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  1. Love when she play diva , her straggler is real - the way she felt disappointed he didn’t pick up fork from floor , make me think she was planning to eat with it after he pick it up - 5 stars restaurant should be 100% clean after all
  2. @gm4queen loved your answer , and everyone , for me I loved 2 scenes, they different in so many ways , every scenes have its own journey that make it meaningful & special in a way the other isn’t but if I have to choose, I will choose bed scene because : 1 - I don’t find bed scene disgusting or lust , I see it as next step of love story or journey of two couple that I watch growing on each other want to see where things may lead - but sadly in denial case he nearly was dipping in to a pool of happiness when everything was cut short with knocking on the door , the person who knocked on door should be in most wanted list 2 - maybe it’s only me but I find bed scene say more in romance department , it’s way more intimate between two lead , I love that the actors have nowhere to hide but to show the chemistry between them , I believe they have from the start I wouldn’t want to make myself long and bored you girls so the bed scene of me , it’s the pleasures & joys of being young and in love always so let’s hope to see him in more bed scene in future Waves to sweet , @nohamahamoud2002 thanks for tagging me if I come cross weird with my post , I also like unspoken attraction, specially staring at each other from 2 mile away , like my lovely @Lawyerh
  3. change it to 0.9 - love how 2019 robot look @ktcjdrama & @triplem that classic I can’t find My absolute boyfriend thread , what wrong with my research -2
  4. :no_mouth:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      What I done to get this :no_mouth:

      come on give me a big smile :grin: make me happy , just watch my absolute boyfriend 1& 2 episodes :joy: 


    2. Sejabin


      I just want to give you this :no_mouth:

    3. Ameera Ali
  5. @triplem , @sushilicious , @Lawyerh , @ktcjdrama @Sejabin @cenching - with KJW & KNG hair style to give good expression @triplem Oh yeah , I will watch it today , me taking break from lion nonsenses I have time to explore what the god of abs gives us today -2
  6. @sushilicious & @ktcjdrama finish first episode from voice 3 & I like it , but I wouldn’t sleep for a while for sure @triplem he always on her personal space maybe will kiss her accidentally first - but why his smile growing on me , his smile so contagious but what hat will be cute to his problem real first kiss - like sleeping beauty @Lawyerh so adorable this cat -2
  7. @ktcjdrama surprisingly I didn’t watch latest episode too I think i become like @Lawyerh & @triplem I lost interest after their ship sailed - or maybe all these long post about how awsoooome his lips is I am more interested , how these two would kiss , when he can’t see her face @Sejabin loved the shoes @nohamahamoud2002 how NJ & the drama I didn’t watch for 2 episodes, is everything back to normal @sushilicious wish me luck , I will watch voice 3 today , while the sun out -2
  8. @Sejabin & @Lawyerh & @lu09 & everyone who low on charge Lion way on recharging DM way @Sejabin
  9. @Lawyerh , @sushilicious for moment I thought I am posting in fiery priest thread - Kim nam & KJW In sama page is illegal in my book -2
  10. @Sejabin & @lu09 loved seeing DM beaming with happiness But who wouldn’t be happy when you have boyfriend like lion who is amazing & can except any word that come from her mouth
  11. after HPL episode today , I believe these leg improve my welfare too @Sejabin .. because he cute
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