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  1. Woke up at the wrong side of the bed read the posts here. It normally wouldn’t tick me off but consider that I was half awake just scrolling through my phone and read the posts — I was furious LOL :sweatingbullets:


    i can’t even... lol I am lost for words at the rate that they are going :lol:


    To long time fans of kyo please, send me a DM here. It is important.

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  2. We've been voting like crazy for AAA. Some even sleep late at night just to vote. :lol: its fun doing it though. Especially when other actresses votes start to increase, we get challenged. :P


    I really hope youre right @ahdrianaa. That Kyo is getting ready for a project. Maybe something out of Korea? I hope she stays in NY for now and rest. I wonder where she's living.

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  3. 12 hours ago, ahdrianaa said:


    This can have a direct effect on her endorsements. Companies keep a very close watch on such things. In the past few months extremely big names in kdrama world have been replaced by people with large social media following.


    Some of the people in Twitter were talking about that. They ran a test and looks like instagram is cleaning-up. Other actresses's ig will followers will drop soon too.


    Although, I really hope thats the reason and not some abracadabra magic again whenever someone needs to be popular :phew:

  4. Hello everyone.


    I’ve stayed out for the past weeks for some issues :vicx: I’m back now though. I think(?)


    I missed all of the people posting here. 


    Thanks to @gigivillaceran for keeping this thread alive and all the other members who are keeping tabs and posting. I see some of your posts here in Soompi being posted in other SNS and I couln’t be more happy bout it. :D


    we are cooking up something for kyo, watch out for it! :wub:

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    Just read the knetz reactions to the news. It's bloody. You know why? their reactions are based on facts and not just ridiculous rumors like the antis are saying against Kyo.



    He did not even consider that the staff of the drama rallied due to long working hours. He might have thought his actions will make a positive effect on the drama since it's doing so bad. :sweatingbullets: I feel sorry for the staff, really. It turned out, DOTS became trending again :lol:


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  6. 2 hours ago, sugarbunnee said:


    Thank you @dukesa1122! I have a platform so I'm just doing my part to spread the truth. Still getting lots of retweets and shares on Twitter so it's going strong. I think it might've been shared on FB as well because I'm also seeing a spike in traffic from there. Love seeing her fans rallying together! Bye haters :tounge_xd:


    Thats good news, actually! Hahaha oh btw, are you in on Kyo's birthday present project? :D

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  7. 2 hours ago, 2handsintertwined said:

    Hi! I wish I could join this thread. I think Song Hye Kyo is so talented. I like her as an actress. I hope I can join too. I have been her fan for about 3 years. I just never came out! Any room for me?


    Hello there! This thread is always welcome to true Kyo fan followers :wub: welcome to her old but never outdated thread! It's a bit silent right now but no news is good news for us atm. Hope you keep checking in. :thumbsup:

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  8. Thanks yet again @ahdrianaa:wub:


    Fined? I want them in jail. Misogynists til the end. What they did to Kyo is not only demeaning but outright insulting and disrespectful not only to Kyo but to all the women divorced or not. 


    and this all started because of one man's greed. He is the one who should be facing all these.


    Let's get ready for another wave of comeback Kyo fans. Because I'm sure there is.

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