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  1. @staygold thanks , they probably buy one get second free How come KJW face change 100% when he laughing , than when he gives these sexy smile - meltdown heart -2
  2. Love that he was friendly , close with Kim how was SS our tiger fighter welcome @Wonkee @triplem I hope second season bring romance for Bobby & hip hop girl , see this picture, they meant for each other
  3. @Lawyerh TvN need sheet sponsors , where I see this similar sheet before - it’s bother me thinking about it @sushilicious what this company , I can’t see the name -2
  4. @Lawyerh the friend when she said did someone leaking our question, I was in the floor laughing -2
  5. @rinkyu lucky you , I am jealous , you had chance to see Mr Hwang @ktcjdrama see my crush in the Video , waving hand to fan , he need fans to take him home
  6. @lu09 thanks for recap , I couldn’t watch today , I am outside , I am using my phone internet to check what happen
  7. @Lawyerh I know , I love to talk about him , @sushilicious he hurt , ask you why you not liking him , he ready to do test about Kim if that help -2
  8. For @sushilicious What he telling us Warning don’t try at home You will rip your pants pain on knees go join the lion , he young and sexy @Lawyerh is that hard sell -2
  9. @cenching I like @ktcjdrama didn’t warm to it until episode 5 , if you want true , there isn’t good plot , but I watching because made my own plot , what it feel to be dating our lion Roar Roar @sushilicious my crush , nearly blind me with his fabulous body @ktcjdrama watch it now , Behind scene our lion is adorable again @triplem the kiss was so bad , when they show it in behind scene, I want to cry literally the kiss only make little contact -2
  10. coffee and chocolate donut for you :wub: and 4 donuts for me :blush:





    for you :blush:

    1. Sejabin


      I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :kiss_wink: as I love you :wub: :heart:



  12. .. our lion going nuts remembering his drunk night .. don’t worry nothing happen you didn’t do before
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