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  1. @monica63 yes, MIIGB main character is Kang Mirae which is ISH but ended up Eunwoo became the main. I’m happy also with Eunwoo’s achievement but atleast give credit to ISH. She also work hard for this drama. Though she gained a lot of fans in Korea and more from International fans but we can’t deny the fact that because Eunwoo is an idol, he gained a lot of credentials from the drama. Can somebody tell me, what did they mean by A-list actress? And who are they? Sorry I have no idea.
  2. I’m so happy for her. Finally she won what she deserve. She also gave her heart to MIIGB not only Eunwoo. Congratulations to both of you. I’m extremely happy.
  3. That AAA is more on popularity award. Sorry to say, but what is Eco creator and favorite award? It doesnt makes sense. They create just title to give to those AAA’s favorite celebrity? Some actors or actress are not active these year or should I say, they dont have recent drama or movie but they still have awards?! I’m not bitter, but can’t they see some actors and actresses hard work? Some are deserving but most are not. Grrrrrr!
  4. I hope that Eonnie Soo Hyang will be invited in this AAA since she’s the main cast of the popular MIIGB. While even up to now, its still in the too for the most popular drama. Please AAA, I’m begging you to invite her. Oh please.
  5. I wonder if they are both in the 3rd round, maybe eun woo and Eonnie soohyang will be more competetive compare to Jinyoung and Han hyo joo respectively.
  6. There are lots categories for AAA. Atleast she must be nominated as Best Star Award, Best Celebrity Award, Entertainer Award, Choice Award, Welcome Award (all as for television). I’m sure Eunwoo will be the Rising Star Award or Best New Actor. He will hit any of those. They both indeed deserve the recognition since the drama is popular and successfull. Based on her Vlive, she seemed not Invited at all.
  7. I dont understand why she is being blocked? She didn’t do anything. She just did her best. And I guess Eunwoo will be having an award cause he is popular.
  8. It’s so sad she will not going to attend AAA, I guess she’s not invited since she’s not in the top 10. So unfair!
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