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  1. Hello @rubie and thank you so much for your post. Glad to hear I am not the only one... I agree about what you wrote concerning korean productions. Indeed, because I was so impressed by the first two korean drama I saw, I then looked at another ones and movies too. And yes, tragic endings or even just tragic stories seem to be quite often used. So now, I developed a strategy(!): I look for viewers comments on web before watching. And I do not go for a non complete drama... I am now prepared if everything is messy in the end... This is my Mr Sunshine's lesson(!) One positive point: I discovered how good and enriching korean productions may be, mainly on poetic aspects for which I am really sensitive. From my occidental point of view/prism/bias, even if I do not buy those overused (in my opinion) tragic endings/stories, I am pretty sure there will be some room for me to enjoy another great korean productions. So good job and cheer our minds up soon!
  2. Dear all, I stumbled upon your thread because I was so shocked/disappointed/angry/sad (and so on…) by the series ending that I wondered if I was the only one among Mr Sunshine viewers/fans to feel that way… Obviously not and I have to say that it is kind of a relief… However, I still feel so upset with the ending that I decided to write a post here in order to share some thoughts (who said healing process?…). First, I have to say that I didn’t know much about Korean drama. Through Netflix, Korean drama like Mr Sunshine were proposed to me as suggestions. I first saw another Korean drama that I liked very much (A secret love affair, for information) and then consequently tried the « Mr Sunshine adventure ». I wasn’t hooked by the first episode, I lost the track too often. But I was so moved by the story of Eugene’s mother and AS’ parents that I decided to give a chance. Starting from the 2nd episode, I entirely fell for the story. The revenge of a man, the most humble one, even a slave, against a country and its nobility/ social injustice. Fate irony, his way back to motherland will rime with a love story with a noble woman. Ok I buy it. Because what we talk about here is beyond a usual love story, it speaks about the value of a man for his nation. Could a man be loved/protected enough by his own motherland to have a life and to accomplish himself as a true human being? If we see, as so many of ours, AS character as Joseon embracing its all nobility/social system, therefore it is a kind of redemption for this man to be loved by his motherland itself. Do we have to recall, that Eugene was named as the noble one? Yes, here is the node, when we begin to see nobility as a quality and not as a social status… This man became a noble man by his actions, by his choices, by a life made by himself. This man deserves to be loved, particularly by a woman of his rank, a noble one. And through all his actions for his nation, he won the right and he deserved to be loved by his own country. But… What we had in the end? Quite the contrary… In the two last episodes I saw a quite cold AS-EC relationship, lots of distance, very few physical contacts, never really married, not even a kiss (hello real life…) and no real protective feelings from AS towards EC. He so needs to be loved and to be protected. As a man, he was quite ignored by his woman. As a child of a nation, he now lied in the cemetery for foreigners. What's the « f-word »…???!!!!! I think that the series emphasised patriotism a lot in order to touch the hearts of the descendants of Joseon era. Patriotism needs continuity because it is a value one can share as the children of a same nation. So… Where is the AS-EC’s child?… I will not go back on all the previous and really clever arguments I saw on this thread. I concur for most of them (how a wise man like Eugene can go for his last/risky trip with only one bullet in his gun? For the last scene, why not to push the Japanese hostage in the other wagon against the soldiers and shoot the connection between wagons while staying with AS?….etc….) Until episode 23, I was all in and « pfff »… Everyone died and I have this feeling that time was missing so it was easier to kill everyone. Even the (so beloved) servants of AS in a sort of « suicide » mission (What's the « f-word »????!!!!! bis…) I saw at the beginning a huge promise for this series and I am now upset accordingly. I remember a comment of a director (maybe it was Spielberg(?)). He said he made a mistake at the beginning of his carrier because he killed his heroes at the end of one of his movies. He said he learnt something after seeing people reactions. People hate to see the heroes they have learnt to love dying in the end. So, he said there is at least only one rule to follow: never kill your beloved heroes. A series, or a movie, is not a documentary. If we want to see truth/reality, we look at tv news, heroes die everyday. We want to see hope, at least once. In my opinion, it is the true mission of entertainment. I now lost this craving need to see the same beloved scenes again and again. I know the end now so what is the point beside being painful. Ok I am done. I do not feel better but things are said. To finish, I just want to give all my congrats to the staff of this series for their really great job. I fell in love with this series for sure, for the story (except the end, obviously…), the characters, the photography (my goodness, what poetry!), the music, etc… All the actors/actresses were absolutely awesome. Particularly, I will follow KTR’s carrier for sure, hoping for some works in occidental movies. Thanks to everyone in this thread, for the cleverness of your opinions and your really respectful posts (not so often seen on forum websites nowadays). You absolutely rock here! It was just some thoughts, no judgments in any ways. I am deeply ok with all the other points of view presented in this thread. I am just trying to heal here, don’t shoot please! Goodbye to everyone, see you again… maybe!
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