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  1. It was the one taken by Han Feng, Xiao Yan knows this would happen. For Xun Er, i dont really know why she leaves him there since she could take him somewhere or she maybe knows his plan. Forget about the novel, the plot is totally different
  2. The viewers from the Novel fans mostly complaint about its acting. Some people say cannot potray the Xiao Yan very well. I have no problem at all toward this case, and yet have different opinion. BTW, I know Wu Lei for a long time, but never heard Liu Haoran before, so i cannot tell much about his acting
  3. After watching the latest video i am not even sure they are going to make the second season considering they push the story around to the end. The fight with Yan Ran probably would be in episode 41 or 42 @xienrue What is your opinion about this case? I mean they have nothing more to tell in season 2 since Xun Er has become the mother dragon, Xiao Yan has met its anchestor, and the only thing to do is defeating the Soul Destroyer. Interestingly, we still have not seen few scenes they show in the MV video.
  4. Xienrue, do you know what the main said to Xiao Yan in the trailer 33? Plus what Xun Er said before she parts in trailer ep 34? They would skip the whole mist sect chapter and go to the part where Xiao Yan kills the leader sect. That is all we an expect from that chapter. The Yun Yun actress is part in supported role and means we are not going to see much about her. About Yan Xiao, i guess that is because of his hairatyle that looks more masculine. Lin Yun looks very cute in these few episodes, BTW.
  5. I got the trailer for the upcoming episode 33 and 34. Could someone tell me what is going on these trailers because both of them are in Chinese only. I really want to know because it Love line Xun er and Xiao Yan are getting closer here. Link : Episode 33 trailer Episode 34 trailer I am seeing the latest episode and seeing confusing love line really makes me crazy. Why its really hard to say you love her and the boy doesnot even understand that his little sister loves her.
  6. I guess its nearly confirmed that Wu Lei will leave the main lead in season 2 due of fans critics and backslash. He has turned the offers and recommending another actor And yeah, the season 2 is not even yet in production, so better sure to see it at least next year. I am quite dissapointed to see this recent news. Source : https://www.jaynestars.com/news/leo-wu-recommends-another-actor-to-replace-him-for-fights-breaks-spheres-2/
  7. Eisss its really frustating considering how he manages to lead the characterization of Xiao Yan quite good. I mean its that possible for them to start second season with another actor. Won't be the viewers would dissapointed. I have not heard the news and lets just hope its just a rumor and thy have done the new season production. I will even forget if this drama is exist if they air it next year.
  8. Have seen the article in Dramapanda, but yet the new comers really love this kinda new line because the plot is interesting in every scene. The Yi Xian characteritation is great as most viewers prefer her love line than Xun Er.
  9. is there any reason why Hunan forced to reschedule the airing to wednesday and thursday and will it get back to normal? I heard they got 1 billion viewers and they still reschedule it. As for acting, I am actually okay with Leo and Lin Yun acting, not so impressive, but still relatively good for a new comer. the advantage of small budget production like this one is how the producers and the team creatively maximize their budget to create every scene and no wonder the result is great. I really want to see how the Martial Universe team's reaction on seeing how bad their drama is received by audience in fact they us good amount of budget here. Even the main lead acting and characterization are bad here.
  10. Thank god they have done the production as i am afraid they will postpone the season 2 airing and leaves us with hanging plots, thanks mate. I just hope they follow the plot as close as possible considering i am hearing many fans are angry toward their decision to add and swap many scenes.
  11. Pretty sure they are going to present us the new plot like they do in the middle of this season. Its sad to see minor dev of Yun Yun as even Medusa wont have much screen here. Anyone confirm when the season 2 is aired?
  12. Its quite bad and maybe the reason is because of the main lead. I have wached it as i have no recommendation. Not interested at all in any girl. Btw, i started to see BTTH because of Lin yun. She is bith tomboyish, but kinda have a cute smile. Would probably watch others if find someone better
  13. That is the posiblites since the beginning this drama is going with low budget compared to Martial Universe, but yet BTTH is better in everything. Have watched few episodes there and meh. Central plain arc would be cut a lot and just go to last arc, but who knows they would make us a surprise.
  14. Have not seen that one, but this one will show you more about the story and their love in upcoming one. I post the link since my phone wont let me post the vid. www.youtu.be/teFSS72HAfM
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