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  1. Thank you for the timeline. And yes, for every negative things JK did, facts get distorted the day after for SHK. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Song Hye Kyo can be a role model of modern women. People say just about anything about her but it was never her style to comment about it. What she does is the sensible way : to file lawsuits. The rabids are wild fire. Wild as in no logic or reason. Allow me to post this in my sns, chingu. Thank you!
  2. I hope they will actually disclose who is behind all of this. the paid trending posts and kyo fan comments magically diappeared overnight. Poor kyo fans all had to was screencap as evidence that they actually posted. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @ahdrianaa Are they daft? Of course Kyo will start in Korea because, SIMPLE, SHE'S KOREAN! I wonder why I even bother watching kdramas anymore. 1 out of 8 are binge worthy, honestly. Can anyone get so $tupid.
  3. LET THE PARTY BEGIN I woke up to read this news and I couldn't be more happy. The day I am waiting for has finally arrived. Thats how you do it! You file legal action and not pay someone underground to do that dirt for you! I will spread this news all over. In addition, I know a few accounts who are slandering Song Hye Kyo without remorse but are doing it in tagalog. Better report it: @ahdrianaa @thepixies
  4. I just reported one very rabid hater in Twitter and that account got terminated. Thanks to everyone else in twitter who did the same thing. Reading all those comments against Kyo, makes me wonder so much. Where is reason and logic people?! Good thing Kyo fans are like armies. For every 1 negative comment, there are like 50x positive ones.
  5. @pegasus1003 @sunflower91_ i love what you posted here. Allow me to add this in my ig and twitter accounts
  6. I cant even begin to explain how most of their mentality is working backwards. They cant catch up with the advancement of their technology. Way to go Jenie! Thank you for never leaving Kyo’s side.
  7. Thank you for the translation @ahdrianaa! Let’s make this clear, SHK “suggested” a divorce, the other party refused — although that reporter didnt say it (probably to save someone) — but then went ahead and actually filed for it, announced it to the entire world, while Kyo is out of the country. I have a gazillion words to describe him. I know you guys do too. Pls record his YT video because he might decide to delete it later.
  8. @ahdrianaa Read a rough translation about that YT vid. I am amazed how classy and patient Kyo handled the entire backlash. Seriously. She has the power to do alot of things but she didnt. She wanted to handle things silently but here goes the other party publicly shaming and manipulating the public to go against her. I wanna give everyone here in Kyos thread, Kyo fan admin accounts in ig, twitter, weibo and DC a high fave. The amount of effort and time that we spent to defend her was no joke. WAY TO GO EVERYONE!! Now on to her birthday present!
  9. This just in. Dont know if this is legit yet But GOOD GOD! What a relief! I hope Kyo did not give up much!
  10. @sunflower91_ i saw that screenshot days before sandra posted that. It wasnt sandra who translated it. I believe, that article got lost in translation. It was originally posted in YT by a korean person hence some english words arent used properly. At that time, many people bashed that person for saying those things. So it’s not Sandra’s fault. However, I guess it’s no use arguing over when they separated, why they separated, who is at fault. Theyre getting the divorce. The sooner it will be done, the better. As Kyo’s fans, we need to stand together and not argue over silly things as to why and when they separated. There are far more pressing matters. Such as someone paying somebody to manipulate comments, posts and trends in Weibo.
  11. Upload your photo in postimg.cc get the Direct Link and then copy-paste the direct link here, it will automatically load your photo.
  12. Looks like somebody's been paying someone to cover the true scandal with a made-up scandal somebody's scared the truth will come out.
  13. The extent of issues the people make just to pull her down NEVER fail to amaze. So what if she drinks alcohol? It's not like she's an alcoholic. She doesnt come to the set drunk or loose herself in public during CFs drunk. Hypocrisy at its finest!
  14. @ahdrianaa the extent that people do to pull her down is rather complimenting her. It just shows how HIGH UP she is that they would go through lengths just to bully her and defame her. And it’s getting rather ridiculous because it is too obvious and knowing how much Kyo fans are very protective of her. LETS SHOW OUR FANDOM LOVE PEOPLE! Like and Comment hongkongtatler’s post about Kyo’s interview in IG. Show how much you stand by Kyo!
  15. Silence from SHK is sometimes deafening. But then, Im kind of used to it by now. Kyo’s attitude during crisis is so consistent. She has confidence in her ability and to her fans. She knows her true fans protect her from rabid ones. I wish we know what she’s up to right now, though. I wish we can wrap her up and shield her from all the hate. I have heard some very disturbing news about a hacker in weibo. The things people do to pull her down is unbelievable.
  16. @gigivillaceran That website is just a lair for slow minds eaten by too much dramas they watch reason flew out of their heads. One thing is for sure though, NEVER stop posting positive comments about her. Don’t let these idiots overrule their illogical reasoning from what is really sane and logical. Let them vomit if they wanna vomit. Lol Looks like a grand plan to me.
  17. Bring it on. Lol Its fun playing keyboard warriors with the haters. They cant even properly explain what they stand for. Which makes it even more challenging. Like I said, the time for being silent and ignoring those bashers is up. This is def not the time for that. Im happy to say though, only one person is foolish enough to leave a negative comment out of that ig post. TIMES ought to make Kyo as their cover. Women in Asia ought to learn from her. There is more to being a woman by just being a wife and a mother. Women can be the sun too.
  18. ----------------------- I just love Chaumet's caption for Kyo. I mean, we love her and all but Chaumet loving her too is telling something. She can very well be an icon for modern women of Asia.
  19. Oh wow. I did not realize this. and from no other than Chaumet's ig story. JUST WOW. I am up in arms in kdramanews's ig post against a commenter saying she hates SHK for not keeping her marriage like other actresses. Oh wow. Thats a long history there! Mountbatten is actually the real family name of the father of the now Queen Elizabeth II, King George. They had to change it because Mountbatten is a German name and it was at the height of World War 1. They then changed it to Windsor.
  20. Wow! Thank you for sharing that @ahdrianaa! I cant wait for that interview to happen. I wonder what her thoughts are these days. I like it when she conducts those because she doesnt fake it. Sometimes her answers are somewhat a riddle but never fake. @hush puppy thanks for sharing this! Finally, this is what a woman's reaction should be. @esophageal14 korea is forward in technology but backwards in mentality. Thats just my observation.
  21. Im interested. Do share Someone ought to make a drama out of this whole fiasco.
  22. Most people who are slandering her are people who are bitter and very shallow, IMO. Im so sad to read all those stuff. Knowing how much Kyo did and gave up because she loves her country. Knowing international fans, especially the C people are so much up in arms defending her. She ought to denounce being a korean and leave Korea. She is well appreciated in other countries. Hello there chingu @rosiepeonie188! I’ve been fine. Just actively lurking to other sns. Activated my other sns accounts for Kyo. Im just so flabbergasted by everything thats happening right now.
  23. @gigivillaceran - Yep im in twitter @thepixies - my thoughts too. Its too loose down the bust but still fine. Maybe kyo lost weight after she had that gown fitted. Because, you know. Lol —— so glad to see her slaying in each of her CFs. To think haters actually took the trouble of mailing them to get Kyo out of their brand. Indeed, inspiration!
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