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  1. I never watch it but oppa in this style is tempting , would he be kissing at least in drama , I’m disappointed he didn’t kiss his employee in 2020
  2. @partyon I love faith, watch it long time ago , I may join rewatching it +2
  3. I just missing playing scissors rock paper +2
  4. After spending years in court with @Lawyerh I learn one thing ( I think we need to sue @Lmangla she signed the contract and promised us the money bank members shop wasn’t in the contract ) I lost my sleep on the battle +2
  5. @triplem @mirmz it’s tragedy to lose club How fresh start look like
  6. @Lawyerh hey our lawyer would we need to sue event for our 10000 prize +2
  7. I wouldn’t say boring but drama got no oppa power @Lawyerh, @triplem the title is misleading, I was looking for all attractive oppa according to her she loved but I was disappointed two lead guy have more chemistry with each other than her she should call it To all the guys that i loved I ruined their chance with each other +2
  8. Oppa : distribution: why ask me I can’t read your mind yet our girl : oppa : let’s hurry goes to next week then
  9. she drunk because she meat her enemy & her husband love would she want her son to marry to better family now ,
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