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  1. Wow I’ve never wanted to physically hit a character this bad lol. The most spiteful and hateable kdrama character in history lmao at least other second leads weren’t *this* bad. They were just jealous of not being the love interest but this one is something else. Actually destroying someone’s entire career and that someone being someone who tried helping them too. Wow hopefully her downfall is glorious. But it’s a daily drama in this time slot, so unfortunately she’ll have her redemption and a kumbaya ending. She deserves the route of the revenge dailies lol. What she’s doing is definitely on the level of that time slot tbh

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  2. Dang really nobody watches this huh? I think it’s not too bad of a daily tbh. I’m having more fun with this than say the current revenge daily at least. Just knew that HY was going to try to take SW for herself. She’s trying to distract SW and ES away from each other. Though it looks like their bond is only going to get stronger especially after SW finds out ES didn’t used to work as a “bar girl” or whatever lol. 

    In the preview, it looks like the aunt finds out who DG and his family are maybe? Would be interesting to finally see the mom’s kids reunite though that’s not gonna happen until the main pair’s marriage according to the plot. 

    Loving the Inter family feud between the chicken and coffee shops lol. At least the moms are getting closer with the coffee lady catching the thief haha. I’m guessing they’re going to pair the kid’s dad with the older sister EH and then the brother EH will be paired with HY both are part of the respective families. Though who will SJ, ES’s friend be paired with haha.

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  3. Anyone else think this drama is one of the worst we’ve had in a while? I think even Gold Mask was better lol. It’s not even just the acting or whatever the storyline is just so boring and even the side characters have stories of that of a plastic cardboard ugh. At least I found the ML’s mom and her brother kinda funny in Gold Mask. Only character I like in this drama is Assemblyman’s wife. All the other slots were ok to great but this one is just terrible. I miss Woman in a Veil and Vengeance of the Bride lol

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  4. I think I kinda get the family relationship now:


    The FL’s family consists of the FL who is the biological daughter of both parents and is the youngest while the other two siblings have their biological dad but are adopted by the new mom. Their biological mom is the ML’s mom. It seems the ML’s mom has four biological kids: the ML and his younger sister and the FL’s older half brother and sister. 

    So there’s no incest between ML and FL since they don’t share biological parents whatsoever.


    The SFL’s family is also easily explained. She is the daughter of the grandpa who wants to be young but is stated her dad had her when he was very old so her older brother who could be her dad just based on age difference had a son with the lady who is the daughter-in-law of the grandpa, the son is the guy with glasses who also has a son of his own. The kid’s mom apparently just dropped him off to his home saying the baby is his and left. Therefore; the SFL technically becomes the kid’s great-aunt which the SFL says she absolutely hates for having that title (because it might ruin her one-sided love for the ML). Btw it looks like the grandpa’s older son is dead as mentioned by the grandpa. Grandpa just goes partying and clubbing all day and trying to buy fashionable clothes all while marrying and divorcing different women lol.

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  5. Meh still not feeling this drama. The previous two Love In Your Eyes and My Gold My Jade were a lot better. This one doesn’t have a story so far and the characters are just lousy and so many overused loveline trope between the FL and ML but both are cringe and boring. Maybe it’ll get more exciting once the rich mom finds her other two kids but wow this is really bad.

    2 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    Why is that younger sister so rude about her older sister?  I'm talking about the one who comes to visit the rich lady, who is played by the only person who can act in this show.  It's like anything nasty the younger sister can say, any negative comparison she can make, she does it.  Is this supposed to be comedic? It comes off as jealousy.



    For me personally I don’t really see her as rude just overly nosy and too eccentric. I guess that’s supposed to make her ‘funny’ or something but this whole drama just is already a joke anyways. :rolleyes:

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  6. 2 hours ago, tiMadam said:

    Was there an extension?

    I thought this has 3 more episodes..not sure.

    Nope it ends tomorrow confirmed by the drama itself saying it outright at the end of todays episode. 

