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  1. @Sarang21 Join soompi new way to turn to a IMMORTAL it’s not good look begin a skeleton +2
  2. Kiss making - is more better than original - the way he hug the director he couldn’t believe he finally kissed her
  3. I don’t want to spoiler it for you but their relationship will be more weird/hilarious The only thing can describe their relationship is his famous line
  4. If you laugh now see what waiting in other episodes this drama in every turn is hilarious how you find vagabond +2
  5. @Lawyerh , @ktcjdrama sassy agent , get her chance to step on someone like her boss do to her mentally * thank for therapy session
  6. In episode 8 : How Netflix killed logic in the drama They send their special agent
  7. He always jealous I think she the one need to be jealous in screen : he got fiancé, future husband & three musketeers that have crush on him & off screen one big fangirl
  8. I find it funny & fascinating how his hair get more care & attention than lead girl hair really is hard to be beautiful 24 hour ... his abs may need some oil too & attention - Just saying
  9. No wonder team leader is uptight & has high standards in his agents they not specially gifted like him or able to fix a artery by phone
  10. welcome to add team sub team losing members just like oppa losing his hair while fighting *thanks god their was third person there to save his hair +2
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