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  1. Hey, @twoparkcouple I left a really important private message in the soompi chat a few weeks ago. Can you reply please?
  2. I have to respectfully desagree with you about WWWSK being childish since I, myself, don’t like childish dramas too. I’ve been watching K-dramas for a lot of years now and I must say that I stopped for almost 2 years because I thought they were repeating themselves. I saw everything I could on netflix at the time WWWSK was on on so I returned to viki to see if there was something interested. The first option was WWWSK. Usually, when I start watching some new program the first thing that catches my attention is the photography of it, I mean the image. How clear and sparkly it is. WWWSK has an excelent photography so it cached my attetion in the first few minutes. Then, I love or hate a show based in the actors. Lets be real, if I see no chemestry or if I don’t feel identified with the characters, I lose interested. Firts Mi So. I’m really tired of k-dramas with dumb females leads who stay beside the male lead even when they treat them like trash at some point or when the female lead starts really strong and them becomes insecure, childish and clingy when they fall inlove (for example that’s why I didn’t like Park Min Young part in City Hunter. Kim Na Na starts as a strong woman who can kick your richard simmons if you mess with her, but becomes kind of dumb and allows him to treats her like trash when she falls inlove with him) Mi So in another hand is hardworking, mature to solve any issue (at work and romantically) and independent since the beggining to the very end. She knows when to say ‘no’ to the man (not talking about the boss because let’s be real she could be a little bit stronger saying ‘no’ at work) She rejected him 5 times before saying yes! When he was really jealous in the last episode she got really mad and left just like that. Young Joon. He fits into the cliche chaebol and smart male lead, that’s true but at least he has some interested past despite others males leads dramas. His behavior has a reason to be. He doesn’t madly falls inlove with Mi So for some dumb reason (like the way she moves her feets in My ID is gangman beauty) There is a special connection with her. She is REALLY special for him because of what they went through! The plot. You could say is predictable...well I must say it got me asking myself why the brother had all those memories even when I knew, somehow, that Young Joon was the oppa Mi So was looking for (if somebody here was able to figure it out sooner about the brother I must say you are the best) About the sweetness and cheesiness of the drama. What are you waiting from a romantic comedy? In a action movie, you want to see action so in a romantic drama you will find...romance and cheesiness maybe? My self, I fell inlove with this beautiful drama not just because of the main couple but because it has all the elements to be the hit it is: great photography, even greater chemestry with the leads actors and support cast, the story is funny and easy to watch because it goes right to the heart. The OST is on point, I like each and every one of the songs played. The romantic scenes were perfectly made, very sexy (sometimes I fell like I was intruding) but not vulgar. For me, in its category, is the best of the year!!!
  3. OMG! I find it chocking how easy PPC shippers lose perspective everywhere and are unable to see the entire picture According to the comments here the conclusion is that PMY deleted her photo based in...one negative comment from a PPC "shipper"? Let me tell you something, I was able to read all the top comments before she delete the photo and all of them, except the one some of you have shared here from the "shipper", were from two main accounts asking to delete tags of PSJ and they even were saying they would report those comments. They started a war. I was able to read that those who were attacked by this two main accounts were answering in a very good way (I don't know if I'd be capable to be so calm if I feel someone is attacking me that way) Someone here said that hardcore PMY's fans aren't like that but those commenters, from the two main accounts, claimed to be her hardcore fans and that's why they have the right to step up "to defend her". I know that PMY's majority true fans are not behaving that way but you have to admit there's some crazy fans out there. In another hand, both PPC shippers and hardcore fans in both side, should understand that PMY and PSJ aren't children. I find it amazing how people feels they can be in charge of someone else thoughts. Saying things like: "PMY feels uncomfortable when someone tag PSJ" in my opinion is to go too far. IG let you block tags and words so, if she maybe feels uneasy about it she'd bloked those comments already and if she doesn't know how to do it I think she is clever enough to ask how to. About watching the bigger picture, after WWWSK came out you can find tons of comments tagging PSJ in her photos and she never before deleted those photo (I still don't believe those people who says she's deleted comments about him and it's not because I'm too delulu, it's just because among thounsands of comments some surely will be really down and IG doesn't show the same info to everybody. Learn a little bit about how algorithm really works). Now, you should ask yourselves, what's different this time that she decided to delete her photo? Isn't those comments asking to delete PSJ's tags which stand out and therefore were the reason to start a war of negative comments?