    At this point, MR deserves someone who doesn’t waver on her like this. KS is a pushover and I don’t think he’ll be able to protect MR. Like people said, it wasn’t a bad drama at all but it just got worse and worse making it meh in the end.

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  7. Hmm ok so JT was the one who suggested to KH to kill JK. She said you should eliminate your problems code word for kill obviously and KH went through with it though of course he missed his target. Also, what was that weird dance between NA CEO and JK lol. Anyways, it seems like we are back to the present already based on the teaser? I could be wrong though. Was that surgery supposed to be her in taking the Japanese lady’s transfusion or something to make her right handed and remove her scar? I honestly have no idea what that was about. My theory is that she never actually had all that money and it was all just a ploy by hiring a fake Japanese conglomerate CEO to pretend to be her father and make up a story with the help of NA CEO. Hence, all this could be done within a matter of months? And no one really questions the disappearance of YK since she’s supposed to be in the US for a year.

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  8. Can’t stop nodding my head in agreement going through the comments lol. Yeah this drama really is a miss so far and we’re near Ep 20.. not a good sign! WIAV was much better tbh though even then not that great. I doubt we’ll get much of a scene with JK becoming YJ maybe something similar to Miss M but once she “dies,” we’ll probably be transported back into the present immediately. Yup, also don’t really want to see SML with FL it just doesn’t add up like everyone has been saying. I also think asemblyman’s wife is my favorite haha. She was similar in Miss M but better here tbh.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, kboramint said:

    "Are you afraid that I threw her in the orphanage like your parents did?" - ML


    Okay, I'm starting to think there was foul play involving the FL's parents. This is why the Chairman is so nice to her. He knows what happened to her parets.   

    This is kind of a lazy rehash of the drama it just replaced if true haha but there’s good suggestions for this actually being the case..

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  10. Ok so Ep. 5 is at least making a little more sense now and I really hope the FL continues to not be a pushover for a change. NA employees all living in the same house is weird AF but I guess it was necessary since we don’t have that house this drama slot needs to use for the protagonist’s “poor” house lol. Also, it seems FL and SML are being pushed to be together (we got our first “romantic” scene with the motorcycle one) and we already saw FL meet the SML’s mom who works as the cleaning lady at the Elegant Empire. This along with Apple of my Eye are pushing the poor guy rich girl pair lol. Dailies copy each other when airing together as usual haha

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  11. Eh honestly not really impressed with the drama so far. Feels so out of place for this time slot similar to how Love Twist was but at least that one was funny. (Though that one also took time to get used to.) I know we are only on what like Episode 4 but that’s still 2+ hours to show but there’s just no proper plot and the whole thing feels like a slog. Compare this to Vengenace of the Bride and Woman in a Veil which had an exact plot to follow. Anyone else feel the same? I will just have it on the side playing like I normally do but might have to quit it if it keeps slogging. The storyline of two companies with actors just doesn’t really compel me.

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  12. @Ameera Ali It’s been a hot second since I really visited again but I really missed those hilarious gifs haha. You’re still going strong!

    I think we’re slowly seeing a redemption arc for JH haha. He started with apologizing to MR and then covering for his aunt and now it looks like he’s helping out YJ. Ahh it’s still gonna be a long month left for both side’s families accepting each other. We all know it’s gonna be a really annoying rollercoaster. Still enjoying the show! JD really did mature a lot too and is even trying to help her dad. Even after the reveal of JD not being KS’s biological daughter, I’m sure they’ll still be the same (though I can see JD having a moment of shock). 

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  13. 17 hours ago, maribella said:

    I got the ML mixed with the guy from the most boring show, teacher Oh Soon Nam. They look so similar. 

    Ok I think this show has potential now the character from Teacher OSN is not here.

    OMG :flushed: I haven’t heard that show mentioned in ages lol. It was bad for sure. Glad at least the FL got to do a better drama after with Everyone Say Kungdari. I don’t think the ML in that show ever got a new drama after haha. 

