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  1. @Sarang21 God bless the water @Sejabin your oppa @triplem
  2. Maybe they wouldn’t need it -2
  3. they done a lot of rolling then But you know @cenching , @Lawyerh & @triplem & @annie1234 & @Sejabin if it was for me they would end like this or better position * watching a lot of lion scene affects me
  4. He married for so long ( 2004 ) he probably add spicy to his marriage through acting but the other one is a new wed 2017 isn’t allowed yet -2
  5. I hate him , he married he wouldn’t set a fire on the drama , or behind scene - we wouldn’t be able to see wet kisses but dry kiss -2
  6. @Lawyerh & @cenching & @sushilicious maybe team I hate him kissing ( @ktcjdrama & @Sejabin need the help ) .. affective treatment for them but team I love him to do more of 50 shade of grey only need to join again our favourite Monastery ( thanks to @Super Gal99 research ) -2
  7. Forgive them , There mind lost with lion , every time they see his gorgeous face they quoted the picture not thinking of you @cenching & @Lawyerh why no one answering my insightful question at lion thread , I am doing science research -2
  8. # 52 hire 20 men to fight one man , when you got gun that can do the job @Lmangla this is most annoying thing ever but it’s half dog as well it always catch hiding person & bit
  9. @Lawyerh I only read post first three day , the rest of week they usually repeating themselves so it didn’t bother me they turn it to shipping thread but bother me quoting pictures on the thread the people who fixed it probably would happy the drama would end next week -2
  10. @cenching @Lawyerh @lu09 @Sejabin & @Kasmic & @2handsintertwined , @annie1234 I was wondering why our lion end in the right side of bed last week episode looking back at his previous attempt in bed he always end in the left side of bed Was it a mystery faith planned by DM
  11. @cenching & @Lawyerh don’t worry girls , I am in my own world , the angel would save me , the problem is when I get angelrhea I wouldn’t find someone to save except the devil - that scary thought -2
  12. @Lawyerh 47# Non stop reminder of dazzling sun - I didn’t know there was a sun before kdrama
  13. I know I need to go to the thread & stop lurking, when I posted three post in her private life about rabbit @triplem absolute boyfriend is so hilarious but the point the guy I am shipping the girl with is a robot make me annoyed can’t they make it easy & fluffy make him alien , I heard aliens can turn to a human So we wouldn’t hear I hate him in this drama but isn’t he the perfect security blanket kind of guy - he make her save & warm - sad he young & didn’t experience the world more @cenching why not tag me & ask me about kiss - yes I eat & sleep in lion thread but still is a new day , I may have new thought about the kiss -2
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