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  1. The new commercial Ad of Weiquan yogurt, I love it very much!
  2. Hello everyone, if you want to have the ZYL special edition of Lenovo Z 5 smart phone. You can purchase on AliExpress. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32944276401.html?trace=storeDetail2msiteDetail
  3. Welcome! I know your fansclub page and I found the fans party held in HCMC few months ago, very amazing!
  4. No!!!!!!! First love forever love is a very very bad ending!tragic!!!!My heart can't take it anymore
  5. Not a good one, but ZYL's role Hua Wu Xie is a very cute and funny boy, happy and always smiling.
  6. There is the video as a work summary of ZYL since Guardian.
  7. Hi everyone, LV' official social media accounts have already posted the picture of ZYL, please like/leave a comment/retweet them to support ZYL, thanks! Check out @LouisVuitton’s Tweet:
  8. If you want a ZYL small stand like this, I can give you one when I go to Penang next time
  9. Hi, are you living in KL? There's a party of Zhu Yilong Malaysia fans club tomorrow, will you want to join?
  10. The pics I sent before are from a famous internet media "the orange from capital", not from fans, so don't worry about that.
  11. The screenwriter of The Lost Tomb said she has already joined to work in the studio, it means the shooting will start soon.
  12. Beijing, his parents moved to Beijing for work since his was a little boy, so he stayed with his grandparents for a long time. After he got into Beijing Film Academy the whole family was reunion in Beijing
  13. OMG! ZYL just arrived at Beijing airport! Non stop schedule!!! https://m.weibo.cn/3314422837/4291285671688018
  14. Living in Dubai, we always read the India version of Vogue, today I found ZYL on the website lol
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