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  1. Oh yeah she did get into a couple of scandals, even one being as recent as 3 months ago. If I'm being honest, I don't really like her personality (or what I've heard of her) but I try to not let it get in the way of her character. Her performance isn't that bad, I do think that it's mostly because of the poor writing. Like it would have been better if she saw HSG change in front of her own eyes or maybe the show should have been longer so that she gains more evidence to make such an unlikely conclusion. The pace of the show has been bothering me too, should have had at least 5 more episodes :/
  2. Looking at the K-nets comments on the last episode, they seem to mostly talk about Chae Yu Ri ruining the flow of the showand being unrealistic. I'm curious what everyone thinks of her so far because I am a bit confused about her motives too. At first I thought she just jealous of Segye and was very narcissistic. But the last episode just made her look like a complete sadist. Who knows, maybe the writers intended that for her?
  3. Just curious of how y'all think this drama would end? I believe that HSG will have her condition cured somehow because it would be quite hard for her relationship with DJ since she can't have children unless they're really fine with adopting children. Also I think her condition would definitely be exposed to the public eventually which sets up a major complication but it does relieve her troubling ties with her family and friends. But then again, there is the issue with scientists experimenting on her :/ Also it seems that the director would take on HSG for at least a small role in his movie but am I the only one who feels that it would be better if HSG doesn't take the role? He is honestly being very unrealistic when he says that he hates that she changed. Like of course she's going to change somehow after 10 years of fame! I know she sees him as a father figure but if he is, he's a very disappointing one :/
  4. Hi could someone please pm me a streaming link too? For some reason mine is 'not on air'
  5. All I'm gathering is that DJ initially saw SG as a business partner and she was ruining his business by allowing herself to receive bad attention. DJ didn't want the rumours about a relationship to ruin his business thus threatening her. But in the end of the episode he seems to have a change of heart and act on his feelings for her, risking the business. Idk it'll likely be explained more in the next episode.
  6. I believe it's at least episode 4 cuz the preview didn't show the scene. Basically tonight's ep would have SDJ take HSG to somewhere like a kitchen and HSG is saves a woman from apparently taking her own life. Also idk I guess HSG was on his bed just for the hilarious setup
  7. Wait correct me if you didn't mean this but the two films are different. The Hollywood film, "Everyday" was not the original but only believed to inspire the miniseries, "The Beauty Inside" which was crowd-funded and which the korean film is a remake of. Also Andrew Garfield wasn't in "Everyday" but Jacob Batalon who was in Spiderman Homecoming is in the movie
  8. In the movie, the protagonist is actually male and it's more tragic than the show because he changes bodies everyday ever since he was a teen so he never changes back into his 'true self' and can't go to school etc. If the show does go that route, I have a feeling she'll probably change back to her normal self in the end somehow because it would be too tragic for the viewers.
  9. This is just speculation but what if HSG's condition will gradually become worse to the point where she changes bodies everyday, like in the movie, and can't return to her original self? I believe it's been hinted when her friend pointed out that she doesn't change the same time each month anymore. Also this was in the end of episode 2 where they had a character introduction/trailer thing, so I don't know if this would be considered spoilers but, let's just say that Kim Min-seok's role is confirmed to be one of HSG's transformations, and introduced in the funniest way possible XD
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