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  1. Park Hae jin is cute... *start Wikipedia* 560
  2. A lonely character..can see he was trying to talk to everyone to entertain them I might say..he was trying to seek attention which was never much given to him by his parents or sibling. Can see the way he talks. Sigh....hate to see him go. also...the music while they show his dangling legs makes it more impactful & jarring in a very sad way. Him wanting to be excused to hang himself..this is...so sad! omg I cannot stop thinking about it. 546
  3. A lot of productions fails in making the ends perfect. Very rare do we get great start great end...it sucks that the ending ends bad...really question myself of how stupid I am to continue this story all the way to the end..or why did I even live stream this? Now I can’t sleep. Cause all I think about is the death the ending. sometimes if I’m very salty about it I will say why did I pick this drama up in the first place! That is what I would always say when the ending turns bad....I didn’t really bother about Han it’s more about WS that marks the bad ending checkbox for me. It’s bad enough for me.. 546
  4. @Lawyerh imagine busted 2 made a SFH episode..their story fits so perfectly with their story then if they can get rabbit & wolf that would be better... I want rabbit in more varietyyyyy 548
  5. 534 Adding cause im here and don't know what to say so will just be typing this okay bye
  6. I also see it as, maybe to him, once he enters prison, his career will be over once in for all...This world is too cruel for him. Edit: When i meant by career..I meant MOVIE CAREER
  7. I also wonder what triggers her to tell him that Haha. Like as if, she predicted it I know that a lot of people have like problems with how the story goes (Ending) I only can think of two different endings. If we think of the lift scene, that guy to be JW then yes, MJ is officially in JW and JW is giving the vibes of MJ. That MJ will forever live in JW. But if you look at the lift scene, in which, it is really MJ, then it could also mean that MJ survive why? Because when the female cop & JW talks in the park. He wasn't wearing the teeth bracelet. Female cop enters the hospital and then sees the supposed MJ in the lift. Then it takes sometime for her to go up the ward. Then when the cop enters, she sees JW with the teeth bracelet. So it could mean, MJ could come in and give him the bracelet. There are so many possibilities i know there won't be a season 2, but it would definitely be awesome if they ever say, let's make a season 2. I really like that world...the story is awesome too.. Haha, no need. I just feel very happy to talk when this thread have people. honestly, there isn't really alot of people who watch this thus not much communication here. So it's nice you are here that i can talk to about SFH
  8. Oh, this part i think i have different thoughts than you. I actually think he succeeded. My guess is that once JW killed them, it sort of put JW in this space in which, he will have the urges to kill again. He likes to kill actually, if you recall. So to me, when MJ breaks JW's barrier to not kill and JW ended up killing people. MJ succeeded already. I think MJ is there to see people's true nature. which is to kill people not for a purpose, but to feel excited/happy. So MJ killed his original artwork because he was trying to tie lose ends which is not even about being happy or excited. So therefore MJ killed him. You can see JW who looks pretty excited to kill people or when he beat the co-worker up, the aftermath, he looks so excited. So i believe, whenever JW is leading his own life and someone cross him in the wrong way, his MJ personality will come in and push him to kill people. --- For me, i am very curious about what happened after the series ends. Like how the mother and the girlfriend will react to this 'new' JW. Will he inhabit a new place and recruit people and act exactly like MJ? What happened to the female cop? Can she arrest JW? @BaekhyunBBH have you imagine the entire killing spree by MJ in the shoes of JW? The auntie was killing the pervert. I see some pointers that can indicate auntie was in the shoes of JW at one point. Like how the auntie was telling the pervert "I told you not to touch my items." and then when auntie talks to MJ, it feels like JW was talking to MJ...Ahhh...It's so good...Thus MJ leads JW to the auntie. Sorry for the long post, i really love this series. Have to talk more haha
  9. Yes. It actually feels like your chest is pretty heavy right? Sigh... @Lawyerh I just got over the SFH flame, now im back at the 7 stages of grieve again..SIGH @triplem helpppp 530
  10. Am I the only one repeating... “He don’t deserve to die.” ? He really don’t deserve this even though he killed someone. I feel that I would feel more happy if they just send him to prison.
  11. So true my god. @Lmangla & angelangie i had to sit through this my oppa lying on the ground with blood. Like WHYYYY I was practically tearing up back then when I saw this. OCN posted this part on YouTube and it gotten a lot of backlash that they took it down. this oppa lasted for 2 Seasons! They were ‘washing the plate’ for season 4. Which is crap. 532
  12. Yes! Agreed! If they were to give me hints I would have been better off. I was catching live at my parents room. Yelled that “He die ah!” My parents looked at me like I’m crazy. Honestly cannot handle that he had to die... Same goes for GF. I saw it and I still at this point do not know why he must die. I actually reverse back a few seconds to see the part again. I really cannot like process. I feel conflicted actually. I always thought he would want to show to his mom that he is a strong player and not just a man who is not business oriented..but him dying proofs nothing... 532
  13. I will just put my remarks here: Mo family has fallen or broke apart, this ending is good enough for me. But what breaks my heart is WS hanging himself & not getting justice served to him. I know he is probably feeling guilty about it, but I just don’t see why he needs to kill himself. I know he is trying to prove to mum that he is capable but dying can’t proof that. He should have just gone to prison.... With that pointer above it also falls short for SH who all this time have been wanting to capture the killer, with WS dying, she technically did not catch him. So to me, it’s not really serving the entire purpose of her goal. But if you look at it from the outside..yes her goal has accomplished, but she is not the one who caught him. WJ & Second Wife, Second wife crying..In relation to what happened in the kpop world, this also shows that despite WS having that playful personality, his mother & brother look down on him, he still needs to be loved and it’s only when he take things to his own accords then the two of them cry and yearn for him. It’s too late, so to me it’s telling me to spend time with people and not regret later. I don’t mind the ending..but I feel conflicted after WS’s death..he really should have taken the high roads if you ask me. He really don’t deserve to die. The luckiest person is Heo’s father...Get to see his idol twice meanwhile I cannot even see my oppas.
  14. Oh yes! What makes me pissed is that my oppa will turn into a tree and live on as a tree after his death on the second draft. Heng ah they never do the tree draft. I swear if they do this ending imma put voice 3 as the worst drama +2
  15. I have the same experience with you a few months back. So I understand how you feel about the character you like or even loved dies at the last episode. It indeed ruined the entire experience, you might even feel like you wasted your time on the series. Understandable.it takes awhile to feel better...you have us to rant So...I really loved a series..then at the end they killed of my favourite. Later they released that the script have a different draft and that at the end of the day no matter which draft, he had to die. It was crushing... the writer was pretty cold as well “yeah. He has to die.”. Which is a second blow for us. He was shot to death Let’s rant @Lmangla some how I have no idea what is wrong with the writer/.but he was supposed to reborn into a tree lol. (Just what the is the writer thinking lol) on a serious note..should I watch the finale @ktcjdrama? What if my old wounds open again? 532
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