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  1. @Lawyerh stroke of luck? No VPN and it works for me? +2 IT’S BACK! I NO NEED VPN! WOOHOO
  2. @angelangie yes I know..but I don’t really entertain the mainstream soompi. I only entertain forum...and it’s blocked! Because of it I can’t access soompi if I’m out of my house like I always do.................. +2
  3. @angelangieSG blocked SOOMPI very mafan to change back and forth. +2
  4. @angelangie had to resort to VPN. My country wifi really cannot access. so...I don’t really like using VPN, so I turn it off every session.therefore I might answer people quite slowly. +2
  5. MANGLISH? YOU MEAN OPPALISH? Yes please! I will gladly accept that. Like how nugget is chomping down on the cookie arrow! +2
  6. Oh, he is filming for a movie. Called Boston 1974(number ain’t sure) it’s a running movie +2
  7. Definitely but my english is pretty trash so i got to let auto correct to correct my spelling haha +2
  8. I have a love hate relationship between auto correct. Sometimes it auto corrects correctly, then sometimes it auto corrects into some that is weird... Soft squishy hot cakes. It becomes: Sofa squishy Hot cakes. +2
  9. Oh come on...”Call me ransom is my middle name.” Gave me an arrow to my heart, I’m in love *arrow sound* phew phew 752
  10. Oh boy. I pre ordered himi would say people love captain more? But it's okay, they can have captain. Imma take ransom is it weird that ransom attracted me even more than captain? Ahhhhh hahaha +2
  11. anyone tried this? To be honest, it’s okay lol. Not sure what’s the hype... soft squish hot cakes with egg, sausage & cheese +2
  12. @kokodusdo you follow the twitter account for knives out? Haha they posted and was like could you imagine, ransom is in the relationship with the FL. nAh I can’t see him in a romance movie...cause he is MINE!DIPS! Just kidding hahhahha +2
  13. so I saw it..omgahhTVn is letting lose tonight! I never knew they could do these kind haha
  14. @Ellander88 holy..the ending of ep 1gruesome but love it. Never expect tvN to be this dark.
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