  4. Is MY on vacation? Who do you think did take her photo? Love, ummm? I don't know but I feel excited for this post of her and don't ask me why. It's just a feeling. By the way, look what the blue heart means The blue heart emoji is used or given to that one special love that sparks up your tired fu***g heart, they may do a lot of small things that means a lot - good morning texts, tight hugs, forehead kisses, etc. The one that makes your day and you smile nonstop about, the one who is the last person you think about at night, the one you can’t have but want nothing more than for them to be happy everyday.The blue heart emoji should be reserved for the person who has a place in your heart no one could ever have.
  5. Hi dolls! I'm back after being all day without internet, I came to check my email and I find 100+ messages from soompi!!! Anyways, prepare yourselves because here I come with my point of view of the Cosmo event First, when I saw them walking alone in the red carpet I felt I little disappointed (I sleep just one hour and woke up at 4 am to not see them walking together?! ) and then my heart almost died when I saw the stage video I couldn't believe what my eyes were watching! 1. PSJ and PMY acted, not just like they are two strangers on the stage but they even looked like they can't even stand to each other. So,my first though was: my ship just sank 2. Even when I saw the small gesture he had with her indicating her way to go on, it shocked me that he walked first letting her behind So, that's when I really felt the pain in my heart. Then I saw this video in weibo (Thanks god somebody shared the link to this IG post while I'm writing this because I was having a hard time to post it from weibo ) This is me while watching the video: "Move out to see what PPC is doing" (referring to the staff whom are constantly moving and not letting me to watch them) and then at the end when the owner of the video starts to move the camera: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! KEEP POINTING TO PPC...DON'T TAKE THEM OUT OF FRAME!!! " Now seriously dolls, I know someone said in a post before that the photos of them whispering could mean nothing and that is more than obvious that she is just helping him translating what is said on the stage. I agree in the part that she might be translating for him buuuuut, why do they have to sit that close when they were so apart at the beginning of show? Also, if you see again the whispers video, looks like PMY loves to be all over PSJ because she is sooo close to him and she is just sitting there touching his shoulder same as the Viki interview and please don't tell me it was because she is just making the interpreter for him and it was too noisy because she didn't come that close when she has to talk to the real interpreter as you can see in the video. As for me, I can't tell you that I have info that they are in a real relationship since before WWWSK. I keep thinking that the way her partners teased her in the TVN fest it's not a coincidence. If they weren't a couple or maybe they broke up (like some of you suggested in some post here) it would very rude to her that they talk so casual about the kissing scenes when the dating rumors were like yesterday. Also, if someone talks in front of me about my ex (again I'm talking about the believe that they broke up) I'd try really hard to keep my poker face. Let me ask you: Did you see that poker face on PMY's face expressions when all of them were talking about their favorite scene? So, I feel like we'll have some good news from them sooner than we think. Anyway, sorry not sorry for the long post. Long post are my thing
  6. Hi dolls! I said this recently in a chat room where I'm with some of you but I'd to share it here too since it's about what she's saying. I think it’s not ok that people keep comparing PPC with SSC saying that the SSC didn’t avoid to be seen together in public because even when their situation look the same it’s not. When the SSC started dating there wasn’t a precedent of someone like them strongly denying dating rumors and then coming out with wedding plans. If PPC try to do the same as them and not avoid to be seen together all the time, people for sure will say they are really dating at least now they the benefit of the doubt Something else, we should notice their behavior with their previous dating rumors and compare it with their actual behavior. Previously, both of them didn’t care to be linked with their previous co-stars even when there was dating rumors. PSJ published photos with KJW in the reward trip and he invited her to his movie premiere. He doesn’t care to take photos and to talk openly about his close friendship with the Sistar integrate even when there has been rumors of them. The first photo PMY published in her IG is with JCW and she says she keeps in contact with her previous co-star too. So the question shouldn’t be why do they avoid to each other in public since we don't know that's true for sure but why they are acting so different from previous dating rumors they had before.
  7. I know, right?! She slay every outfit she uses She is my role model in fashion About PSJ's IG, I agree. I was not his fan before WWWSK but I read here that he erased several photos and according to those comments most of it where kind of personal (it included some relatives and friends) or about his past dramas (like the reward trip with the cast and his co-star in FFMW). At that time, it called my attention that PMY doesn't post personal photos with her family or her friends and even when she does, of course, has posted photos about her previous dramas, those photos are not personal, I mean out of the places where she's filming but related with her job at that time. Usually, when you like someone who challenges you at some point, you want to become a better person. I don't personally know PYM (I wish I could ) but what she projects to be is a down to earth, mature and intelligent woman (If you haven't see Busted, you should because you get to know her better since it's an unscripted reality show). I think PSJ is very mature and nice (in Youn's Kitchen you can see it and even Youn said so in one of the episodes) but he's more relax than PMY. So, what I think is that he's trying to suit her so he can win her. After WWWSK, he looks more sober and mature. It's like he's trying to accommodate his life because he's ready to take a big decision in the near future. Anyway, our couple influences us for better or worst and I think PSJ is been influenced lately by someone right now. Can you guess who is it, doll?
