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  1. APAN award will be held tomorrow!! Hopefully, PMY and PSJ will attend the awarding night. Let's pray for the best guys Anyone know any reliable free streaming sites to watch APAN Award? Thank you dear
  2. let's pray for the best, hopefully, they will attend the awarding night, and they sit next to each other. I think PMY will come since she will receive Kstar Popular Award. Hopefully PMY will win another award (Excellent Actress Award) and PSJ will win Excellent Actor Award. All the best for our PPC
  3. sorry i don't understand how to post a link with a picture. so i only can post the link. Another BTS pictures update from abscbn https://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/whatswrongwithsecretarykim/photos/albums/45100418-photos-behind-the-scenes-of-seckimmorpheus
  4. Compagna IG Updates https://www.instagram.com/p/BoggcBSgljl/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=17f3igs2ex8ay
  5. Yuuuhuuuu so happyyyyy Hopefully, all goes just what we want guys Another great news today, PSJ will have a fansign on Oct 6th 2018. Can't wait to see the pictures
  6. Sorry dear, what do you mean about every 25seconds then vote again, hmm i mean what award you talk about? I am voting tvn just 1 vote per category per day. Thank you.
  7. Let's vote at TVNjoyfest ( http://tvnjoyfest.tving.com/2018/Vote/Special ) for our PPC guys, since they are top 3 rank holders, it's bigger the chance to win the competition. And the bigger the chance to see our PPC together again
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