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  1. Thanks for keeping this topic alive. I really like LBH in Mr Sunshine to the point he’s my only favorite K-actor, but I’m curious how come Kim Tae Ri didn’t get any awards. Her acting was so natural, and she was so cute/cool/on point in MS. I don’t know what it was like behind the scenes (i.e. if KTR made many NG or LBH had to support her a lot) but on screen she seems to set the bar equally with LBH. I also wonder if anyone has moved on from MS. For me I haven’t watched any new dramas/movies and don’t plan to any time soon. For the time being, every time I accidently hear the song A Good Day (my most favorite song in MS), I cannot hold back thinking about their hugs and the train tragic moment. I also not sure why MS is as not popular as other K-dramas (as read on the social media), but to me MS is the best of the best (I know I’m biased since I haven’t watched many dramas), but can’t stop thinking why could they make such a beautiful project: touching songs, dramatic moments, beautiful actors/actresses, and powerful acting…MS will forever remain in my heart. I’m really impressed with the love Eugene has for Ashin, and really in love with LBH’s and KTR’s acting.
  2. Sorry I’m new to Soompi and I don’t know how to quote properly and how to tag people, so I’m just going to post a new note. Thank you to everyone who has replied/tagged me. I think the black bird is Go Ashin because of the following: When little Eugene looked up to the sky and saw a black bird, Go grandpa did mention something like “look down, don’t look up it’s dangerous for you as a slave”. It eventually costs him his life because he met Ashin – the black bird At the harbor where DM shot AS (Korean names/places are very hard for me to remember), the shot where she wearing a black suit and jumping roof with the sun behind, she looked just like a black bird flying in the sky. And later, DM told HK “I shot a black bird so it could never fly again.” At Eugene’s last moment after he got shot on the train, he looked up to the sky and the black bird was there again. It symbolizes that he has made sure that Ashin – the black bird is still soaring high. At his burial site, the black bird was there to show that AS through was not with him physically but in spirit and she would guide the next generation Domi, just like she is training for the next generation gunners. HK once told AS “because you decided to wield a gun, 3 men have lost their ways” and granpa Go also said something like “will the black bird ruins the sky…” Eugene also asked himself right after he got out of prision: “Is there a reason why you caused so much turbulant in my life?…” This is just my speculation. Talking about the last train ride and the burial site, my heart aches again. Like @Rubie said, at the end, AS couldn’t even visit his grave in person…they are forever separated. I’m the type of person who never believes in the next life, so I’ll just try to do good at this life. While I don’t agree with her behavior toward the end, I feel for her pain though. I think the last one standing is the one suffers the most. I absolutely agree with @Rubie that it should end at episode 21 in front of American legalation in Japan. At that point she had accomplished at least 2 difficult missions: saved the PM and delivered the bank certificate. They both could be shipped back to U.S. Eugene was put in prision while AS was waiting for him outside in U.S. At least it shows some of her devotion to him. All I see from the beginning to the end is just her “take take take and never give back”. When he got out, they both, or just her could advocate for Korea for the world to know of Korea’s suffering and Japan’s annexation. I don’t need kinship or kiss or anything like that. I guess I’m disspoint at the ending because the writer didn’t tie back neatly the subjects that she introduced which led me to a false hope like Ashin keeps saying “there must be things I could help outside Joseon”, like the new guy Eugene met in U.S when he got out…and like when Ashin told her grandpa and HS that “I’m willing to risk everything to walk along side that man” yet all she has done is just to prove the opposite. That’s is not consistent with her characters. That dissapoints me, but overall I love this drama so much. Sorry for a long post, I need to get back to my real world otherwise it’s very intoxicated for me.
  3. Thank you! You pointed out the tombstone that I didn’t even think about and now it makes me feel even sadder. Yes exactly if he died in her arms, we would be disappointed but still feel much better than alone in that dark tunnel and she would never be able to visit his grave. It’s just so cruel.
  4. First I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread since your posts were like medicines that cured our longing/anticipating the episodes every Sat & Sun. I just created my account but I have been a silent reader. I couldn’t retrain myself any longer after watching the finale. I believe there are many silent readers like me on this thread, so please continue posting since your efforts are definitely not going to be in vain. My feelings after finishing watching Mr. Sunshine on Netflix here in U.S.: What’s on earth I got myself into? My very first K-drama could traumatize me this much…never watched LBH or KTR movies/dramas before, and not into K-entertainment neither. This drama is truly an exceptional, a one of a kind drama. but it’s highly dangerous for my heart, mind and well-being. It’s day-one after the finale, I woke up in the Monday morning and feel emotionally drained, mentally tired, physically weak, and loss appetite. I especially love the train scene of Eugene’s last moment when he said “Don’t cry. This is my history, this is my love story.” Then he turned and looked at Aeshin one last time with teary eyes and trembling voice “you should move forward, I will take a step back.” It was so beautifully and painfully portraited by LBH. The emotion was so surreal that I felt like I couldn’t breathe. What’s a brilliant actor, subtle acting yet so powerful that words cannot describe. The moment the train was separated and AS & EC were on different sides of the train. It was complete darkness when it passed through the tunnel and AS screamed his name… what a meaningful and beautiful and heartbreaking shot. Even though I love that scene, I feel it’s unnecessary since Eugene escaped much tighter spots before. It’s senseless for him to die like that. People tend to think that sad ending will leave a lasting impression, not for me. At first, I planned to purchase all the Mr. Sunshine products (DVDs PD cut, OST collection, etc.) as a keepsake even though I don’t understand a single Korean word, but now I don’t think I can bring myself to look at this or replay it again. I just don’t understand why a rational man like Eugene can be so blindly in deep love with a woman who never places him first. Even though it is under the name of “patriotism”, her love is very selfish and narrow-minded. Don’t take me wrong I love KTR as an actress, and her character at first, but gradually less. If she really loves someone, she would never put them in danger, never let them die for her, intentionally or not, she’s a mature woman, she should know the consequences of her actions, especially she has many better choices to help Korea, even Eugene already offered, better than just a random shooter. How many can she shoot? While as a wife of an American soldier, she could do much more… easier to travel, easier to access to information, to buy weapon, etc. Just a thought, of course, the writer has different opinion, I just feel she could do more justice for this outstanding drama. I swear that I will never watch an on-going drama again until it’s fully aired and I know for sure it has a positive ending. Too much sadness in the real world, I don’t need any more heartache when a drama is just fiction and not even documentary. I don’t think I can watch any drama soon because I need time to heal and also any other drama will look pale in comparison with Mr. Sunshine….everything is top-notch. Again thank you everyone!
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