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  1. I love this ending, warm & gentle ending though I don't really like the open ending style before not a bad idea if they going to make season 2 for the drama because everything about JW in the past before he became a reaper we did not know yet For the kissing scene I think it looked beautiful, not terrible or awkward at all, only me think that? and the one in the past really lovely and cute too but kind of sad to me, with the background song (The Maze), it made me cried when watching this scene... Last episode did not have any kissing scene maybe because at that time Hyun Joong was sick pretty badly, anyway it's just our fans thought
  2. Yayyyyy, finally Hyun Joong Ost is out~ JUST FOR MY LOVE Such beautiful song with his sweet voice!!! https://t.co/fjpeTJ4TqH
  3. I think because she not stopped under Joon Woo's super power , and she definitely has the connection with the bracelet too. That so call GOD wants to grab Sun Ah first so later he can grab Joon Woo easier & take his super power!!!
  4. New OST of At The Moment released today, the melody really beautiful [At The Moment 시간이 멈추는 그때 OST] Han Seung Yeon (한승연) - The Temperature of Time (시간의 온도) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMou1AH0Kw0&feature=youtu.be Keep calm and wait for Hyun Joong's OST <衛星劇場2018年11月>韓国ドラマ キム・ヒョンジュン主演最新作の 『時間が止まるその時(原題)』 30秒予告 New preview of the drama to be aired in Japan on Nov 13th, let's count down!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV70MT-9RYc&feature=youtu.be
  5. New Still cut for ep 5 tonight, Joon Woo & Sun Ah are so gorgeous & cute~ Just two more hours to go
  6. Share the same thought with you, the drama becomes more and more interesting with a lot of need to answer questions The old artifact man for sure knew sth about JW's past, he's so suspicious from ep 1 when he told JW to move out his apartment And yeah the recently story about the halmoni with his grandson so strange, she met MW before and alive until now? Sun Ah, Joon Woo & In Sub love line too cute & hilarious sometimes, they are doing great & the chemistry is so good Writer nim, better give us all the answers, dying of curiosity already... Btw Joon Woo ya, why so handsome baby? everytime you on screen it becomes a fashion show indeed, love all the outfits, so gorgeous with all kind of shirt here well done with your comeback drama, my dearest! & welcome back to drama land for a very long time I still waiting for your OST desperately
  7. Watching drama "At The Moment (When Time Stops)", use this link below, you need to have the OpenVPN App and add the Korean IP to watch it live. Or can watch raw & engsub later on Viki (need the USA IP) ^^ Hope it help, it work for me
  8. There's a new teaser just updated on Naver TV, our "time couple" is so gorgeous check it out here https://t.co/tV832Hrghy screenshots by me ^^
  9. Hi all, we get the new poster today with Kim Hyun Joong-Ahn Ji Hyun-In Gyo Jin in the mystery background https://t.co/Ry1QdzDxl4
  10. Kyaaaaa, we got the 1st teaser of WHEN TIME STOPS https://t.co/KAN4jHONtP here's the translation for the teaser: This is A, in the basement room, with the power 2 stop time. A: Welcome back home, it’s been a while. This is B, the house owner, staying within that time. B: To keep dad’s building B, in any circumstances, must not tell A’s power to anyone till her death. cre: Sunny_sky (twitter) *and sorry for the previous posts, it's been a long time I come back here so forget all the rules thanks for your reminder *
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