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  1. @joccu , @LeftCoastOppa , @Lmangla Is the writer got grudge against this annoying lead , the drama turning to 10 extreme way to kill her +2
  2. that how painful the dress is @sadthe1st , @joccu she bites her skulls any news about missing threads +2
  3. @joccu @maribella @LeftCoastOppa , @chococarmela @twinkle_little_star@Lmangla - What happen when you repeat the same hideous design Hey should you blind us again with this hideous sun flower dress I need to teach you lesson, so you wouldn’t repeat the mistake Now you look fabulous thank to me +2
  4. @sadthe1st @joccu , @Thong Thin@twinkle_little_star croissants Break ** back to finish my work
  5. @partyon Tom and Jerry. Jun-Wan and Jae-Hak. I forget these two +2
  6. Lesson number 1 - high kick couple ( love from the first kick ) +2
  7. winter garden flower garden aloha couple Tom and Jerry High kick couple Mama boy with that other doctor can’t remember their couple name
  8. @kokodus , @partyon another rewatch , shouldn’t you keep your energy to real thing How flower garden and winter garden communicated in s1 +2
  9. he so fake can’t wait for next episode +2
  10. mr creepy ex getting more ridiculous now he admitting he want her to his brother in law +2
  11. She had no self respect , I wouldn’t play with child of the man who betrayed me with my supposed best friend, didn’t her mom fake put spy on her why didn’t she get memo on this ridiculous revenge activity @joccu
  12. miss M thread is gone @Lmangla @joccu The sister lose it on her +2
  13. even him parking his taxi car is dangerous +2
  14. what not to understand, he is psycho who take law in his hand in the name of love #In the name of loveWhat more in the name of love +2
  15. They make want to share my thoughts too She like : not me I send last session to your true love +2
  16. they need to be handsome when 80% of them are psychopath lol in dramas +2
  17. @sadthe1st lady Kim lacking Adam apply too - the hair was his less problem +2
  18. the same thing that happen to Lee Dong-wook 2019 +2
  19. season didn’t started , I feel like want flower garden to stop their nonsense me every time I read their explanation Stratford scene +2
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