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  1. WOW! I just wanted to say that this series was amazing and the best BL I've watched so far. I didin't feel any tough break in the atmosphere from the last epsode, I just felt it was well balanced. The begining was more dense, from the middle to the end it began to get more soft and funny, And after went through this Disney like ending, in wich I think the script was very well, 'cause used the previous knowledge of the situation, and get me surprised 'cause I was expecting the sad ending. I was ok with this ending 'cause even the series talking about this serious subject it was all about a adventure, I feel the series is like a great adventure. So the ending fitted. BTW, the script of the entire series was amazing, always nice dialogues and etc. One of the bad things that I saw in this series was OHM playing, he's not a good actor, regardless, the series is amazing
  2. *sigh* long time not posting here. missing it, last week was kind of hard because the subtitles were out only in the very late sunday, for me in Brazil. So I could only watch EP 13 in monday at night. unfortunately this week will be the same, because the subber is busy, so probably we're only getting the ensligh subtitles sunday or later. So I'm not going to search noting about LBC before the Subs come out, cause I don't want to get spoilers. I hope all you guys have a great time watching it tomorrow (it's still thursday in Brazil). I hope also you use the hashtag #LBCforever in twitter, cause the director asked. At the time I get to see it with english subs, I'm gonna join you here
  3. So we're not going to have any NC scene for TinCan, not even a scene when Can is without T-shirt. I have been seeing the Abs of Ae without asking it for (just kidding, I like his abs too, can't complain). Now when it's time to show my favorite character abs, I don't have You mean sword art online? The first seasson I watched only a couple of episodes, then it deacresed the quality of the history and got fast-paced so I droped I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin wich is an anime I extremely recommend. I like almost all kinds of anime, but I'm more into shounen.
  4. Sorry If i'm talking things out of the main subject of this thread. But your talking about series made me think about other kinds of series, like the american series, from super heroes or not. What are you guys watching? Me, I don't have Netflix otherwise I'd have watched many of the series from there. I'm watching at the moment Vikings and I'm a fan of GOT.
  5. I see. I admire you guys for such knowledge of the BL scene. I'm not gonna try to have all of these watched. But little by little, I will watch more series, although I'm more into gay movies, from any country.
  6. You're very welcome here. I'm new here too. I created my account weeks ago, in order to comment about LBC. It's just my second BL series, so i can't answer your questions. Seems like TinCan shippers are just getting bigger ^^. I recommend you History 2 Crossing the Line, which I think is chinese. It's such a good BL series, is straight to the point, there's no much fillers, it's like 25 min per episode.
  7. I remember that when I watched it, I felt like a hard heart ache because there was so much angst in it, the love feelings were so deep. One of the most remarkable gay movies I watched. Man. You saw him ^^. If one day I travel to Thai, I'll want to meet the cast of this movie (I mean, the two boys). What a happy news to receive in the weekend *-* hope it will really happen. EP 12 is just one of the best. I give it 9/10. almost perfect to me. All the stuff about TinCan was amazing and well done, mainly the acting of the two, Plan killling it again, Mean, surprised me, did very well. I'm really looking foward some Plan complicated role in the future, looks like he has a lot of potencial. Pete and Ae were great this time too, their chemistry worked in the scenes. the only thing bad is the screen time of them BTW for me another important character having too short screen time is Pond, he's quite important and funny. As a TinCan shipper I couldn't be happier with this epsode. I loved Tin "agressive" tactics to get to be Can's lover. I see myself in his attitude. If I was him, I would never let Can go, Can is like one in a million.
  8. but then, don't you agree these questions are poorly worked in this kind of series? I mean in MIR there was also a couple that was formed with technically a straight guy that all of a sudden is in love with a boy. So no being gay or becoming gay personal matters shown. they took such a distancy to the real world sometimes with this histories.
  9. I liked lukmo too. it's hard to say he was the more interesting guy in MIR, but he was one of my prefer ones
  10. Before anything. I just wanted to share with you how I'm happy to be talking about this series with you guys. (sorry for my english sometimes) Seriously, For sure it would be nice to put everybody together to watch this, but it's impossible. What a shame, the series it's reaching the end. polaroidpicture you're amazing, you said everything, thanks. I agree with most you said, I just want to add somethings from my point of view I think he has not, at least with man, because he said after the first kiss with Can " Kissing a boy is not bad afterall " but something seems confuse in this, because he acts like he knows he's gay, but in the closet yet. But he says that, kind weird. That's a point they mad it very clear for us. nice done writers. that's my main point. I get what Tin did in this epsode(10). He wanted to have some flirtation with Can, he already knew Can was affected by him. It's not only because he has hit a week spot, I mean, for me in this momment Tin already know inside of him he feels attraction to Can. He's playing this game because he has been pulled by a magnet wich is Can. And of course he has all his inner questions that affect his behaviour. in the end of the scene when he's in the car, it's obvious that's he is confused, by his own behaviour, wich for me shows that's something really like a magnet, not only reasonable. haha, Everybody. am I the only one who thinks Can is hotter than Tin? I'm begining to feel myself weird for that
  11. Getting in the epsode discussion, a little bit late, but I just saw it today. very true I don't think it was more filler than the previous one. Because it had some development of TinCan. it also had some momments of interaction with Pond and his girlfriend, besides Ae Pete scenes were interesting. But I agree it's far from being one of the best epsodes What! You can't be serious about it. the scene on the bed, in this epsode it was good, even exciting, but when they kissed I just felt like "stop, you doing it so forced" it has bothered me. Looks like they have a good chemistry to act like good friends, because when it comes to scenes like these that they are lovers, there's a lacking of consistency in the acting About TinCan. I'm afraid they don't build their relationship in a suitable way. hoping they don't do things in too much of a hurry with them. So far, it's still ok! Can't wait for more TinCan next week ^^. NOTE: if one day in this series I see Can(Plan) without T-shirt, I think I'm gonna die
  12. hey man. Be strong! let's wait and avail it, week by week, this will get better. And we'll see the peek of this relationship when they kiss, it will be a very rich moment. When you said that I immediately thought "So who is the luckiest who will have the best meal"?
  13. Wow! One more Mean Plan shipper. It's getting better ^^. You're very welcome. Very happy to know one more person, that loves this couple. BTW. Who do you prefer Can or Tin? I prefer Can This is only my second BL. I can tell you that Make It Right. The first I watched. It's not that bad. In fact I still love it. But i realize it's bad, in some aspects =/. The Second season is worth watching, altough, they don't give the right Focus on important subjects they bring to screen. So no much realistic. And the firts seasson I skipped much of it. Well I still have interest in Ae-Pete. Maybe you're right. It's not only this. You see, the way they treated Ae feelings( finding out he is gay). It was more in the surface. You know they can keep giving us only this fluffy (does this word exist?), and dying from sweetness momments. It Will become less interesting
  14. thanks for the recommendations. What do you guys think about the actors and the director comments on MeanxPlan kiss scene, that they kept kissing and began to kiss before director said to. I mean, Plan said in a Interview, he felt like he's was raped, after the kiss. And he said they really did, it was a true kiss. But I don't get why all of these comments on this subject, because they are actors, there's nothing wrong in kissing for real, the actors from BL series, should always kiss for real, otherwise, whats is the value of their acting. But I thinking all these comments from the actors are only marketing to make it more interesting
  15. Well. As i can't wait to watch the next epsode. What BL series you guys recomend me? Knowing I'm a fan of MEANxPLAN couple and I'd love to watch a series more serious about feelings and gay relantioship
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