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  1. blind 7 # someone who proud to been watched all Lee min hoo getting kicked dramas
  2. @partyon Wait let’s me wake up blind 2
  3. The Bad thing comes in threes RaRa get kidnapped, Jun’s mom found him , now this who are you girl found him to cause pain to RaRa & us ** keep running can’t let anyone find us .. ** finally found u
  4. When the people don’t know how powerful eating meal with him & tasting his warm delicious food everyone After 3 meal with him ** I’m bewitched by you
  5. @partyon He gained a wife not a roommate ** demanding changes ** asking for quality times ** I bet you can’t let me go now
  6. That why Lead man in daily kdrama , can’t be a master mind revenge machine . 1- it’s not that they lack the intelligent to DO IT RIGHT . 2- or terrified of dead bodies they will leave behind . 3 - or their excessive amount of empathy . But simply because revenge requires skills of mastering lying every second and to continue lying to someone for so long is against LEAD MAN HONOR , not to mention the mark of a successful master mind revenge person is that he is SOMEONE THAT YOU WOULD NEVER SUSPECT AND TP IS THE LEAD MAN WITH MOUTH THAT CANNOT STOP MAKING MISTAKES
  7. @inaho101 were you , I can’t keep my eye close , I’m more like Mr Kim only man who isn’t invested on this business
  8. if he can’t follow a lead or investigate, is it too much to ask from a intelligent person to hide his incriminating thing away
  9. Can you play happy married couple RaRa : did you know what happy mean in marriage , mine was over before it’s started Mr divorcee : go through it like a movie... ** trainwreck ** titanic **Closer team behind genius idea :
  10. you may need to rethink this , what if they spelled their name wrong
  11. @UnniSarah poor YJ stuck between second lead who delusional with sexy abs & lead man who don’t know or respect
  12. vlog service every happy bride need ** it’s all right to get divorce
  13. @nohamahamoud2002 seriously we can’t defend TP he is in the wrong , he played with someone feeling . ** How dare he promises him the sun and the moon and doesn’t deliver
  14. Tomorrow episode YR was relaying to be discovered after marriage , but how they still didn’t discovered her real family yet . YR must manage to fake good document
  15. when I am not looking at her socks, all I see JY : She turning mean by episode , god forgive her , I’m praying for her
  16. When someone hug me from the back , start crying like Crazy person Lead man : ** god grace , I’m not mad of money
  17. YR: I’m Begging you , begging you MIL SJ’s mom : how dare you make fool out of me ** writer giving us something to celebrate
  18. you welcome you will think , they way she so happy to find him { they planned flying to the sunset together ** they need reality check this is so early for happy after ever
  19. @UnniSarah & @maribella @nohamahamoud2002 @ktcjdrama@Lmangla @Jillia 100% he get blackmailed by her , come right now or I will die from Hypothermia
  20. can we say goodbye to the revenge, YR’s family got golden goose *MinWo , that will get them anything now ** u spent money to do this
  21. SJ’s mom taking her dumbness to the next level YR let me handle everything , pregnancy mean happy married life SJ’s mom genus plan : ** book for his check up while at it take his sperm - like she shopping in a free sperm market Me : Is she mistaken normal check up with donating sperm to the sperm bank
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