've cared about Nanyi more but he just used him. Aww its so sweet of you to care about him in the midst of other louder characters.
  12. I think you're confused about the semantics. "Remnant" here refers to the remaining members of the previous empire's royal family not its supporters. So only Emperor Ai's children who were princes and princesses of the Dacheng empire are referred to as remnants in this context because only they can restore the old empire as per their lineage. And they are 'remnants' in the first place because the current emperor, Ning Shizeng (Emperor of Tiansheng) and his army killed all members of the Dacheng royal family during his rebellion/take over. Atleast they thought they did except there were two they missed. First is Feng Zhiwei and second is the 4th prince Zhangsun Hong that was revealed in the end. Zhangsun Hong is more eligible to restore the previous empire since he's male and older. Wait does birth order matter if you're just a consort's kid @skibbies ? Woah this makes so much sense. No wonder Feng Hao was allowed to do anything and act like a kid even when he should've manned up. I kindof assumed he had low IQ so they went easy on him. The fact that she was guilty for setting up feng hao to be sacrificed (hence spoiled him) could've been more emphasized in the drama. I too was a bit confused after watching the show and only after reading on here understood that Feng Hao was supposed to be a decoy for Zhiwei to protect her incase anything happens while Zhiwei herself was a buffer for Zhangsun Hong. Can't believe they created a new character for the drama that did no good for the story. They diluted the essence of the story by bringing him in. Sigh... Also is this actor in the production crew? He's in all the BTS instructing and directing other actors. Was he a last minute hire?
  13. @troptina Hey!! Welcome to the forum. Mama Gu (Qiu Mingying) gave birth to twin boys.. The real Dacheng remnant was Feng Zhiwei, real name Zhangsun Zhiwei and she was given to Qiu Mingying to take care of in place of one of her twins. You can check Episode 52 when master zong reveals it to zhiwei. @Pollen Ainne Oh yea the society was patriarchal. Men had more power than women. But it was also an unequal society beyond just the patriarchy. Everyone can't be anyone. In that sense, being a woman is just one more class identifier. idk how to explain it but some people are sexist at their core. They truly believe women are subhuman and not deserving of personhood. Some people believe that about other races, castes etc. Many characters in tRop probably believe that. Ning Chuan probably thought he was semi-divine. looll. I just meant, from what I can understand about NingYi, he wasn't extra prejudiced towards women. Probably believed in gender roles as part of other structural divisions and customs in society like family line, birth order...etc. But can recognize the humanity in others and empathize with them. If they didn't richard simmons with him or his loves ones. Then he'll kill you lol.
  14. I'm glad there weren't any superman scenes in tRop. I'm laughing just thinking about it. Looking back I really admire how realistic this world was despite being in a fictional universe and sort of having a free pass to do anything. Elements of fantasy were restricted to magical realism (thanks for that nugget earlier @tendrilsofwind). It's not fair to compare it to Bloody Romance since its made with a much lower budget and obviously a different genre but I can't help it since its my second chinese period/costume drama. I even got NingYi vibes from one of the characters. What's funny is that story takes place in the real past during the later Tang dynasty and one of the characters is the grandson of Empress Wu Zetian. I thought of commenting on that forum but my first thought is how much it pales in comparison to tRop and idk if I should rain on their parade. Hmm...it does have its pros. For one, ending wasn't rushed and I guess its sad? but I didn't care about the OTP much so whatever. SEE I keep looking at it from the perspective of tRop. The most 'wuxia' plot armour I hope for FZW is that she faked her death and lived a quiet life far away or traveled the world with Nanyi. Yo...15 is wayy too young. Even if everyone considered that old enough my modern eyes can't help but see a child. Is NingYi only 8yrs older than her or is he 26 when she's 15?. And she was imperial advisor before becoming Wei Zhi? Woah Novel is pretty different. I think a lot of changes in the drama were for good.
  15. You have a point. It is a flaw of his. But although she didn't like it, it is great Zhiwei was smart enough to adapt. She might scold him about it but she didn't whine and complain like a lot of girls would do. And I think had they been given a chance, Ning Yi would have gradually opened up more. IMO, NY wasn't patriarchal but he respected class differences. And being a woman altered your class. I think that's different from pure sexism. He believed in the fair treatment of people and humanity within that framework but didn't think there was anything wrong with humans having different ranks and some people having to bow down to others just because of their birth. Even then he was willing to look beyond status often for the sake of the person. What warmed me to NY was how his treatment of her changed throughout, in the beginning he treated her like a damsel in distress not involving her in anything (remember when he locked her in his room while he went out and made decisions that involved her own family) but that slowly changed. I sometimes wonder what could've happened between them if FZW decided to stay with him after he offered the same (after Qiu Mingying kicked her out). If they had become a couple then, it would've been a very unbalanced relationship. Hate to think of her having as little agency as Ning Cheng. Yikes. But that's unlikely. FZW wouldn't be FZW if she agreed to stay with him and NY couldn't have fallen in love with anyone but the real FZW. I believe in the vice versa too, FZW wouldn't have accepted NY if he didn't open up to her and start treating her as an equal. He still had issues to work on but that's to be expected you can't change a key characteristic of your personality (being stubborn and wanting to do everything by yourself) overnight. But he made a lot of progress and I want to believe that had they stayed together he could've improved on this. Also these two seem to do better after they've spent time together than when they're apart. What I mean is its not a 'distance makes the heart grow fonder' deal with them. Even in the later episodes, the longer they're apart the more misunderstandings pop up. Regarding the plague scene, I think that was another turning point in their relationship. Even though she was hurt, she worked her way around it by writing in code that she understood he was lying and I think it opened his eyes bit. It shows their compatibility as a couple. She found a way to deal with his stubbornness and to me it seemed like he was starting to change. He was very different after the plague. Unfortunately we can only speculate how they'd be as a long term couple because that never happened. Maybe they'd fight and turn bitter or work on their problems and grow stronger. Who knows... Spot on about her hypocrisy. I hate her but I do think she was genuinely confused on what to do with zhiwei since the beginning of the show. It does make her character more interesting that, she was struggling with her commitment to dacheng vs her love of zhiwei as a mother. Not that her maternal instincts are anything to go on about (miss sacrifice your own kids for dacheng). I think ultimately that's where it went wrong. She is a better dacheng subject than a mom. Hmm can we draw a parallel between her and the emperor as parents? Just one scene of her being nice to Zhiwei would've greyed her character more. I really want to understand her for Zhiwei's sake but damn that woman is a b.itch. FZW is way too kind lol. I'm curious why you think this way about Master Zong? How would you say he exploited Gu Nanyi particularly? I feel like all the masters on this show were kindof d.icks to their subordinates, even NingYi, compared to modern standards. Except Zhi Wei. She was an angel to Yan Huaishi and Gu Nanyi.
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