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  1. good guess. by the way, I didn't say 연상호 has the connection with JSM and SIG due to Joon. Just want to let people know not all the directors sending the food truck to JSM or SIG worked with them before. It would be better for anyone to do some research before providing information.
  2. I did some research before posting it. 연상호 is the director for "Train to Busan" , "Seoul Station" and the short film "D-Day". You can find more details about this director from the following link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeon_Sang-ho The director of SM's TV drama "D-Day" is Jang Yong-woo, not 연상호 (YSH). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D-Day_(TV_series)
  3. Just for reference. 박준화- the director of " Because This is my First Life" He sent the food truck to SM only. 연상호-- the director of "Train to Busan" and "Seoul Station(animation movie)" He sent the food truck to both SM and SIG 연상호 didn't work with SM and SIG before. Maybe they knew each other in private. Lee Joon worked with 연상호 for "Seoul Station" as the dub actor.
  4. @daloula I shipped other couples before and totally understand the situation you mentioned. I like JoonMin couple and wish their relationship can last forever. You didn't get my point. You have yours and I have mine. Let's respect each other. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
  5. Sorry I didn't know my statement would cause high responses. I think I stated the points very clearly. I don't have the sexual discrimination. The standards are applied to both male and female. You can have male or female friends when dating someone. The bottom line is don't do anything that would confuse others. Apparently actors/actresses they know what the couple fans are looking for so they should pay more attention to the "off-screen" behaviors when they have the lovers especially some insane fans would sad bad things about the boyfriend/girlfriend. There are other ways to promote the drama. Inappropriate manners would raise the couple fan's hopes and further attack your boyfriend/girlfriend violently. Meanwhile, don't get me wrong. I didn't say SM must post Joon's photo on her instgram. My point is don't do anything that would confuse others and create the fight to hurt your beloved. If the statement make you uncomfortable please ignore it.
  6. The following statement may make some people unhappy. Please accept my apology first. All I want and wish is Joonnie can be happy. He is an incredible person who has been keeping his nose clean since the MBLAQ debut. He deserves an excellent partner who can love him, respect him, support him and enjoy his company. Maybe I am old fashioned. I just think a person who has a love relationship should have different behaviors when working with the opposite sex co-worker. JSM has not changed so far. I am not saying you cannot show friendliness and kindness to the opposite sex co-worker. Of course, you can. However, you must keep some distance, respect your lover, and do not have any behaviors that would make people confused. Unfortunately, JSM acted as she is single in the BTS clip and photos. It is sad. Again, just wish Joonnie can be happy and won't get hurt. If Joonnie and JSM already broke up hope JSM's agency can release the news ASAP. It is good for three parties, Joonnie, SIG, and JSM.
  7. I happened to see your reply then suddenly you deleted it. Sorry I still want to leave the message here. I am Joon's fan and have no idea who JSM is till the dating news came out so cannot make any comments now. From the pictures JSM took with other actors in the past, you can see she always stayed close to those actors. Maybe that's her habit. Who knows? I do agree your point that if Joon and JSM borke up already just let the fans know. Then JSM doesn't have to worry about the reputation and can show the lovey-dovey to the new lover as much as she wants. The drama will end in two weeks so the shooting should be finished in the coming week. As what you said, let's wait and see.
  8. Excuse me. How do you know the netizens haven't gotten off his back? Are you Korean? I just found the bad comments around the end of March. Where can we find the messages that the netizens still keep trolling him? Really curious.
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