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  1. 39 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

    kekeke.... okay then


    misaeng, mr ajusshi, mr queen, sell your haunted house, prison's playbook, mother, nobody's child, I can hear your voice, DOTS, goblin.... hospital playlist.... 









    crash lading on you isn’t on the list 



    @larus @Min2206 , @elan1 It was tasty , more sweet for my liking but I enjoy it nevertheless :)



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    6 hours ago, joccu said:



    @partyon not selling and not taking any  shares of  lee minho. not my type. :love: 

    but If you want I can give you both 2% prosent. 



    @joccu are you throwing queen title , LMH is royal , just take the title you may not see him he will busy with his other 99 wife’s

    You after my share of LMH :sweat_smile:

    beyonce queen GIF


    @partyon now I need to return all my money back to their secret hiding , we got 2% for free 


    Happy Home Video GIF


    Good morning sunshine Valentines Day Love GIF




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