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  1. Oh lol. Wrong. Sorry. It was directing to Jeon. But anyways, KW just pretty much just caused GT to not have any leads anymore. Which is..Hm.
  2. @ellelyana88 but they did say to arrest KW too lol. Neither ways he is on the run now.
  3. Hm. So...kw told GT that he kidnapped Jeon. Only to get to the scene Jeon dies...so now in GT’s eyes. Ain’t KW the prime suspect now? The fact that Kaneki said that KW only listen to him once. I think it should be the day of minho’s murder...
  4. So my date isn’t here againnnnn... Mr.Kousuke I’m really disappointed with you. I hate you. But at least this scene is still okay.. 932
  5. Hm...No Kousuke again. At this point. I’m just gonna say...IS KOUSUKE GONNA EVEN COME OUT?! LIKE HE HAS BEEN GONE FOR WEEKS! IM DESPERATE!
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