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  1. Smart car , Smart phone , Smart TV, WHEN WILL THEY MAKE SMART DAILY K DRAMA :hwaiting2:

  2. I feel stress and down this week :tears::tears: 

    already it’s Tuesday 

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    2. Abs_ triggered

      Abs_ triggered

      thanks @Sejabin yes I am so great full and thankful :wub: 

  3. BTS : V , Jimin , RM , Jung Kook  —ARE WHAT ON MY MIND :bashful:

  4. happiness is .. talking about kdrama with friends :wub:

    # someone who celebrating 2 years in soompi forum :D


  5. @Sejabin  5eb0b73ca1533225589617.gif?download



    1. Abs_ triggered

      Abs_ triggered

      .. miss you , you didn’t long on for 20 hours :wub:

  6. @Sejabin Lee Min-ho so beautiful today :wub:

  7. when some Kdrama leave you 
    Me <_<:mellow::o

    #little ranting 

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    2. Guest


      Ya thank God. . I can’t take it anymore . 6months of my weekend recapping . No joke . What the heck possessed me :lol:

    3. Abs_ triggered

      Abs_ triggered

      You have been possessed by him :joy:



    4. Guest


      IKR . That’s why I feel so sad today :joy:. He’s likely gonna take a break after filming non stop since 100 days my prince . Cries 







    .. that remind me of CEO in TYH :joy::mrgreen:

    1. Guest


      I miss the CEO , he was such a character.  He could really hustle . 

  9. Sad .. sad..  sad :bawling:

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    2. Abs_ triggered

      Abs_ triggered


      @avondale16 it’s my baby cat , missing for 48 hours now , I’m worried about it , he usually lazy cat don’t go far from home , could a car hit him all this bad thought that come and goes make me sad :dissapointed_relieved: 


      @Lawyerh thanks dear , I will try 

    3. Abs_ triggered

      Abs_ triggered

      @Lawyerh You said u feeling tired , I hope u not getting a cold dear , take care of yourself  xxx&hugs:wub: 

    4. Guest


      Hope you find your cat soon ! 

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