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  1. @monica63 yes, MIIGB main character is Kang Mirae which is ISH but ended up Eunwoo became the main. I’m happy also with Eunwoo’s achievement but atleast give credit to ISH. She also work hard for this drama. Though she gained a lot of fans in Korea and more from International fans but we can’t deny the fact that because Eunwoo is an idol, he gained a lot of credentials from the drama. 


    Can somebody tell me, what did they mean by A-list actress? And who are they? Sorry I have no idea. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    I hope MIIGB gets recognition in AAA.. ISH is also attending an award event.. I don't know the details.. But hope the show gets more limelight!! It was definitely one of the best show in this yr!! 


    That AAA is more on popularity award. Sorry to say, but what is Eco creator and favorite award? It doesnt makes sense. They create just title to give to those AAA’s favorite celebrity? Some actors or actress are not active these year or should I say, they dont have recent drama or movie but they still have awards?! I’m not bitter, but can’t they see some actors and actresses hard work? Some are deserving but most are not. Grrrrrr! 

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  3. 19 hours ago, loveISH said:

    If thinking rationally I think the reason why Soohyang does not get awards because these awards given to Eunwoo are rookie awards, or new actor awards. ISH does not maybe fit in any categories of awards as of the moment.. if only she won the popularity award.. that was our best shot. =( I am only hoping for drama and TV awards early next year. ISH deserves recognition too. And I also wonder why Eunwoo won't be going to China with her. I am just happy with twinnings I see. 


    There are lots categories for AAA.  Atleast she must be nominated as Best Star Award, Best Celebrity Award, Entertainer Award, Choice Award, Welcome Award (all as for television). 


    I’m sure Eunwoo will be the Rising Star Award or Best New Actor. He will hit any of those. 


    They both indeed deserve the recognition since the drama is popular and successfull. Based on her Vlive, she seemed not Invited at all. 

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  4. 18 hours ago, monica63 said:

    Good afternoon chingus. I am just as sad that Soo Hyang is not attending AAA. She will be going to Beijing for an event on the 20th November 2018 and after that she will go somewhere else. Anyone know if it is Atelier event or something else. I guess we will only have the chance to see both Eunwoo and Soo Hyang at year end JTBC awards. I hope JTBC will have it end of this year. I also hope Soo Hyang will attend Astro concert next month. SHe supported Mino of Winner and Jennie of Blackpink. I hope she does the same for Eunwoo.

    @icyphoenix I am crying together with you.:bawling:. We won't see her at AAA. I miss her so much. This is so upsetting.

    Guys, don't forget to catch her tonight at SBS Survival 8.




    @prettysammy14 Eunwoo was also not top 10. Then why was he invited. Is he going to win an award for something else? Our princess deserves an award too but somehow it looks like she is being blocked from attending. That is what some other groups are saying. These two are too close and some people didn't like it. They are like being separated purposely like this AAA. Both of them deserved to attend. Now Soo Hyang says she will be going somewhere. Haiz.


    I dont understand why she is being blocked? She didn’t do anything. She just did her best. 


    And I guess Eunwoo will be having an award cause he is popular. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, monica63 said:

    Good afternoon friends. Very quiet and no updated from ISH. I miss her terribly. We get to see Eunwoo almost everyday because he is everywhere and now he is on his way overseas for another endorsement. He is so busy and working non-stop. Soo Hyangssi, where are you?


    Miss them? Then something to brighten up your weekend.


    Another close-up, haha.


      Reveal hidden contents


    Similar fashion again. You can't help but think they seems to discuss their fashion sense as well. Shippers heart going delulu.



    Will paste nice videos here in our soompi group for those who have no seen it yet. Let us keep our fingers crossed ISH will attend AAA. She has till 20 November to decide.


