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  1. The flower’s name is Chinese Fringetree. Sure go ahead This is also one part of his interview: “He secretly revealed that the sewing part in his debut is just an acting only. And that pair of hands don’t belongs to his, that’s why he has to speak softly and secretly on stage. He totally has no knowledge in sewing.”
  2. Just want to share this... Fan said he has eaten in Kobe yesterday. Also has given his fans some bonsai and have them repot. He has chosen the pot personally. He feels awkward while doing his debut, eventually he feels amazing and blessed. He was asked what kinda of flowers he likes... This is the type he mentioned. It symbolised Everlasting Love. He told the fans they might be able to spot it along the street but MC commented that only a person like Bogum with beautiful heart will be able to see it instead. So he recommended while you taking shower, driving or jogging, pls play his Bloomin. Credit: weibo and my dear friend who translated it
  3. Ikr hahaha hoping for a good news soon. it’s been too silent lately
  4. Thanks! thanks for posting where that beach was. I’m starting to lurk on the his next drama thread
  5. Hmmm I’m going to try and suggest a different pic. That one is pixelated •••••••••••••••••••••• So... apparently my network has been blocked by wiki since April 2018 for abuse and wont be lifted until Apr 2020... I cant suggest an edit huhu
  6. Hello, just dropping by to say Hi after just lurking PS. Please dont judge me for my display pic. I’m a LMH fan too. I’m a fan of them whether or not they pair. PPS. Also obsessing over his legs lol
  7. I wonder why they had to make that policy. I cant imagine a beauty brand not having a model to represent their work. Must be hard work for Kyo to have the responsibility to carry the entire brand all to herself.
  8. True @Craniata. Kyoung’s style is so out of this place. I dont want to hate her, she’s Kyo’s friend. But come on. It’s almost like she’s doing it on purpose. Somebody should tell her.
  9. I am beyond disappointed with her outfit today. This is probably the most hideous outfit she have worn for a Sulwhasoo event. Come on. Who dress up like that!
  10. So... That means this was taped. More time for make ups and dress rehearsals. And blue green outfit? What is going on.
  11. I dont even know what that is. Everyone, dont repost these pictures please. I’m staying clear out of my ig feeds for a week.
  12. I cant take it! I dont wanna see it. The outfit is so off in so many levels. This is in Seoul of all places. if this is the good news that theyre talking about I’m going to PM kyoung. Right now!
  13. Who in heavens name styled her?? who did the make up?? she looked like she got out of bed and realised there was an event that she had to rush to! This is probably the worst!
  14. LOL Whoever wrote that is probably not a soompier. Everyone knows not to drag down other actresses/actors names in public. Look what happened to the last one who made the same mistake here in Soompi. The bomb is blowing on their faces.
  15. How can a non korean fan navigate her way through hk fan cafe? You need to have full house access to read any of those links. I tried to register but it needs a mobile network thats only in Korea.lol
  16. Dear Kyo, If you’ve been offered the KES script, please accept it Thank you!
  17. Kyo’s height is always an advantage to her as an actress. creates better chemistry by making the guy look so much taller.
  18. Yep. I think these are stollen stills from takes that didnt make the cut. Missing them so
  19. Dont know if this was shared yet. Lovely fan art Miss our JinSoo so much Encounter will start airing in Vietnam on May 13 HTV 2 Channel. ctto
  20. Yup. And for security reasons too. I understand why UAA had to do that. They’re strict when it comes to the security of their actors/actress.
  21. Ooops... Thats a pity No underground business with the UAA people. They should have followed the agreement. Tsk2x
  22. Whoa. Time flies fast! Oh I miss those days @Cheryl295 at first i thought it was but then the pattern connects both shoes so its indeed a design.
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