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  1. Stepping aside from laughing lol I wonder..Kaneki and Kousuke biting off the tattoo. Is there a certain ‘meaning’ to it? They are so similar in many ways lol.
  2. Voice Café at your service! We provide fire extinguisher in case if your brains are fried from fanning and brainstorming. We serve cookies and drinks just for you. Enjoy!
  3. How am I going to be when Kousuke leaves? if we ever see each other in a future drama thread, I’m going to be that one delusional persona selling cookies.
  4. I need more of the episodes! And then you have voice ending in two weeks. That’s fast. Kousuke don’t leave me! I need you...
  5. Funny enough..I did not manage to fancy on that older man? I would fancy on the younger guy instead.. 566
  6. Watcher. Yeah. I noticed this drama. Honestly, it’s not giving me a very attractive vibe..I would prefer to watch Strangers from Hell, just because of the teaser. It’s really interesting lol And anyways..Oppa is leaving the police force and attempts to capture kaneki his own ways..GOOD. I love it. Kousuke I support you! 562
  7. KW is going wild...not sure if he is gonna give in to Kousuke to kill kaneki at the end...he did say in his character teaser that he is willing to become a monster to capture the monster. KW leaving is going to be very interesting... #innerkousuke tingling.
  8. @ellelyana88 how old is kaneki? I would think he would look way older if he is their teachers. But I’m still thinking that the brother theory might be possible..because KW’s memories tells him that his brother died young so he has no idea how his brother would look like as an adult. But if Kousuke knows Kaneki, that means during that time in japan before he gets the tattoo and during his blackout session, Kaneki might have meet Kousuke. They might have a semi reunion..
  9. Er..so for trailer, I think KW gave the gun to chief Na and state that he is quitting? And he will find the murderer using his own ways? I need subs but I saw this translate on Twitter. @ellelyana88 brainwashing. I think.
  10. looking at the last part again when KW was looking at Kaneki. But I can’t help but to say & it’s on repeat for me in my head... “Is he smiling at Kaneki?” Like he looks like he (or Kousuke) knows Kaneki. It’s giving me that definite vibe that he is smiling at him and he knows him. *clutch chest* I need to know! Now! orrr he is just smiling at the body lol To be fair today’s episode there isn’t much that needs to heard..I think we are leaving the usual call case, instead they are going straight to kaneki and the things that is happening around him.
  11. He definitely is. He is so chill with the bodies. Literally just lying beside it and chit chatting like it’s normal...he is really crazy...but not sure how crazy Kousuke can be..but I think will be equal... honestly today’s episode is not as exciting as one would think. It’s only the last part that kinda spark excitement. Pretty much today’s KJ screen time is lessened and she did not use her abilities at all.
  12. 1) Kaneki is CRAZY 2)Kousuke almost going crazy too 3)I am going crazy over waiting lol
  13. Finished live! @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama Kaneki is one CRAZY MAN HOLY. WOW! @Lawyerh hm...I’m out of that..I’m a Dramapsychopath! 558
  14. From what i gathered Today’s episode..it’s a little slow in my opinion..Hm...hopefully can see Kousuke tomorrow haha Kaneki IS ONE CRAZY MAN! I noticed that Kaneki is treated like a god in that school. People give him flowers, protect him. He is scary in terms of how he can persuade people to let people think that he is the nicest people, but it’s actually the opposite.
  15. Omg @ktcjdrama I found this. We were talking about wanting to know Kousuke’s past? Found it lol 550
  16. @Lawyerh Oppa looks good with mustache *faints* anyways..Omg I love Lee Ha Na now her on running man she is so CUTE! I won’t ship them, but I love them two! 546
  17. Waiting for 930 to come...Watching Running Man Feat Lee Ha Na...Can I say..SHE IS SO CUTE! So eager and clever! NEW RESPECT FOR THIS WOMAN! Good! Now I’m in love with this two which will then make this series even betttterr!
  18. 보이스3 can’t wait! Do Timjang! You hot! 530
  19. 6 hours before air... i’mma get ready my syringes and medicine for myself. *cough* x100 I made tons, so share it wisely lol did y’all see lee hana’s Insta story update? I wonder why KJ is back with a cap like S2.
  20. He was staring at the menu on the ramen package, he was so caring about having the right amount of water...but the host was like, you are going to pour the water away anyways. Then min is like OH YEAH 526
  21. @Lawyerh lollll love how Wilson the bear is afraid of Namgoong min and Wilson attempts to hide hahaha btw, min is hella funny when he is alone. Haha cute ah this guy haha Doesn’t know how to cook instant noodles omg haha Pshhh haha so cool 522
  22. I think everyone needs a cookieeveryone should just chill haha. Have some tea cakes and drinks.
  23. Did you fall asleep again on the couch? 518
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