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  1. Hello, could you/or someone pls email Ye Hua's epilogue. i have purchased the book from Amazon and has finished reading it. Thank you.
  2. @redfoxprincess Hello, could you/or someone pls email Ye Hua's epilogue ( 88fucheng@gmail.com ) . i have purchased the book from Amazon and has finished reading it. Thank you.
  3. This might be alitte controversial. Who agrees with what Ye Hua's mother said while they were in the cave trying to retrieve Ye Hua's body? She said, he died twice for BQ and he sacrificed so much for her and she has done nothing in return for him(something along those lines). I somehow agree with her to certain extent. Does anyone agree with her?
  4. that's what I thought too. But the scene after MY died, they were in the cave, when Si-Yin took his body, she was sitting there crying, Ye Hua's spirit hugged her? His (YH's spirit before he was born) interactions towards her were always quite loving . Thats why I was confused. Thanks.
  5. I am 2 years too late. Came across this drama a week ago. I am watching it the second time. Question: When Si-Yin was in Kun Lun Mountains, did YL's spirit knew Si Yin was a girl disguised as a male?
  6. hi can you pls tell me the name of the book. I tried searching on Amazon but couldnt find the English version. Thank you.
  7. I just stumbled across this drama. Omg! Which rock have I been living under. So in love with this drama. I just finished. question: Mo Yuan loved Bai Qian?
  8. I get this vibe that Jae-Hee doesn’t have the love for Yi-Do. Where as Ye-Rin loves him. The way Jae-Hee looks at Yi-Do, there is no love like there is with Yi-Do. So I am guessing Yi-Do will end up with YR?
  9. Interesting. I think something traumatic happened in the water. She mentioned she had a traumatic incident and she used to be a great swimmer in Grade school (and she saved him when they were little). Maybe she blocked out her childhood or lost her memory like you mentioned? The water scene we saw someone holding on to her ankle.
  10. So why doesn’t she recognize him?
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