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  1. I judt noticed the design on CSH shoes there. I love it. I thought it was all black. Now I know
  2. I think they watched the Met Gala.... or not. Haha did you see any post that theyre coming back to Korea? I hope they will at least give us that. Those selfies were loads
  3. Hope Japan can invite both leads. Im so excited to see them in one frame again
  4. Hello there and welcome to Kyo’s thread! I know right! You’ll love her more when you know all the struggles she’s been through. Keep digging! Not that I know of. And yes, this account is still active.
  5. Because she’s Song Hye Kyo j/k maybe it is lifted but I’m not getting anymore info about the movie, either so.... I hope and I pray she’ll be doing another drama. Chingu? Can you join the camp and ask Kim eun sook to make SHK as the lead lady on her next drama? This is KES Twitter account https://mobile.twitter.com/dramaonly?lang=en
  6. Sent you a message @ahdrianaa Thank you for that information @Craniata Does this mean we have another korean speaking Kyo fan here? And yes. That makes sense. And I love how UAA values their actors/actress’s freedom and time for theme-selves. They dont work them up tirelessly like other agencies do.
  7. I know. I am even getting too spoiled with her new updates that it feels too lonely without her in a week. I hope hyebaragi_kr knows about this. Im gonna try to tap her
  8. For sure. And im almost sure of one actress’s fans already starting a campaign about it. I’ll ask her. Although im pretty sure she’s reading this already haha
  9. Omo! Haha good find!! my gosh i feel like a nursery trying to read her posts in hangul. I tweeted her please do too
  10. Yes. We’re doing the best we can to broadcast this. Omg my minkyo heart. I cant even! I will pray for this to happen! Let our MinKyo hearts be heard eunnie !!!! Ctto
  11. I know me and some of my friends are swooning with the HD pics that are being posted here. i love how sharp his features are and i love the long hair more. thanks! Wish there’ll be fan pictures of them filming soon.
  12. Bogum looks stunning with his serious look. As always, i love it when he doesnt smile he is so hot. Btw, any of you know when they’ll start filming his movie?
  13. So she deleted those pictures. Probably because people are making a big deal out of it. They just dont get it ALL THE TIME. Lol
  14. I think that show is talking about a phone having 2 phone numbers saved in it. And one is fake. Please correct if Im wrong. When they called Kyo’s number, it wasnt Kyo who answered thats why they reacted that way. (It didnt sound like kyo’s voice). But when they called PBG’s number, i think it was PBG who answered thats why he went on explaining that he’s from this show. Again, pls correct me if im wrong @ahdrianaa
  15. Sulwhasoo US is really something lol How can they even treat her as a “regular” customer when Kyo’s face is plastered on the table as a model? Or maybe Sulwhasoo US has something in store for us since Kyo dropped by their store. If no then, Kyo is literally dangling the bone for them.
  16. SHK in hanbok one more time looks good. And OMG. We need WonBin and SHK. They need a second chance! Lets rally this people!
  17. *shreeeeks* omo. PD-nim is a real fan of JinSoo im missing this drama more and more. I have stopped watching it for the Nth time so that I can watch it again with fresh eyes next time. Wishing so bad to see these two in one frame again
  18. Thanks @autumnight! Yep I always hover on this thread. I dont post much though haha thanks for sharing that @gumtaek!
  19. No wonder. The coat is said to be “common” in Korea, ate.
  20. I know right. She didnt dress for the occasion at all. Maybe its a part of a disguise? She might have scraped herself somewhere. And that coat is very familiar
  21. Thank you for remembering @autumnight We felt some tremors but people on the north got hit bad. Bogum’s FM is a blessing in disguise. Im not available on apr 27 but I am available on June 22!
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