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  1. so in the timeline dark blue kiss is in the middle? I mean, the ending of the story is already known and it's Kiss the series?
  2. @Robin thanks for sharing your opnion. that stuff you said about Third waiting for Khai physically, emotionaly is such a phase we go through when trying to forgetting a crush, when is someone near to us like a friend, is more evident. I beleave that could be the case. about P'Un and Two. I beleave there are some better evidences during the series that make more sense about he assuming that. in fact, gotta watch the whole series again to clear some doubts
  3. sorry. I don't get what this expression means. I thought more clearly about. and it's really up to your taste, if I analyse for the perspective that centers on the development of the couple itself looks something very heartwarming and I kind of story that seems to atract me(more like a fantasy, a situation everyone would want to live). but even in this matter there are some important mistakes in my opnion, like lacking a deep look into characters reasons for doing the things they do.
  4. What! O.O indian BL. I will check it out If you're saying it's that good I'm gonna watch.
  5. @deltos @mellialuna @aniola @gogole mongol what do you guys gonna watch now on? are you watching 2 moons? is it really good? I see from the thumbnail in youtube. And I think "does it have content" Someone knows the release date from the next History series? I just watched Addicted (heroin). didn't like much. and I'm afraind of getting emotional involved in a bad series and waste my time, in the other hand I just want to a watch something that you know, make me experience feelings through the characters. feelings that I can't experience by myself being single by now Sorry if I'm using the wrong thread for this kind of conversation. blame it on TOL, for making me feel emotional about wanting to live a love story
  6. I think I'm gonna rewatch all the series. Just can't believe it's over, i'm still like accepting it. Just working in my mind to realize the conclusions about. may take sometime, some days There were so many beatyful moments in this episode. But one, was very outstanding for me. The first scene of this episode. It made me very emotive, The guy who plays Third, is amazing, at this scene and throughout the whole series the characters seems very true, and deeply constructed.
  7. @deltos I see the thing you point out I'll just add some of my thoughts, and thanks in advance for the conversation, You're a very clever person. My analysis is like from someone who understands less than you this world. 1) I see money as a problem. because if you'll invest you need to make money with the product(the series itself), you need to have the support of the sponsors and etc. for example, TOL (I'm sorry I coudn't get the abbreviations from the BL's you mentioned) is at YouTube. I mean I would pay o monthly subinscription to watch The GMMTV series. I don't know why (It really woudn't be lucrative?!) line stream service is not available in Brazil, even a south korea stream service is coming to here. 2) the vision and the analysis of who run's the show. Who has the money to invest, they must believe that things must be bigger, and they could hit a bigger market. 3) the quality of the product and the audience it's aimed for It's gets me very frustrated to see all this amazing series, many of them just aimed(not completely) for "fujoshi girls" . is it just because they buy tickets for the fan meetings? But some like HCTM and TOL are ready to be mainstream, I think, thousand of gay men around the world will support these kind of series, of course if they increase the quality of th stories they tell, and aim for the right audience, including straight people.
  8. You say there's nothing left. I agree. Mainly in the case of HCTM, but in this particular case I guess there's the opportunity of creating a new adventure, you know, I just think it's fair to have the curiosity to see how a half supernatural half human gay couple would face normal people problems, And Ohm's character itself, he's a non stereotypical gay in love with a ghost, and also been open to a new world(the gay world) Coming back to TOL, They can have a satisfying ending, and they will have. but now, this moments we're having in this late epsodes should have taken more time, or maybe they could go further, but seems that in this bl thai world is just about complete the adaptation of the novel, and done. C'mon We're never getting a BL series with the same amouth of seasons as friends or big bang theory?!
  9. I just watched the last week's episode too. In the final scene wich they hug each other, it almost fell a drop of tear from my eyes. Very nice and unique episode. I want to point out the conclusion (or not yet) of Bone and Pan relantionship (Bone made a very honorable action). And now is up to Pan to make a choice, I guess she already did, or it seemed too, but maybe this story is not done yet. And is so sad that now that the series found it's balance and is so amazing and adorable to watch, and not only Third and Khai, but all the four main characters are having a great story. it's going to end =/ And I almost forgot the soundtrack, the instrumental songs are fitting perfectly the situations, helping the emotions
  10. For god's sake, I hope you're right. Let's talk about this incredible series so far. Some weeks ago I was afraid I could get disappointed. The begining is not great. It's too slow and is stuck at a kind of loop where Third is always been frustrated reapetdly and the series is like only it, Well there's a great focus on Third's thoughts and feelings, I like this kind of way to build a story, focusing on the character's reasons. Suddenly We had a break in this pacing and abruptly we began to see the things from Khai perspective, it was surprising for me. But was like pressing the OFF button of Third, like we knew he decided to move on, and I believe the writers did it on purpose, but I didin't like it much. Well now in EP. 10 somethings came clear and I realise the series is very cohesive. All the conversation and the time that was taken to the main couple scenes in this EP, showed me it's a enormous series. the argument of the series(as I thinks it's clear by it's title) is always in it's north it doesn't lose the focus. the series sometimes seems inspired by movies, and I believe overall famous (and cliche) american love story movies. But I don't know if it's my impression, sometimes, there's is a very big scene, I mean not that overreaction of drama, but something that causes impact to the storytelling. like the scene when Third and Khai are essaying the play, and suddenly Khai goes out of the script. So for that I expect a big ending for the three love story.
  11. WOW! I just wanted to say that this series was amazing and the best BL I've watched so far. I didin't feel any tough break in the atmosphere from the last epsode, I just felt it was well balanced. The begining was more dense, from the middle to the end it began to get more soft and funny, And after went through this Disney like ending, in wich I think the script was very well, 'cause used the previous knowledge of the situation, and get me surprised 'cause I was expecting the sad ending. I was ok with this ending 'cause even the series talking about this serious subject it was all about a adventure, I feel the series is like a great adventure. So the ending fitted. BTW, the script of the entire series was amazing, always nice dialogues and etc. One of the bad things that I saw in this series was OHM playing, he's not a good actor, regardless, the series is amazing
  12. *sigh* long time not posting here. missing it, last week was kind of hard because the subtitles were out only in the very late sunday, for me in Brazil. So I could only watch EP 13 in monday at night. unfortunately this week will be the same, because the subber is busy, so probably we're only getting the ensligh subtitles sunday or later. So I'm not going to search noting about LBC before the Subs come out, cause I don't want to get spoilers. I hope all you guys have a great time watching it tomorrow (it's still thursday in Brazil). I hope also you use the hashtag #LBCforever in twitter, cause the director asked. At the time I get to see it with english subs, I'm gonna join you here
  13. So we're not going to have any NC scene for TinCan, not even a scene when Can is without T-shirt. I have been seeing the Abs of Ae without asking it for (just kidding, I like his abs too, can't complain). Now when it's time to show my favorite character abs, I don't have You mean sword art online? The first seasson I watched only a couple of episodes, then it deacresed the quality of the history and got fast-paced so I droped I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin wich is an anime I extremely recommend. I like almost all kinds of anime, but I'm more into shounen.
  14. Sorry If i'm talking things out of the main subject of this thread. But your talking about series made me think about other kinds of series, like the american series, from super heroes or not. What are you guys watching? Me, I don't have Netflix otherwise I'd have watched many of the series from there. I'm watching at the moment Vikings and I'm a fan of GOT.
  15. I see. I admire you guys for such knowledge of the BL scene. I'm not gonna try to have all of these watched. But little by little, I will watch more series, although I'm more into gay movies, from any country.
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