  8. OMG doll! I have to say that's one of my favorite kiss (I think I'm lying because I love all of them and I can't stop watching them ) I love it because even when it's simple and short I've noticed his hand graving her neck too not just in the bts but in the scene as well. I like the way she is smiling in the middle of the kiss (she is really enjoying it) and then he looks at her briefly to continue kissing her very pleased and in a more intense way. Seriously dolls, this two are driving me crazy
  9. Hi dolls! I've seen this video before long time ago on IG but I repeated it now just to recreate my eyes (I don't know how many times, maybe to much for a non pervert person ) Aaaanyways...have you noticed how urgent PSJ looks in here? I mean, just look the way he moves his hands (it remembers me the closet kiss and his hands out of control when apparently that wasn't in the script as you can see in the bts for that episode), how he pushes PMY's hips toward him , the passion in the way he kisses her and if you notice she might be on some apple box or maybe using some really high heals because her hips are at the same level than his making them to be to close down there for just being friends (i have to stop watching this kind of scenes because I'm having dirty thoughts ). They should receive an Oscar if this is just acting because not every actor and actress can accomplish this kind of deep emotions and chemistry unless they are really in love. I don't know dolls but PPC remember me the movie Mr. and Ms. Smith. When I saw that movie (I'm not a fan of Angelina and Brad) I loved their interaction and at some point I couldn't explain with words why and later I knew they fell inlove in that movie soooo I'm 100000% sure is the same case for PPC. Well, at least this time I keep it short
  10. Hi dolls! I already did an investigation and here I go I was curious about the behavior of PMY and PSJ during others dramas' interviews (that's because I think the interviews of them together for WWWSK talks much better than the bts about how they feel with each other) so I want to make a comparison of it. I wanted to use all of their dramas but It's hard to find the old ones so I decided to use those with the harder shipping for PMY and PSJ ****WARNING: I don't mean to offend others shippers so keep it cool if you are one of them. Also, If I'm using these dramas is because there isn't another way to know how they are in certain situation*** -HEALER (PMY AND JCW) You can watch the videos in youtube. The first thing I noticed is there is some gap between them and they are sitting in a very professional way. Someone can say: "Of course! They in a chair not in a couch " and I agree but I'm not just talking about their position but about their body language as well. Look how neither of them are leaning the shoulders at least. When she looks at him while he's talking, she doesn't lean her head like a little kid would do it to be cute When YJT compliments her she leans to the back and to the front not toward JCW PMY is talking in a very neutral way, very professional. She smiles if it's needed but there is not extra emotions She compliments him in a very superficial way. She talks about qualities anyone can see even if that person ins't close to him -FFMY (PSJ AND KJW) You can watch the videos in youtube. I have to say that PSJ and KJW are more closer than the others in the interview but there is some gap yet between them and they are not leaning to each other. PSJ rarely watch her and when he does it, it's maybe one or two seconds. He is very quite and he's not constantly fixing his clothes. In the press conference you can see how he gives her his back when he's talking to the MC. You can say: "he had to do it since the MC is to his right". I agree with that but once again: the body language doesn't lie. When we like someone all our body is toward to that person, or at least we try that most of it to be toward to that person, so he could just turn his head to the right but not almost his entire body to talk to the MC. It's not that hard. He did that in the WWWSK press conference when the MC asked him something (watch the first video down where I talk about WWWSK) He acts like a man when he's with his male friends especially in the second video, I mean very carefree, but very professional in the first one. He's not carefully and serious trying to take care each movement he does He didn't have the chance to complement her but this is what he said in a interview: “I enjoyed watching ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ In that drama, Jiwon is a girl-crush character. I can’t forget the scene where she kissed [Jin Goo] in the army dining hall. When I saw it, I thought, Wow! A modern woman! She is a fine woman!” https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/park-seo-joon-kim-ji-won-kiss/ I have to say that it calls my attention that he talks about her more recent drama to that moment and he doesn't refer to an older one. Also, he talks just about the character, Ae ra. In a shell, he compliments her work in DOT not to her as a person just like a co-worker would talk about his/her job partner who is not that close. What I see is that PSJ treats KJW like a younger sister or maybe like one his male friends but (don't hate me PSJ and KJW shippers ) I would dare to say that KJW is the one who has a little bit of interest