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  14. Hmm I don’t know if the drama was bad enough to warrant the writer to be fired. We also don’t know if the accusations are true either. Anyways, I didn’t think it was that bad of a drama and it was miles better than stuff like Gold Mask and Red Shoes. If you want to watch bad shows, those are it lol. This one I think was also better than Vengeance of the Bride too. I still think Love Twist was the funniest in this slot (and the most realistic of all of them haha) though Miss Montecristo and Graceful Revenge were good too.

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  15. At the very least, that explains why the Honorary Chairman was soooo nice to GU from the beginning. Oh well, I actually enjoyed this daily other than the fact that GU is a complete pushover (again! When will they make the lead actually smart or at least not completely dumb?). I agree the ending will involve one or both of the evils dying. My prediction is AR will probably die saving GU from YS and YS will go to jail. I don’t think JS will get Savant Syndrome it’s far too late for that but he will prob live happily with TY and his mom. We will probably get a very short wedding scene with uncle and auntie. Lawyer bro and YR will probably remain ambiguous. GU and TY will definitely get married and we will probably skip to them with a child with HN having grown a bit too. 

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  16. I’m at the point where I can identify at least half of all the cast from different dailies lol.

    So the FL is SY from Witch’s Game or as a very sub character from the Revolutionary Sisters as that doctor so she has done both good and evil roles haha guess she’ll do both here. Not really familiar with either MLs one hasn’t really appeared in any other one but the ML has been in a lot of others just none I am familiar with. SFL is Yoona from Love Twist haha she was a lunie there wonder how evil she’s supposed to be here. Some others I see are the ML plus SML’s mom from Miss Montecristo, YY’s best friend from Love in your Eyes, and a character I can’t remember from Bravo My Life.

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  17. Ugh I really hate SJ. She has been obnoxious the whole drama and I would’ve just chalked her up to being naive but there’s no excusing her trying to make things worse for MR on purpose at this point. She knew very well that it would make everything more worse if she kept blabbering and not only that but encouraging people to overreact almost as if she enjoys seeing people suffer.

    The chairman is also just typical of a rich CEO im just glad he’s realistic on that part haha. He is still prejudiced against adopted MR and he is always quick to yell at KS even though he knows KS is a great guy. He’s marginally better than SJ at the very least. JH is at least a good guy too he really cares for his younger sister and their mom is also good too.


    Ah looks like KS+MR is finally starting and it seems HS told his sister about it. Now we’re probably getting a new antagonist in HR who will be jealous too who will try to split them up lol. Also please don’t pair JH with YJ. Please. 

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  18. 12 hours ago, joccu said:

    I think the writer has lost ideas. But still this is not worst daily I have watched. Not even close. 

    Yeah those comments appear in literally every single daily drama like someone said lol. I still think Red Shoes and Gold Mask were much worse. This one’s at least so unrealistic and ridiculous that it’s fun to watch. Dailies at least in this time slot aren’t meant to be warm and cuddly. It’s meant for a way for ajummas to vent out their stress in this chaotic mess or to just watch mindlessly. It does its job imo lol.

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  19. Wait so many twists.. So AR is not the one who killed GU’s dad. I sense last-minute script changes lol. But more shocking is that the Nam family is evil after all like AR said so I have a feeling all three will go against the Nam family. Crazy crazy. AR is horrible but she didn’t kill GU’s dad. Still did let SR’s sister die but she isn’t nearly as evil as we thought. Nam family is the true villain here.

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  20. Haha gotta love the screaming lady. That’s what she deserves after trying to “save” the Honorary Chairman after purposely putting him in danger. Hope to see more of her screaming!


    Also gotta agree GW’s brother is really handsome! I love the concept of their family too. Not the cliche mean step-whatever but a new family built on actual love and trust. Hopefully the mom and aunt will also be reunited with GW soon too! I’m glad YJ figured it out. He’s smart enough to not ruin the revenge. Still funny how quick plans get foiled in the same episode. Hired people to look up SR’s friends only to have YJ figure out everything anyways lol.

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