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  1. 760 Days are slow without dramas haha
  2. Are you mummy personality today? pwaha like what @Asohib says it’s different from what you would normally say 756
  3. 752 Wah every morning I wake up, I feel so....Slow...Just wahhh. I reacted slowly...Kicked the side of my table then I walked back to my room, and just nonchalantly & Monotonously say “Ouch” @Asohib happy that you got your name changed back. @Adotonly you are taking care of her, great @triplem love how you use My Dear
  4. Move to HK one day my butlers are there haha 736
  5. We hallucinate hahahaha. But Hae Mi deserves a name for her acting performance. You can't deny that. Haha 734
  6. @Ameera Aliyou see one flipping hair one then you will know it's me. Hahaha. Sashimi! Funny enough i dont eat sashimi. But the name is cute. 728
  7. Lol not getting used to it yet. Was staring at my tag im like Sushimi....then realised yeah it's me 728
  8. Pwahaha. Cause I’m food. That’s why you hungry whenever you see me lol. but @Lawyerh gave a meaning to it. I fused myself with Hae Mi 718
  9. @Sarang21 for your new oppa. It’s worth it plus you need to attend the trial session too to see if he gets sign to your VVIP list lol It’s all worth it. it’s alllll worthhhh ittt~ 716
  10. Wait till you see Who wants to make a baby & yolk man then we will see lol 714
  11. You should watch FP! It’s hilarious This Teacher is desperate for more students! 708
  12. @Lmangla @Sarang21 let me shower you two with gifs of him so you know who is he. He is funny when he is drunk He is so charismatic when he is on the move He has anger problems He is scary when he goes crazy (but he is still hot) Last but not least he is a sassy woman she is Kim Hae Mi, the others you see is Kim Hae Il Then some extra bit of laughter That’s the introduction you will get @Lmangla Voice they change twice. Season 2 & 3 are together. The boys don’t listen to their telephones no.they have speakers. So no need telephones. And the female lead did not change @Dhakra I think you have the wrong idea..haha. +2
  13. Why is there so many voice on the telephone lol The priest who used to be a killer yes. Who generally have a really bad temper haha 698
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