to him maybe at that time. I mean, I don't know if she is always shy since I'm not her fan but she behaves that way in both videos. (If you know her better than me you can correct me about she being shy) -WWWSK (PMY AND PSJ) Do you know when you are very close to someone (man or woman) and you smile even before he/she finish to say something because you kind of know what she/he is going to say? It's like you say: Of course she/he is gonna be cute and funny Just look the reaction of PMY in the minute 0:52 first video. About PSJ, his body language can't lie, especially in the first video. His subconscious is giving it away. When a man is in front of the woman he likes he stand up straight, can't help but stop watching her and keeps fixing his clothes. PSJ is doing all of it! He's sitting straight, can't stop watching at her while she is talking and it looks like the clothes he is wearing is bothering him, he can't leave it along. I think he wasn't too carefull in here because they did this conference before the dating rumors. In the first video PMY sounds very professional and kind of neutral which I find it very normal since there is more people from the media (In the healer interview she was professional and very neutral while she was talking even when there was just one person making the interview) but in the second and third videos she is the one who doesn't keep the distance between them. She keeps bumping him and she is all over him Also, in those videos she is very hyper and bright when she talks. If you saw Busted, you will know that even there she wasn't that natural. In the second video minute 1:28 you can see how she leans toward him but them kind of remember where she is and lean to the front and back instead. Minute 1:42, second video, she leans her head to look at him (she reminds me a friend who is getting married in a few weeks and she is so inlove, that's the way she looks at her boyfriend sometimes when he's talking), the time she keeps looking at him and the fact that she even makes a disagree sign with her eyes when he says he doesn't look like his character (meaning that he has her full attention). I love the way she helps him in the minute 1:59, her voice sounds sweet (I don't know but her voice in here remind me the episode when JY returns from his trip and kiss her but she says with a sweet voice they shouldn't do that in the office) OMG! Third video minute 1:04 the glance of PSJ looking for PMY approval about what he said is just...ahhhh When they've been asked to compliment each other, third video minute 1:11, how the h**l did she know about his exercise routine and why she had to refer to that when talking about his self-managing instead of talking just about how he self-manage very well at work where she should know him better? (even him talks about his work when he is talking about his good qualities ) That means often personal talks between them and I think that her first though was about his body when the question was made since she even talks about how hot he is (I think I'm kind of pervert ) Anyway, I noticed that she didn't complement him in a superficial way but in a personal way and you just talk like that about someone who is really close to you. In another hand, in the first video PSJ talks about her first drama (long time fan boy?) and refers to her, in the third video, as a great inspiration when he's complimenting her (minute 2:06) and love often comes from the admiration you feel to someone. It calls my attention that even when he's a man (mostly, men doesn't know how to compliment others in a deep way) he tried very well to talk about her and not just about her character in the drama. By the way, I love the way PMY pull out from him that she has a beautiful smile in minute 2:34 third video. It's like he says that to her very often on set and he almost forget to mention it one more time and in minute 3:26 she practically has her head on his shoulder In conclusion, when you see the three dramas bts (I think they can fake chemistry in the bts since they are aware of the cameras and have to sell it to us) you will be a hard shipper for PSJ+KJW and PMY+JCW because they all behave like lovers in the bts but if you see the interviews (where actors/actresses, in my opinion, sometimes are more off guard) then you will be a hard PSJ and PMY shipper. I need to tell you this, I have a friend who used to treat a guy in a very close way in my eyes. Others thought that, because she is kind of childish and playful with men, she didn't have any romantic interest in him but I didn't think so and they are know about to marry in a few weeks so I now what I'm talking when I say that PPC behavior is different from previous partners. I mean, when you are with someone you like, you can't help it but you are a shining and hyper person and that's what I see in the second and third video in both of them. In healer and FFMW interviews I don't see that spark and happiness in PMY and PSJ. What I see with PSJ and PMY is that they compliment at a point that they can even kind of finish their sentences. You can feel the intimacy between them and I'm not talking just about physical intimacy, which is undeniable. It's like the entire world disappear around them when they make eye contact or talk to each other. PS: Sorry not sorry for the long post. Long posts are kind of my thing I'd like to know your opinion once you see the videos I posted
