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  1. I thought this video, Vengo and Dilraba’s gave a very good explanation of DJ. https://youtu.be/_AcjWADR5xc
  2. Thank you so much for the explaination. why did DJ give FJ three drops of his own blood? To keep her alive?
  3. Just finished watching ep36 via WeTv vip and skimmed through some of the previews and couldn’t helped myself and saw some not so good quality raw on YouTube. I am alittle confuse but I think I am following ... so let me get this straight... pls help to see whether I got this right. FJ woke up as Aranya and she couldn’t remember anything accept she knew she is living someone’s body. Correct? Then she met her master Su Mo Ye (second prince of West Sea) who was sent into the dream by Lian Song? Su Mo Ye knows they whole story and he knew the real Aranya but don’t know why she died and now he entered the dream to trace what happened, correct? Ok now Vengo... in the Aranya’s dream, he used Xi Zi’s body but kept DJ’s face? Aranya was engaged to XiZe? But Aranya (FJ) didn’t recognise or couldn’t remember DJ? Chen Ye who was the little boy who saved and took care of Aranya? Played by Vengo too? omg... then FJ remember DJ and found out that DJ was using XZ’s name in the dream? Correct? so when DJ entered Aranya’s dream together with FJ, DJ didn’t know whose body FJ will be using hence he was looking for her calling out 小白 (xiao bai) ? So in the dream Aranya’s face was the same as FJ? I am alittle confuse but I think I am following thanks for your help
  4. Good points mentioned above however I would add DJ is pretty clueless when it comes to relationship and how to deal with women given he never had any experience. Does that explain why he never explain the whole JiHeng situation with FJ?
  5. Ep34 i nearly cried in the scene where Lian Song telling DJ the whole story of what FJ did for him. I read it in the book but the scene was very emotional what she went their him.
  6. After reading the book, I really dislike JiHeng. I find myself skipping all her scenes
  7. If you like, send me a private message with email and i can forward you the copy .
  8. Book 2, pg41... is this when they consummated? omg going at his pace , by his rules (blush) “Dijun was perhaps the divinest out of all Divines, forever staying inside the Three Purities of the untroubled Bodhi land. There was no one in the world who dared to entice him into the dusty realm, but she had the audacity to try such a thing; she tried, she tried and it worked. She was too talented. She drew him into this love affair, something he had never experienced before. He must not be used to it. But even so, he was not lost. He was still going at his pace, by his rules. He was certainly the king she always knew. She loved it. A while later. Donghua bent down to watch Fengjiu sleeping in his arms.”
  9. Vengo/DJ looks so much better with white hair.. just saying... anyone else think so too?
  10. Hi all, Loved Eps 29 & 30 ... sorry to ask (and embarrassed to ask but I am lost)... FJ was chasing and madly in love with DJ at the beginning. Then after they came back from the trial, the role is now reversed. Question, does FJ not feel the same for DJ? Or is she protecting herself from getting hurt? Or she is assuming DJ loves Jiheng and not her hence she decided to cut her feelings for him? And when did DJ start falling for FJ? (so sorry for so many questions)... I am really confused with the Aranya scenes ... the dream?
  11. Omg. So sorry for the misunderstanding. I am after the link for the ebook English translation for Pillow Book.
  12. Can someone pls forward the link for the book again (Eng translation)? Sorry I lost the link. Thank you
  13. Anyone noticed when Lian Song opened the door during bath scene ... the two door knobs are designed to look like certain body parts?? Or just coincidence. I thought it was quite comical.
  14. Does the book go through when FJ and DJ has the baby? Hahaha ... if so which page? ... or did they magically had the child ?
  15. Thanks. Sorry if it is too much to ask which chapter (pg) in the book (Eng translation) Due to time constraint, I am only skim reading the book.
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