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  1. I have skimmed through to Eps 30 (spoiler alert). In previous eps there was a scene HL had her period after marrying Yingren, but they were sleeping separate bed. When LBW came back, she was supposed to leave with him but decided to stay... she did shared the same bed with Yingren so maybe the baby is from him. What was fhe reason why HL decided to stay with YR? Ps: tbh I don’t find this drama as good as Yanxi.. no where close. I am only watching because Yinglou and QL are in it... but I don’t like LBW’s and HL’s characters r as much as I like YL and QL
  2. Me too. I suspect the baby is LBW’s too. I think it happened before he went away. So does that mean the future King’s father is LBW? I also think Yingren is sooooo boring too and I think HL true love is LBW but due to circumstances she ended with YR. hahaha so funny in HL drama the roles are reverse... LBW is more expressive of his feelings towards HL. And he talked about how YR was born with entitlement while in Yanxi, he had the entitlement and born with the social status .
  3. Sorry I know this is wrong forum but the Hao Lan forum is soooo quiet and unresponsive OMG!!! She is pregnant with whose’s baby??? LBW or the other guy?????
  4. omg that will be so great if HL and LBW reunit ... cause part of me is not wanting to commit to watching HL knowing they wont end up together. oh yes, I agree, a large part of the reason I watch HL is because there are way more intimacy between Nieyuan and Wu Jin Yan (there weren't many in Yanxi) btw , l think it is great we have more interaction here in this forum group then the Hao Lan forum. the big question is.. who does Haolan love? and does she love the king?
  5. That’s what I heard too but they last minute delay the release last year and rumors were they had to reshoot due perhaps to the popularity of Yanxi? Btw did HL and LBW have an affair before and after her marriage to the king? The actor for the king is really not doing anything for me. I have read many people talked about how good he is but I really can’t see it. I am a HL and LBW shipper... more like YL and QL shipper hahaha
  6. Maybe they might get back together after the king die? Where are you watching it on? I am stucked eps 16... no new uploads
  7. Great comparison. My opinion...I love Yanxi so much more the Hao Lan. I am finding HL alittle serious and political. Yanxi was serious too but all the parts were captivating . Yanxi has a lot of humorous parts which made the drama so much more captivating and the music to depict the sad, humorous parts were done very well in Yanxi. I also found the chemist between YL and QL much better and NY’s role in Yanxi was a lot better. Anyhow I am contemplating whether I want to continue watching HL (I am up to ep 16) ... I know Hao Lan and Li Bu Wei’s relationship may not end well ... hence I might stop watching. What do you guys suggest?
  8. Can someone pls share what happened to Li Bu Wei’s side kick (the character who was servicing Ying Lou in Yanxi)? I skimmed through the episodes and noticed he has disappeared Yes I agree it is not as addictive and as funny as Yanxi. I get the feeling this is a little heavy, boring at some parts and political. I really enjoyed Yanxi as there were serious and humorous parts. Anyway understand it is not fair to compare the two
  9. Enjoy. I loved Yanxi. My first Chinese drama and I was so surprised how much I loved it. Btw agreed with you point about QL (emperor) over Fuheng. Hahaha
  10. Regarding the drama... my mistake... the new drama is Zhao Ge with Zhang Zhe Han, Yalkun Merxat, Wu Jin Yan (from Yanxi which was my favourite prior to Yunxi). Does anyone know when is Zhao Ge airing? Does anyone think how LFY was so protective and loved HYX was largely due to the fact that her mother saved his life?
  11. Cool thanks for clarifying. That scene in Eps 47 where LFY was lying on the bed and he looked like he was dying ... and next moment , they are getting married? Unless she gave him the herbal meds that GQS tried to hide from her? Love the relationship and love between LFY and HYX ... but somehow I have this feeling that GQS brought her more happier experiences and memories.... does anyone else feels the same? I love how GQS always there to care, helped and protected her. Feel so bad for him too
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