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  1. I like his hair cut in train though lol..havent got the time to watch ep 8 412
  2. I think it's going well @partyon +2
  3. You know...I sort of felt that in this story, Both DW rely on each other (sort of) to solve the case together. Somehow, somewhere it feels as though they are parts of who they are as a person. A person with two brains. Could B dying meant that A's fate have changed for him?As B becomes the scapegoat to start a new line of fate for A. The deja vu scene sort of gave me the idea of World A & B are together and they are nothing but outcomes that people have made. The train is the middle standpoint where people decide on what to pick. Thats why there is always two different versions of things. You know...what if all this time, SKB was actually A (So the one that died Is the real SKB), and they switch places since young. Thus the jewellery sort of to indicate that if she doesn't do something, more victims will die wearing your jewellery. Ahaha. Just funny theories. Hahaha
  4. It will be an interesting ending if DW A after witnessing both worlds, he sort of grew and become both A & B. So he holds the personality of this two...of cause..at this rate anything is possible since...*pointing at DW b* like...why?!..I mean..I got a feeling that he would go but didn’t want to say it...but... PS..After the incident....DW B’s hair is still like how it was...Is hair spray seriously is still...Wah.
  5. So my thoughts after ep 8: In a sense right now the tables have turn for our Inspector Han. Instead of being defensive about DW A/B, she finally sort of forgave, to what she thinks is B but it’s actually A. She will start to be the nice person now (As we understand that DW’s father wasn’t the one who killed her father) , but here DW B enters the room. B coming back will sort of play what Han B did, B will treat her coldly and rudely to her. Like how Han B treat DW A when he first come in. Han B might start falling for A, because she might think that DW A is B, Halfway through, Han B might think that DW A is nothing but of a player when DW B slaps her off, because of the things that he probably will say..(Referring to trailer, DW B saying that DWA refuse to leave because of you (Han b). Meanwhile Han B will really try to start pondering if what DW A said is real. At this point, the three parties are drive in, in to the situation of Han B wanting to select who and what is true. Finally believing that there is two worlds and of cause the big question of who is the murderer will be answered.
  6. “Line Walker 3” to Air in September Filmed last year, Line Walker 3 <使徒行者> has been waiting for an opportune broadcast date. With TVB’s recent decision to air the police thriller in late September/ early October during the favored fall season which is usually reserved for grand productions, Raymond Lam‘s (林峯) comeback drama is already drumming up talk that the station is priming him for TV King. Resuming his role as undercover police officer Bao Seed, Raymond will be joined by returning and new cast members in the latest installment. Line Walker 3 features a strong ensemble cast consisting of Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Benz Hui (許紹雄), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝),Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and Pakho Chau (周柏豪). https://www.jaynestars.com/news/line-walker-3-to-air-in-september/
  7. Thanks. You spoke my mind, I have a feeling of that too. Don’t think FOE will be that simple, I think it’s more than that. One, if it’s Do Hyun Su, then he wouldn’t have collect the paper article of the murder and stab the paper with the knife. Two, His hatred and anger kind of showed me that it’s not Do Hyun Su. I know people are saying what he did regarding the doll is cruel, but on drama wise, I actually on some level am entertained by it because of the other mother and her spoil kid....ha...
  8. Sigh..never had dalgona coffee(please don’t scold me..it’s just..haven’t follow the trend haha) but I would like to believe Milo dalgona must be good. 276
  9. I love it with cereal 298
  10. I agree it’s better than hot chocolate..I love it coldYou know when you are thirsty(like drink thirsty..not...not...nevermind hahaha) the feeling of chugging down the Milo 304
  11. Milo....Me love I crave for it now..l love the packet Milo~ 312
  12. True, I can see that he is loving his family real well, tbh when I hear him saying that she is the love of his life. It feels very real very raw, so I think it’s the truth, but..but, in a way his love for his wife do help to cover up his real story. It’s just one day...that cover will be broken by her.. —— We have questions about him...Like why he left his hometown and why the murder started after he left? Judging from how dramas usually goes, 100% can say that he did not kill that individual in his hometown. Then his parents(?) with the “We are on the same boat.” At first I thought that they have psychopathic genes too, but guess not(?) I wonder the hooded man...is it HS?
  13. @LyraYoo @partyonOmg, the first episode is very very good. I love the way they end off the first episode! It really tells us the contrasting personalities that uri Mr Beak has! Now..About the case in his hometown, I think he was framed and because of his narcissism he will put it as his doing, because he likes it. He likes the attention (from the narcissistic point of view) The water scene to me symbolises the idea of a coverup. A coverup made from lies to cover the truth, the overwhelming feelings makes BHS struggle for a bit then when he relax that is when he finally manage to fit in with the lies and adapt it as his own. Then after he adapts, that is when she comes in to play which helps HS to further upgrade his fake life.
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