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  1. That give me creep , worried about my DoRi for second , I don’t care about the other .. I miss that child , need more scenes about him @newyee the rate story going , if we ask NJ remember you love SH , his reply would be like what love , so his love / hate around everyone is like a dice , one time we get this , other time we got the other @lu09 it would have been fun, if SH sister fall for NJ - these writer don’t like my crazy in love story line
  2. @sushilicious @triplem if I do Hwang egg , would take me next year to finish it kang & scary face for my cat
  3. @ktcjdrama & @katakwasabi & @triplem anyone see our pet choco * he may over help finishing bread
  4. That records the kim find you -2
  5. @triplem @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @mrsj3n@katakwasabi @LyraYoo ..we all need to buy this bread , it help hearing , now vision
  6. so happy , for the come back , I feel like dancing like SS @sushilicious love the video , need one for my crush # he can do everything better - @triplem hair style is better on my guy than Kim
  7. Det Gun ... don’t let me go there broke ur nose again @triplem thanks , these pictures relax me for child kiss one
  8. Then wait let me clip my hair currying the sword not easy ... let her learn from the best , No more tomboy for her .. @Lawyerh , @triplem clips on his hair
  9. They should tell us their T Shirts group , I wouldn’t mind spend £ 2 on cheap one * for everyone one
  10. Never understand NJ having all this money & gold yesterday ,he go and buy more share , isn’t better if he use it to build his own company * circle of madness, buying, destroying
  11. Trouble technology , why stand there let him go to his favorite spot or the top of fridge I hope not, or get ready we gonna start our revenge team
  12. Mr Hwang Mrs Hwang @triplem , @ktcjdrama & @Lawyerh he think about me with this picture
  13. @sushilicious & @Lawyerh & @triplem @ktcjdrama what detective Gu & fiery priest got on common this week -2 @Sejabin love it still not buying romance , but he eye candy
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