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  1. Ain’t that a good think? You can fan girl (raw unfiltered)without him knowing when you watch different dramas haha +2
  2. It definitely feels better to talk to people whom you do not know..because the unknown will always give a non bias advice. +2
  3. She is hilarious to talk to. We also laugh our butts off over random things, making it enjoyable. Why is chatting difficult? Because she doesn’t reply me. I feel like she is not there for me anymore. She has new friends to talk to. She have boyfriend to talk to. Anyways I’m not on her list anymore, definitely can feel it. Anyways I’m not gonna talk about it anymore. It’s over. 706
  4. I think the way we treat friends are different. Sometimes people can be very close until they are like almost family. Like sisters. Hope is to wish that we can be like good times again like we can chat about random things. It doesn’t means romance. 708
  5. @Lawyerh Wah..hahahaha he is lucky ballon never pop. @Ameera Ali I love the elegance he had when he is performing lol. Him and his flowers hahaha. I actually learn some meanings about flowers thanks to him lol. Canna happy ending they even have a cult for him leh. Look! It’s me, lawyerh and @ktcjdrama! We aimlessly follow flowers~ 704
  6. That’s you in disguise girl your inner desires..man..flowers sort of suit him lol. +2 给我一杯忘情水~ sorry listening to song
  7. Definitely. I blame on my stubbornness to hang on to something that I thought there was hope. I sent her a text. She takes the entire day to answer and she say a word or two like don’t want to talk to me. So no hope already yeah. If she ever text back, I won’t answer no more. I won’t be played by her ever again. When she is sad she come to me. I’m honestly damn done. +2
  8. Thing is she doesn’t talk to me no more. So what’s the point of trying to talk? Yes, I feel comfortable to tell her..but now..I am not. +2
  9. Cause friends are apart of life you know..like I don’t have actual good friends , those friends I had are back stabbers. I trusted her. I helped her at her lowest. And when I’m at my lowest she is just gone. For all the times I hear her problems, when I want to put my own problems out she is gone. Feel betrayed..cause I have no other friends whom I feel like I would share my problems with. But anyways..I’m done. 664
  10. I take friendships very importantly. Cause never really had one good one. That friend is still the best friend that I once had.. It’s hard yeah..we were very close. Now she got new friends and she just throws the friendship away she never listen to my problems and just left.
  11. @Sejabin Lee Seung Gi & many more. +2
  12. What was i doing..I don't really know..But all i know is that i wanted to post something on a thread 'Posted it' Came back an hour later to check the post then find that my post is gone. Had that sudden thought of what if mods deleted it. Then i went down to the comment box and find my comments still there....I forgotten to press the post button. Tbh i think i was searching for oppa while i wanted to post it.....Maybe that's the cause?
  13. After watching all the episodes available...I’m sort of in a very complicated, indecisive state of mind. A lot of maybe she is wrong to do this but at the same time I understand why she did it.. I understand that YR honestly cannot handle the fact that no matter where she goes she have to take care of her sister, but then I feel like it’s wrong that she just left her sis despite in a fit of rage equally seeing that she is having a hard time because of her sis I don’t blame her.. So I honestly don’t know whether to blame her or to pity her... But Ma Ri though..that one I will never forgive her.
  14. Consider watching in day time +2
  15. I spent almost 8 years invested in this friendship. Roughly 4 years in I start to see her change, gradually up to this point she have forgotten about me. I feel upset about it, but at the same time I pity myself for hanging on, to something that is not even there. I thought about the times I spent with her as best buds and it’s upset me that she left. We promised that we will be best friends years ago and now things have changed. Today I changed her phone contact of mine, renamed it as just her name. That’s the final straw for me to hold on. I’m fully confident & comfortable to let go now..it’s a sad goodbye in my eyes. Maybe not to her..does she care about it? I doubt so...today is a rough day..
  16. Feeling rather..hm..not sure..it feels good to listen to music at night. Relaxing... 642
  17. My favourite title 2019 I am a foodie! So naturally food court is my paradise! haha 642
  18. @Ameera Ali I found your dp twin! Looks similar eh? Maybe twin brothers 640
  19. @cherriesblue @Ondine Seems to me there is a huge amount of people calling for a S3..I really wish there will be one very soon and ep10 seems to be very shocking to many. I understand why, hope Netflix sees this and approve for a S3. For me, what I don’t understand maybe you two can answer it...Does flower killer have a cult following? Cause kilosophy is made by the cops to lure the real flower killer in. Then from the role play we see that the airplane role play, it was done with the help of the cult follower...so who is this woman? Does flower killer have a cult? Or is it death blossom? Isn’t death blossom the kilosophy?
  20. You know it’s so relatable #teamglasses. We can never look pretty/handsome under a mask lol @_gillianne19_ there are many variety show for you to chose haha. If you are into small kiddies being taken care by adults do watch little forest. If you are interested in crime and have a Netflix account do watch busted 1/2. Hahaha. Sorry, flew past my head and forgot to welcome you. In here, we do talk about random things, so be as random and free as you can hahahaha. Welcome to +/- ~ +2
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