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  1. OK, maybe I'm getting wrong but as I said before in this forum, if SJH really want getting married, she will resign from MyCompany because maybe it will be have an effect for MyCompany themself (She will hiatus automaticly after she is pregnant). And it will be easier for SJH if she is free agency like KJK. Regardless of that, it means ...... From that moment, SJH IG will handle by SJH herself yuhuuuu it's good for us ......
  2. RM Eps 470 - Opening : 1. Only SA who is wearing hand socks as usual & as usual also KJK white color & SJH black color. 2. YJS said : After fan meeting, we all have eating together in the restaurant but SJH, YSC, & HH couldn't come because of work. JSJ said : It was classy restaurant. IMO --> I think YJS talking about the another dinner, because we all know right after they all finished fan meeting in SK, they together go to the restaurant & we all know HH is attend. 3. 00:04:25 : KJK & YSC whispering toward each other talking about JSJ who is said Ji Hyo took everything (refer to SJH is crying at that time) when FM in SK. IMO --> This is just jokes, I mean, SJH truly crying at that time, not scripted ofc. - Games 1 : 1. 00:20:03 : Walking side by side for a while. It's nothing, just want to share this to you guys. 2. I like it when JSJ choose JSM to be became his partner for make a peanut jam, so we can look SA moment, because after JSJ & JSM leaving the fields (throw the peanut from soil), KJK always standing near SJH. 3. I lobe SJH & YSC interaction, it always reminded me to SJH & LKS interaction. The real sibling, the true sibling. - Games 2 : 1. SA standing side by side. 2. 00:45:33 SA mirroring each others. 3. Going to the zoo. Choose partner --> JSJ & SJH. KJK & LKS. 4. When KJK asked : What's is that ? (What animals is that?) SJH : It's an Amazonian fish. Arowana. KJK : Arowana. IMO --> Indeed ! SJH really love zoo & animals. I love SA interaction like that. 5. 00:47:01 : SA come late together 6. 00:47:12 : SJH enjoying herself looking the animal. (so cute) 7. 00:47:19 - 00:47:22 : SJH excited to looking animal with KJK, bith of them have their own world. YJS & JSJ looking at them with smile in the end. 8. 00:48:19 : Only SA who is brave to touch snake. 9. When LKS turns the games with snake, SA side by side & help LKS. 10. 00:53:19 : SJH just finished whispering to KJK. - Games 3 : 1. 00:55:35 SA mirroring each pther (SA point crocodile). 2. Again, SJH really enjoying for looking the crocodile. 3. 00:55:51 : SJH talking with LKS, HH, & KJK. 4. SJH using her phone for taking a picture (not for mission because YJS & JSM got a mission in this game). 5. 00:58:30 : SA side by side looking the crocodile. - Games 4 : 1. 01:02:43 - 01:02:45 : SA have interaction. IMO --> KJK seems "nagging" to SJH because her sling bag make her breast look tighter & then SJH fixing it. 2. 01:39:59 : SA standing side by side for looking kangaroo & seems have a distant than others.01: 3. 01:07:46 : LOL. I caught KJK drink Calobye. 4. 01:08:27 - 01:08:29 : KJK hold SJh's hand while SJh talking with SJH. 5. 01:10:24 : SA side by side for fishing time. Add info : - JSJ had been finished his work in Radio Show a few days ago. - KJK have a solo concert (again) in the end of this year & in January next year 2020. - 01:21:31 : for next week, SA have a mirroring each other plus sitting side by side.
  3. When SJH excited and invite KJK to seeing animals together
  4. 3 Days in a row, KJK have event. 26, 27, 28 Sept 2019.
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