  11. Hi doll! I love your analisys I also saw FFMW without skipping any scene or episode until the end and I have to say that I felt I was watching a drama too. Just like you said, the on screen couple is good (I must say that I don't like dramas with childist behavior so I didn't like that part of the main couple that's why I prefer the second couple because is more realistic) but I even didn't feel ashamed with the kisses or bed scenes in it. In another hand, when I started watching WWWSK it was like magic. I mean, I couldn't stop watching and I couldn't explain why at the moment. As I've said before, I don't buy the bts chemistry in any drama since they, at the end, are actors/actresses so they can fake it to sell it to us. While Miso and JY bought me with their chemistry on screen it were the interviews which make a PPC fan. That's where you can see the real person behind the actor/actress since they are off guard very often and sometime very hyper so they let it go. Anyway, I'm making a new comparison about statements of PMY and PSJ about their partners in their different dramas so you can compare I will post it soon
  12. My friend is a PSJ and KJW hard shipper too. When I finished watching WWWSK the first time (I've seen it 5 time so far ) I told her to watch it but she didn't want to because she said she liked him with KJW (I thought that she was talking just about the screen couple since that is what she made me think). Let me put some context here. I've never been a hard off screen shipper before. Of course, I liked some on screen couples before but that's it. This is the first time I'm a on and off screen shipper and even I'm surprise that I can't stop thinking about it. My sister is more of that kind of person who buys the "couple" thing off screen and I've always told her before that it's just publicity (I'm talking about Hollywood and Latin movies of course) but now here I am with the ParkPark couple. Anyway, I decided to watch some of PMY and PSJ dramas after I finished WWWSK (Previous WWWSK I just saw SWP [PSJ] and I have to say I was not his fan back then) So I started with PSJ in FFMW to see why my friend liked so much. I have to say it was quite good but I liked more the second couple. I mean PSJ and KJW look good on screen but just that. I didn't see that wonderful chemistry you can't put of words on it. Then PMY's dramas. First CH, Healer and the last one Remember fo far. I think she had some chemistry with JCW (I find it kind of odd I didn't see that much on screen chemistry with LMH in CH since they were dating already ) but I still felt something was missing. I don't know, it's something you can't explain. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, otherwise you wouldn't be here shiping PMY and PSJ About my friend again, she is still a hard shipper of PSJ and KJW but anyway she decided to watch WWWSK. She skipped a lot of scenes and episodes because she said she found it boring but I think she couldn't stand their chemistry My point is that I thought it'd be hard for me to see them with someone else when I started watching their previous dramas but since I didn't see that wonderful chemistry with those partner in their previous drama I kind of enyoy them (well, I have to say that I enjoyed just Healer the most because of the plot not because of the couple of course ) and I didn't feel bad even when they kissed with their co-stars (They didn't have those wonderful kisses in their previous dramas and I'm not talking just about the technique ) One more time, I didn't see the chemistry of both of them with previous partner as I see it in WWWSK. I'll feel bad when I see the same chemistry PMY and PSJ have on and off screen in the future with someone else. Meanwhile, it's just work and acting for them. Don't take it so serious doll and just enjoy this shipping. Hopefully, It'll become a real life drama soon
  13. Hi dolls! I was watching a few City Hunter bts (for some reason YT thought I must be interested and suggested it to me ) Well, I said to myself "since she was girlfriend with LMH in this drama, let's see how she used to behave with him while they were filming". I just have to say: WOW! She looks like a little girl in an amusement park for the first time when she was with LMH (I'm sorry for those who loves him but I don't like him) I mean, we all know PMY is always smiling, she is a smiling girl...ok, she is Park Mi So But what I can observe is how she goes from just smiling to really laughing both in CH and WWWSK. I've seen some of her previous drama bts (for example Healer since is one of her stronger shipping I guess. You can correct me if I'm wrong ) and she was nice and most of the time smiling but I didn't notice she let that little kid out. I didn't see her all playfull or even jumping like a little girl in her previous dramas bts. In both, CH and WWWSK, she follows the game of LMH and PSJ with no doubt (flirting? ) She isn't only nice with them but she responds to them in a really playfull way. I've noticed too that her walls are down in both dramas. She is relax and enjoing. Sometimes, I thought she was like this in WWWSK because of the atmophere since it's a Rom-Com but CH wasn't a Rom-Com and her behave was very similar. Well, I just came with this analisys before bed Sweet dreams dolls!
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