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  1. @Sarang21 I thought about a pretty funny school life experience... I threw a mannequin off a building in school. How that sounds? I also was supposed to hold a cloth on the ground level to capture the mannequin but it landed beside the cloth and shatters. Body parts fly different directions. Me & my group screaming...That’s for my project. +2
  2. Bromance is the next life fam. It will feel very different...so take your time to adapt. From experience shipper 290
  3. Erm it depends on how many cameras they have. If they have one and have many different shot sizes...they will need to redo a few times ah 288
  4. @Ameera Ali @Asohib @Lawyerh this kiss scene aiya small matter. I have seen worst. *not saying for pg related reasons* 286
  5. @Ameera Ali +2 i knew the bromance is real!
  6. @Ameera Ali OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG +2
  7. @nrllee Misaeng how come rabbit gets his ears pulled? And I love how he is like Yes? After getting pulled in the brightest expression possible. 278 And I see this so confused @ktcjdrama @nrllee help my misaeng unnies! Why he likes getting Attack omg
  8. Sorry wrong major so I can’t help you girl! But what I would say is... HWAITING! 280
  9. Okay lah..School not bad these days. I opted to do a subject in which the main moderator for the subject and the students are just Me & Me. Like Im the boss of my own project. Both being independent & learn something out of my field. Which is cool...School is not so bad after all. It's just the submissions which is killing the innocent braincells every time when we brain storm. 272
  10. Wahhh A Financing major here good good. I for one have NO knowledge on it. Maybe you ask me about Korean entertainment then i can answer lol 276
  11. @Sarang21it will be so weird to say.. "Eat Me" haha 278
  12. Oh that's my brother and sisters. hahaha Im the 409 calories one haha 274
  13. I AGREE! *Violently raising my hands* I need them in my life again! +2
  14. @nrllee I’m new to rabbit...Wah...feels like days never call rabbit rabbit Liao will watch I think when I clear all my food on my plate first bah thought that the gif looks cute hsha +2
  15. @Sarang21 @nrlleeediting genius one day will watch @ktcjdrama misaeng btw was trying to tag your name. Wasn’t thinking straight I write @misaeng ehh...And I found out got an account called misaengfan 280
  16. That’s honestly the best thing. Me & like four other students was placed in another class. Cause we are reshuffled into specialisation now. So whenever we have group work we all group together +2
  17. @angelangie there are many comparisons & Adaptions from Korea actually...Like LJG's Criminal Minds 282
  18. @angelangie where did you get that idea form? hahhah so this story talks about insurance fraud then lead recruit con artist etc hahha 284
  19. @angelangie updates: She finally go bathroom. Okay got bathroom break...I should give her chocolates lol. Maybe can cheer her up a bit i guess she is worried about the submission time...Have to agree this time is very hectic. After we are placed into different specialization 308
  20. em am not too sure too lol "Life is a box of chocolate...You get them don't waste them just eat all of them." @ktcjdrama i recently got some heart shaped chocolates from a marriage.Am enjoying it slowly. hahha 312
  21. I will not do that because i only eat when we are given lol We not poor just that we don't want to get. haha 312
  22. @kokodus i thought the lines are from forest gump? since when is Kim Jung-Hwan? wah 328
  23. Yup thanks! I saw her reviewing the samples word by word making sure it matches hers. My friends and i we figured at first it's just her personality but...it feels wrong? It feels too much? She talks to me about time management when i was with her. +2
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