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  1. I may watch this , 3 guy on the drama all have dooming services to offer +2
  2. One word: Alica @partyon why I give up that 6% I feel I will regret it soon lol +2
  3. he got nice body I admit @Min2206 upgrade well for second time , can’t say I am bias with him , I can’t see volcano while watching his dramas +2
  4. I support her choice in oppa in dump butt not sure with this new adoption +2
  5. @Thong Thin lucky for you I am checking all my oppa list the see if they keeping hitting the gym - I need their assets to be 100% amazing or they will be replaced @partyon Which oppa @Min2206 adopted while I Was gone , that big news is he sexy or without abs +2
  6. I can’t remember see him hit the gym @partyon but see him eat non stop Are we want to be kicked by @Thong Thin @Min2206
  7. these abs is ageing like good wine my twin - who need cute face @sadthe1st when he turning to a sexy wine +2
  8. he is Kim Kyung-nam guy was the king drama too how can you not. Remember him But seriously I know believe you & @Min2206 only focus on LMH when watching his dramas lol +2
  9. Good idea winner will get chicken , your favourite kdrama they slap with any thing what next in 2022 +2
  10. I will tell you if you tell me Who is he +2
  11. @partyon @Sleepy Owl @elan1 @joccu @sadthe1st if this behaviour of narcissistic its fair to say only oppa I got that not narcissistic is LMH wink @Min2206 # I support narcissistic
  12. Our new fish jung yong-hwa poor guy was looking for Cinderella in 5 years now found Cinderella and 2 ugly sister lol @partyon would kill me +2
  13. What exactly different, his face because me and my twin @partyon think his asset is perfectly the same lol if their wrong with his cute face that may concern @4evrkdrama that her share hey @Thong Thin , @Min2206 , @joccu@twinkle_little_star @larus +2
  14. she is the gift that keep giving round one : which win space suit theme or The goose with golden egg them lol vote @joccu @partyon +2
  15. how we shared him poor thing see yaa I am still holding my barf bag June isn’t far +2
  16. just don’t mistake him with @partyon freezing oppa +2
  17. @Sleepy Owl hi , is all right we all been busy , take care all, chat with You all tomorrow @partyon just squeeze that juicy RickRoll'D for me +2
  18. @sadthe1st got 100% drugs free for. Losing on the share +2 Isn’t it SR secret collection, she should be proud he mentor wearing it +2
  19. What we expected even SA can blackmail him he lost soul , I just love him because he only one can insult ex boyfriend make me feel better because that jerk ex boyfriend just believe he is a victim lol *2
  20. wow , you grow up , I was excepting your favourite share 0.1 % off his abs what you think @partyon let’s finish deal before @sadthe1st ask for share too +2
  21. first it’s was so charming, now is crazy can’t believe the way he run when she kissed him , like little girl - I need to make gift of that scene +2
  22. seriously can you blame me , without abs what we left with just screaming match , slapping , crying babies , I am scared to just like jang Nara to adopt their habits of screaming for smoking hot abs lol +2
  23. that what I am asking myself in daily dramas Miss Monte-Cristo ( why their isn’t abs yet , I don’t care of let me cries a river / miss revenge nonsense babysitting routine @partyon he is our. 50. 50 no one can come near him winks @4evrkdrama
  24. we need to do that before he Turn to a psychic - that not something to be proud off
  25. @partyon I miss you my twin , my other half iin crime You can read me like a book I just finish fishing for abs oops mean fish for iftar - I am Sinner was he in my list , he look yummy for not to be in my long list +2
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