    @prettysammy14 I wonder also how can she verified for the badge. It seems she must apply for it. Without Soo Hyang at AAA, it serves no purpose to just watch Eunwoo walk alone on the red carpet. We shippers will watch with a very heavy heart. He has to walk along with Soo Hyang and I am sure many artists on that day are also curious as to the two lovely couple relationship. If Soo Hyang wears anything sexy, she will really slays. Gosh, waiting fr the confirmation is torturous.


    It’s ok if they will not walk together, as long as both them will be invited and will have awards. Maybe that will be enough. Seeing both of them in one awarding. 


    What? She will apply for the badge verified? I thought its automatic once your are popular. She’s a humble person, she will not do such thing like that. I miss Eonnie. No updates from her. Eunwoo is everywhere. He is so popular nowadays. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, monica63 said:

    @prettysammy14 If Soo Hyang is not invited, AAA will be doing a great injustice to a wonderful actress who deserves recognition. Sometimes too much recognition is given to idols cum actors. Soo Hyang has been an actress for about a decade now and she is so versatile. Although I like Eunwoo, he is given so much attention because partly of his good looks and of course he did well in MIIDGB but without Soo Hyang, the drama will not be such a great success. The drama was a great success partly because of Soo Hyang and she has gained many fans internationally. If AAA does not recognise this, I lose respect for them. The Indonesian and Phillipines fans are doing all they can to ensure she goes to AAA. So please keep our fingers crossed. To be honest, I watched the drama because of Soo Hyang . I was never interested in Astro and I watched a few episodes of Big Hit only. That is how I know a bit of Eunwoo but that time never really paid much attention except that he is handsome. Quite a number of the top 10 artistes (male and female) have not confirmed yet so let's wait and see.


    I agreed with you. I love Eonnie Soo Hyang.  I voted her more that Eunwoo because Astro have more fans. So I gave all my votes to her. Many are disappointed with the list of top 10 actress, and I’m one of them. To be honest I still have 300 votes which I reserved for Soo Hyang but this thing happened that they did not include her in the top 10 (which I felt was purposedly they did that). They underestimate our love for Eonnie. Anyways, I will keep on supporting her and I will forever love her. I don’t know but I’m inlove with her, I so love her personality. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, molaihawaii said:

    I tweeted so many time earlier and hashtag AAA asking to invite SH to the awards... if I’m still awake later on then I will join the twitter party for ISH! Hehehe I’m so happy that EW got invited but my happiness not complete without SH... I will definitely use all my social media accounts to post and tag AAA hahaha... and yeah I will hold on to  my AAA ticket yet since no news for the complete line up for actress guests.. 


    I emailed them also so many times. But I’m having this little hope that AAA didn’t invite Eonnie Soo Hyang. They are so biased.

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  8. 1 hour ago, icyphoenix said:

    I have to agree with this.. If ISH doesn't attend this one too..i will be dissapointed!! She deserves this award!! Hope both eun woo n ISH attend it!! 


    Last year, mostly who attended were all idols including Astro. And for sure they will attend again for this year to perform. Only few actors and actresses attended or rather only few of them won as in the most popular one only (like Park Seojoon, Park Minyoung, Lee seunggi...) And I will also be disappointed if Eonnie Soo Hyang will not be invited just because its popularity and not based on performance and talent. She’s one of versatile actress who work hard for each and every drama. How sad that most of the awards are most likely for idols instead of actors and actresses. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    I m totally enjoying recent events of ISH n CEW.. They r cute n adorable n never forgetting our show n giving us fan service:w00t:..I have always loved new face version of DoRae couple.. Seeing it in running man, I hope CEW n ISH perform it together again in any of the shows

    P. S. Today lover's in bloom fans had a fanservice in IG as DJH commented on ISH's IG for her new puppy:phew:.. Btw the new dog's name is ORI.. So cute:kiss_wink:


    She is still close with all her male lead in past drama. Even Sunghoon Oppa never failed to like some of her IG post. That’s why I love Eonnie Soo Hyang, she is so friendly and has a bubbly personality. 

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