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  1. Yesss (how I wish I could get the directors cut.. they even coming out with a limited edition novel now) Even got the director’s cut..worth it +2
  2. Baby mirmz..I’m here lol @mirmz +2
  3. Feel like DW A is slowly but surely losing his marbles and I feel like his headaches is making him go downhill (Something tells me that he is sort of becoming more...like B?). Something about his expression, his twitching of the lips, his burst of anger..He is changing...Fear that he will lose it. Especially with the constant torture of losing everyone he loves twice. I feel like maybe in someway, whatever DW B went through, like being accused of murder. Would apply to A sooner or later, since he stated that everything has a connection, maybe when DW A loses it, he will go all out
  4. The trailer (Which to me is taker confusing haha)
  5. This is probably the most B thing I ever see in DW A
  6. @mirmzmanga...Haha....... +2
  7. Love to chat here, but this place feels mysterious and lost as days goes by. Once happy as a family, but it broke like a broken mirror as of now, shattering the core of this place. Something is no longer the same..ha..I’m siting here having flashes of memories going through my head, I really do miss the things that we said and did..........But how will the future folds? I don’t know...lol (having rather mixed emotions) currently listening to this:
  8. Whatever it is, we can always see each other again some day See y’all @Dhakra @angelangie @triplem
  9. My name is on this thread, so I will be here lol no worries~ +2
  10. @mirmz nah I’m just going through oppa pics lol +2
  11. @mirmzhey! I drop by and you didn’t say hi ......................... +2
  12. @triplem will miss your pink name haha +2
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